Nothing else could make you feel luxurious than arriving in your car at an event or a trendy spot and handing your keys to a valet.

An ideal valet parking experience is speedy. You save the time that you usually spend on driving around looking for an available parking space as well as walking to and from the spot where you parked. It’s stress-free because it saves you from the trouble of doing those tricky parking maneuvers to squeeze your car into a tight spot. There’s also no need to walk inside a hot, dark, and cramped parking garage. Valet parking also allows you to breathe freely knowing that attendants are watching your vehicle.


Any system has its downsides, and valet parking has its fair share. One of the most significant disadvantages to valet parking is the fact that you’re handing an expensive machine to a complete stranger. There are incidents where cars are being driven away or, at the very worst, stolen by attendants while it’s in their care. Also, your vehicle could be claimed by someone else so long as they have your parking ticket and pay for the fees. There’s also the hassle of losing your ticket. You wouldn’t be able to prove that you’re the car owner right away since valet services don’t usually ask for identification or proof of ownership when checking a car in. Lastly, there’s nothing that the most experienced and trustworthy valet can do if there just isn’t an available parking spot.

However, these problems could virtually be resolved with a computerized valet parking software. A computerized valet parking system takes your conventional valet parking service and improves it by adding functions that append to its convenience. These are just some of the advantages that business owners and customers can get from using a valet parking system software:


Cashless – Customers don’t need to fish their wallets for change to pay for the parking service, and business owners can make sure that they’re 100% paid. Valet parking software allows for smooth cashless transactions by charging customers through their payment cards.


Paperless – Customers don’t have to worry about losing their tickets. Most software systems use mobile numbers to track customer transactions.


Adds security and prevents fraudulent claims – Some systems scan VIN and license plate numbers for tracking. Some would also take photos of the vehicles as they enter your facility to avoid customers claiming compensation for damages that already existed when the car was checked in.


No more queues – Customers can download an app or go online to reserve a parking spot. They can also retrieve their vehicles using their mobile devices anytime and anywhere without having to wait on lines to get assistance.


Additional services – Customers could even get a car wash or an oil change while their vehicles are parked. Neat!


Choosing the Best Parking Software for Your Business

There is a variety of computerized valet parking software available in the market. Here are some tips on how you can choose the best one for your business:

  • Identify your needs. We’ve already established the many things that a parking software can add to your valet parking service. For you to pick the right one, you must first identify the issues that you’ve been having with your current valet parking system. Once you’ve listed the problems, you can look for software that will resolve them.
  • Find one that’s easy to use. You need a valet parking system that your employees could quickly learn to operate and adapt to.
  • Get one that’s up to date with the latest technologies. This ensures the system’s functionality and adds to the customer’s positive experience. For example, some software can be integrated with cloud-based technologies that allow users access to the system so long as they have an Internet connection.
  • Consider the future. Get a valet parking software that can be upgraded. This way, you don’t need to purchase a new system every few years.
  • Check if it could be integrated with the other management system software you have running in your business. You don’t want to have to purchase new equipment or support software that will eat up your profits just to get it working.
  • Purchase one that fits your budget. A new valet parking software should help generate more income and make the system more accessible for both the user and the customers.

Having the right computerized valet parking software in place, you can take valet parking to the next level with more convenience, efficiency, and seamless management of transactions and traffic.

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