Writ is a WordPress theme specially made for story writers, poets and content based bloggers. Writ is aimed to be completely content focused.

writ WordPress theme

It is a Gutenberg first WordPress theme, specially made for story writers, poets and content-based bloggers. Writ is aimed to be completely content focused. Writ is built with SEO in mind and comes with Schema.org code integrated. Writ works perfectly with all page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc.

Writ was my first publicly available WordPress theme framework and was first released in 2014. The focus was to create an experience exclusively for serious writers. In last 6 years, it has evolved to become a fully featured WordPress theme and the best thing is that it is still free.

 About the name ‘Writ’

Writ, in legal terminology, means a piece or the body of writing.


This theme is based on _s theme framework by Automattic and is aimed to be completely content focused with five optional sidebars, four in footer and one on right of the content area. It features WordPress post formats, featured images and custom headers.

Notable Features

Content Layouts

Writ supports every layout possible – content sidebar, sidebar content and content only.

WordPress Customizer

The theme is completely configurable via WordPress customizer.


There are total five widget areas available with this theme, one in right of the sidebar and the other four in footer area. You can use Copyright widget to remove default credit notice and use other three footer areas to showcase menus.

Jetpack Support

Writ supports Jetpack features very well including post formats, contact forms, jetpack comments and subscription forms.

Post Formats

Post formats like Standard, Aside, Link, Image, Video and Audio displays assigned blog articles in distinct beautiful ways. For example, Aside (which are usually short) and quote posts do not display title of the posts as titles are unnecessary with aside and quotes.

Asides are smart and brief.

Quote posts are boldly displayed with quote genericons.

Standard post formats show titles and content both in a normal way.

Audio and video post formats have their own styling for displaying content, while in a link format the post title links direct to the first hyperlink you inserted in the article. Nice, isn’t it?

Editor Styles

Writ has built-in editor & Gutenberg styles. This means that the appearance of your content in the post and page editors is as close to the appearance of the content on the live site as possible.



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