Top MBA Colleges in India

Looking for top MBA colleges in India? MBA colleges (or B-schools) are the most important part of business study. In my earlier article All you need to know about MBA, I have already explained the most important things about MBA and other business courses. In this article I am going to list the best MBA colleges in India in 2022.

While COVID-19 disturbed the rhythm of business education, MBA was one of the courses that didn’t see much decline. However all the classes of MBA were disrupted and the students are waiting for their courses to finish in 2022. Even CAT exams didn’t see many candidates appearing for the exam.

Now as colleges are getting open, the demand for MBA admission in 2022 is going to see a boom. If you are looking to get an MBA degree, now is an excellent opportunity for you to strive and earn the advantage of connecting to a blossoming sector.

Why choose the Top MBA Colleges?

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the top MBA colleges in India

If you are really looking to join a college, be sure to opt for the best MBA colleges in India, like IIMs. IIMs take admissions using their CAT exam – which is scheduled for November 2022 this year. I have already written a guide on how to prepare for the CAT Exam, do have a read.

Now, note that not everyone can get into IIMs. Seats are too low compared to the candidates. You have very little chance of admission, even with a 99 percentile score under your belt. Worry not, in addition to these IIMs, there are some awesome colleges that provide global level MBA programs. There are other MBA entrance examinations as well – like XAT, MAT, SNAP etc. So apply for these as well, work hard and wish for the best. Always choose the best of the lot and opt for the B-schools that are better and worth giving your career’s drivers seat.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should opt for these top MBA colleges in India:

  1. Reputation: Having a degree from a top-notch college gives you what you need the most: reputation. MBAs from these top MBA colleges are highly respected in their fields and they get better job positions in popular companies.
  2. Best Salaries: Top B-Schools/MBA colleges offer elite level campus selection. Most selected students get 3 to 30 times extra salary when compared to selections from other colleges with the same course.
  3. Best Brands: Top B-schools attract top brands from across the country and the world. By moving from the best schools to the best workplaces – you give your future a great boost. You earn better, you live better and you get a better career prospectus.

Top 100 MBA Colleges in India in 2022

  1. Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad
  2. Indian Institute Of Management, Kolkata
  3. Indian Institute Of Management, Bengaluru
  4. Faculty Of Management Studies, University Of Delhi, Delhi
  5. Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad
  6. Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi
  7. Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow
  8. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur
  9. Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon
  10. S P Jain Institute Of Management And Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai
  11. Indian Institute Of Management, Indore
  12. Indian Institute Of Management, Kozhikode
  13. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, Mumbai
  14. Shailesh J Mehta School Of Management, (IIT Mumbai), Mumbai
  15. Dept. Of Management Studies, (IIT Delhi), New Delhi
  16. Indian Institute Of Technology, (IIT) Kharagpur
  17. Indian Institute Of Management, Ranchi
  18. Indian Institute Of Management, Tiruchirappalli
  19. Indian Institute Of Management, Udaipur
  20. Symbiosis Centre For Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Pune
  21. Mudra Institute Of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad
  22. Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune
  23. Indian Institute Of Management, Rohtak
  24. Indian Institute Of Management, Raipur
  25. NMIMS School Of Business Management, Mumbai
  26. Indian Institute Of Management, Visakhapatnam
  27. Indian Institute Of Management, Kashipur
  28. Indian Institute Of Management, Nagpur
  29. University Business School (UBS), Punjab University, Chandigarh
  30. Department Of Business Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi
  31. MHRM Department Of Humanities And Social Science, (IIT Kharagpur), Kharagpur
  32. Dept. Of Management Studies (IIT Roorkee), Roorkee
  33. Indian Institute Of Management, Shillong
  34. Institute Of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad
  35. International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi
  36. Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar
  37. Sydenham Institute Of Management (SIMSREE), Mumbai
  38. Indian Institute Of Management, Jammu
  39. Indian Institute Of Management, Sambalpur
  40. Goa Institute Of Management (GIM), Goa
  41. Great Lakes Institute Of Management, Chennai
  42. Indian Institute Of Management, Bodh Gaya
  43. FORE School Of Management, New Delhi
  44. WOXSEN School Of Business, Hyderabad
  45. Management Development Institute (MDI), Murshidabad
  46. Institute Of Management Technology (IMT), Nagpur
  47. International Management Institute (IMI), Kolkata
  48. International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar
  49. Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute Of Information Technology And Management (ABV-IIITM), Gwalior
  50. National Institute Of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai
  51. Indian Institute Of Management, Amritsar
  52. Indian Institute Of Management, Sirmaur
  53. T.A.PAI Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal
  54. Dept. Of Management Studies, Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT-ISM), Dhanbad
  55. Institute Of Management Studies, BHU, Varanasi
  56. Symbiosis Centre For Information Technology, Pune
  57. Birla Institute Of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida
  58. IFIM Business School/Jagdish Sheth School Of Management, Bengaluru
  59. Institute Of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad
  60. Loyola Institute Of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai
  61. Indian Institute Of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata
  62. VIT Business School, Vellore
  63. TAXILA Business School, Jaipur
  64. Amrita School Of Business, Coimbatore
  65. NIRMA University (Institute Of Management), Ahmedabad
  66. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute Of Management, New Delhi
  67. Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute Of Management And Research (BVIMR), New Delhi
  68. CHITKARA Business School, Rajpura-Patiala
  69. Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), Sonipat
  70. University School Of Business (USB), Chandigarh University, Mohali
  71. Institute Of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad
  72. Institute Of Management And Entrepreneurship Development (IMED), Pune
  73. Bharath Institute Of Higher Education And Research (BIHER), Chennai
  74. ICFAI Business School(IBS), Hyderabad
  75. Amity Global Business School, Noida
  76. Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida
  77. Institute Of Rural Management, Anand
  78. KIIT University-School Of Management, Bhubaneswar
  79. Dr. MGR Educational And Research Institute, Chennai
  80. AIMS Institute, Bengaluru
  81. SDM Institute For Management Development (SDMIMD), Mysuru
  82. Manipal Institute Of Management/Manipal University, Manipal
  83. Meenakshi Academy Of Higher Education And Research (MAHER), Chennai
  84. ABBS School Of Management, Bengaluru
  85. REVA University(School Of Management Studies), Bengaluru
  86. International School Of Business And Media, Pune
  87. Institute Of Management Studies (IMS), Ghaziabad
  88. Institute For Technology And Management, Mumbai
  89. Indian Institute Of Forest Management, Bhopal
  90. School Of Management And Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida
  91. PES University, Bengaluru
  92. Symbiosis Institute Of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune
  93. Jagan Institute Of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini/Delhi
  94. MIT School Of Business, Pune
  95. Army Institute Of Management, Kolkata
  96. Justice KS Hegde Institute Of Management, NITTE/ Udupi
  97. K.J. Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai
  98. Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Bengaluru
  99. RV Institute Of Management, Bengaluru
  100. Welingkar Institute Of Management Development & Research, Mumbai

Why choose an MBA course?

According to the annual survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), out of 700 global recruiters, about three out of four candidates agree that employees in their firms possessing a business school education earn much more than those who haven’t taken management education. We have noticed similar agreements from a number of other individuals as well, to varying degrees:

  • Health care companies – 90%
  • Fortune Global 500 companies – 85%
  • Products/Services companies – 80%
  • Technology – 78%
  • Consulting – 77%

9 out of 10 MBA alumni agreed that their salaries increased because they were from B-schools. With COVID-19 pandemic on decline, students with better skills and talent from B-schools will be the first to get into the top corporations.

My list of top MBA colleges in India is based on several reports that have been released in the last 5 years. Additionally, I have customized these reports with valuable feedback from over 40 MBA students in my network. If you are looking to get admission to MBA courses, be sure to choose one from the list.

But again, this is just data. Depending on your budget, your location and priorities, your options may differ from mine. Whatever you choose, be sure to think twice before stamping over your decision. This is a question of not just your career but your whole life. Talk to seniors, educators and experts – tell them your needs and then come at a conclusion.

Before you choose a College from this list 

The actual list of top MBA colleges in India, apart from being an excellent indicator of marketable business schools for MBA, also plays a vital role in helping future MBA students find the answer to a certain fundamental query – which is the MBA program right for you?  For that purpose, we recommend taking a closer look at your graduation level work and objectives. Also consider the main takeaways of every program, payback time, cost factors, and the skills you are going after based on your personality.

Take out the time to pay a visit to your MBA college of choice, identify your crucial requirements, and decide whether or not this college is suitable for you.

Ranking systems offer numerical conclusions to you, but your own analysis will serve as the ultimate conclusion.

How to Select an MBA college on Your Own

Do you not want my list to guide you? It’s alright. I can guide you on how you can select an MBA college on your own. You can pick a college using this method, says IIM Ahmedabad – critically examine that college with several factors listed below, and then decide on whether or not to choose this one over another college, like IIM Kolkata.

Such comparisons can also go beyond IIMs. Take any number of B-schools, give them points based on their quality (and possibilities to get an admission). Compare those scores. Whichever scores better wins.

Let’s see what indicators you should use to critically examine and evaluate top B-schools in India:

1. Exams Accepted and Cut-off

Every MBA college has different eligibility criteria for admission. Many of the top MBA colleges in India, such as IMT, IMI, and MDI, take overall cut-offs into account. Others like SPJIMR give greater weightage to academic profile and achievements, apart from the entrance exam results. Before choosing an MBA college, make sure you consider the exam you are appearing in, whether the college will accept its score for admission, and the expected cut-off.

2. MBA Fees

You should give preference to a moderate fee structure with satisfactory placement, which can give you a feeling of security regarding your career. Take time to compare the fee structures of the MBA colleges you are considering. Remember to calculate the total fees and expenses for your two years at the college, and not merely the tuition fees (which constitute just 50 to 60 percent of the total fees).

3. Campus Placements

Check what the average placements over time in the college you are considering taking admission in are. Certain queries should spontaneously come to mind in this regard. For example, who are the top recruiters there? Which MBA program there has the best placement record? Ensure that such questions are satisfactorily answered before you make your final choice.

4. Ranking and Accreditation

Even among the top MBA colleges in India, ranking and accreditation plays an important role when comparing them to each other. International and National accreditations play a crucial role in representing the vital parameters of an MBA college – the quality of education, faculty, research, facilities, pedagogy, and much more. Here are the important national and international accreditations you must consider before choosing an MBA college.

National Accreditations

  • National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC)
  • National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

International Accreditations

  • Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), USA
  • Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK
  • EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS)

5. General Vs Specialized MBA

You must decide if you want to study General MBA with specialization in the second year, or opt for specialized MBA from the start itself. It is important to mention that several top MBA colleges in India offer General MBA and very less specialized MBA programs. On the other hand, there are other colleges which offer a number of specialized MBA programs like MBA Business Analytics, MBA Rural Management, MBA Finance, and much more. You must ensure that the college you are opting for offers specialization in the branch of MBA you are interested in.

6. College’s Legacy and Alumni Base

Older MBA colleges have better alumni bases. By virtue of the global network of the college’s old students, you have better career opportunities as well. Even among IIMs, the older ones finish their placement early in the year with magnificent salaries, whereas the newer ones struggle for several months. The college’s legacy reflects not just its placement potential, but its growth and sustainability over time. Older colleges usually have more experienced faculty as well.

Disclaimer: In full transparency, I am an affiliate for one or more products listed on this page. If you click a link and complete a purchase, I might make a commission at no extra cost to you. Please see the full disclaimer and FTC disclosure here.