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by Gaurav Tiwari

I deliver the best you’ve ever seen. From a single phrase slogan to thousands of words long press-releases — I cover everything.
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A better way to deliver templates

No more manually added styles on every element. When you import an Analog WP template, the page styles are teleported with it in the page styles. Save the styles of the template you want as a Style Kit and build consistently by applying it on any page you want.

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design with a system

Beautiful, consistent templates that scale

Creating and maintaining layouts based on a consistent typographic scale with well defined contrast ratios increases the accessibility of your templates. 

Match this with basic design principles like rhythm and grouping, and deliver design that is efficiently consumable by all.

Site-wide control

Make a Style Kit global

Fine-tuning your Style Kit? When everything seems just right you can easily set the scope of the Styles global, by making it a global Style Kit. The styles will apply to all your pages.

Override per page:

Even with a Global Style Kit in place, you can use a different one per page. Simply assign the Style Kit you want to the page you are working on and the page will ignore the Global Style Kit.

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Style Kits are easy to use and understand, with native Elementor User Experience.

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Consistent typography and spacing will improve the accessibility of the layout by default.

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One single point of truth for your typography and spacing styles, with site-wide scope.

local or global

One Control to Rule them All.

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Better Typography Management

Make a change to the Heading 2 style in the style kit, and see the change apply to all pages using the same style kit.

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Consistent spacing for Column Gaps

Column Gaps offer a great opportunity for consistent, modular design. Instead of manually adding values to every section, you can use Column Gaps.

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Stay in the Loop

Learn more about Style Kits, and managing your design system in Elementor.

Dash make use of the Humaaans Library.

Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library. They are beautiful illustrations that you can freely use in your designs.
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We need your feedback

Style Kits is a new Concept that needs to be refined and have it’s rough edges polished. We need your feedback on how things work, how they don’t, and what can we do to improve the UX more.

Feel free to send us an email or connect on social.


  • Page Styles
  • Style Kits
  • Global Color controls
  • Universal Elevation and Radius
  • Global Buttons
  • Better typographic control per element