12 Ways to Sell and Promote Artwork Better - Tips for Photographers

Recognition and love from people are crucial for artists; these boost you to perform even better. However, putting your artwork out there and promoting it is gradual and requires lots of patience and tact. 

Fortunately, there are many offline and online ways to target your audience. You can spread the word by being active on all the platforms, building contacts, and producing the best work. Let’s discuss all the ways that will be useful for the artists, art sellers and photographers.

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Make an Official Website

Every artist dreams of getting noticed and appreciated with honesty. So the first step towards promoting your artwork is creating an official website. It will provide your artwork with a specific name and logo. So you can have a look as there are so many unique sites for promoting artwork.

You can share the site’s web address on all social networking sites, your business cards, and offline stores. The official website builds trust in the audience. You can make it more engaging by writing about yourself, your art journey and introducing your team a lot more.

Go for a Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of artists’ best works. It’s a quick guide to his work, and making a portfolio is very helpful to reach out to your peers and audience. One can have a clear idea about the type of work; you just have to make it impressively. You can get ideas from popular art sites like ElephantStock to display your artwork for an online audience. 

The Social Networking Sites

Make your accounts on social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is very vast and requires lots of engagement, but it’s the key to promoting a seller or a photographer.

Stay as active as you can, gain followers and ask your customers to review your art. Ask everyone to tag you on their profiles while talking about you. Be kind and arrange time to time live sessions, question answers, and polls.

Start Blogging

Blogging is yet another very effective online way of spreading your word. You can start a blog on many popular sites and share your journey: upload photos and videos with teammates. Mention all your promotion handles, introduce your teammates. Make a video about your most successful artwork and the whole history behind it.

Guest Posts on Other Blogs

Guest post on popular sites is an exciting way of gaining an audience. You can share your link in blogs of famous sites which have relatable content. In addition, sellers and photographers can easily ask for blog posts links.

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Paid Advertising

When you are financially stable and want to grow excessively, you can lighten your burden by engaging in paid advertising. Then, the concerned people will promote your art on different platforms.

Inaugurate an art Gallery

Opening an art gallery works both for a seller and a photographer. So the importance of offline promotion can’t be neglected completely. You can turn in your spare room or rent a place to open your art gallery.

Share location on all your online platforms,  local newspapers, and ads. Make sure you mention all your online handles in an art gallery. Present your art in a desirable and tidy manner.

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Enroll in Art Competitions

The photographers can enroll in competitions. The competitions are an excellent place for meeting your peers, meeting experts, and connecting to the audience. If you win, your name will be highlighted in newspapers, magazines, and news. You will surely get noticed. 

The advantage of offline competition is that you meet people from your niche and converse; these conversations open many opportunities for you.

Participate in Local Fairs and Exhibitions

Offline contacts are vital, and you must showcase your talent in local fairs and exhibitions. Be polite, talk to people and distribute your business card. As a result, you meet fellow artists and develop healthy contacts.

Online Shopping Sites

There are so many famous sites that sell art online. You can sell your artwork there under your name and gain recognition and followers. Once you have developed a good reputation, it's sure that your accounts will also notice the traffic.

Presentation Matters

Make sure your presence on social media is exceptional. People buy more visually beautiful things. It’s even more critical for a photographer. Your online posts must have unique photos and descriptions. Quality over quantity is the key to successful promotion.

Teamwork Always Achieves

Promoting your artwork is a whole lot of work; it’s always good to get a team. You can engage different people on social media. Sites, blogging, and offline promotions.

Wrapping up

There are so many available ways for sellers and photographers to engage an audience and build faithful customers. But, first, you have to set up an outline and team, talk to people, and start your passionate journey. Your art must be of quality, and you will become a successful artist or a photographer.