6 Popular Blog Niche Ideas That Will Help You Make Money in 2022

Looking for some great and popular blog niche ideas that can help you make more money? If you are, follow along as I present the six best blog niche ideas that can prove profitable in this new year!

Blogging is a very popular activity these days. It represents, for most people, a cool career that allows you to make money remotely while writing about the things you’re passionate about. And that’s true for thousands all over the world. For them, blogging is a lucrative, productive, and fulfilling career that allows them to do the things they love.

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We don’t blame you for wanting this for yourself as well. Yet, the blogging industry is very competitive these days since the “secret” of blogging being a fulfilling venture that leads to easy money.

Truth be told, it’s not that easy anymore to have a successful and profitable blog. It takes a lot of hard work to write quality content, and it takes many correct choices to have a blog that will stand out from the crowd. One of these choices is what to write about. 

So, if you’re thinking about starting in 2022, here are the six popular blog niche ideas that will be profitable this year.


Everything medical is interesting for people after nearly two years in a global pandemic caused by a deadly virus. 

Since the pandemic started, more people have gone online to read about medical stuff, whether that meant improving their immune system, understanding how viruses work, and how to treat certain diseases and medical conditions at home. 

Here’s another interesting topic you can discuss if you choose to write a medical blog: medical malpractice.

As the experts from MedicalNegligenceAssist explain that since the pandemic started, burnout among health workers led to an increased number of medical errors that affected patients.

Another very popular medical topic you can address is mental health. Internet searches related to mental health have surged since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With people finally having more time with their own thoughts and experiencing a number of confusing emotions, they’ve become more interested in how their brain works and how to control their emotions in a healthy way. 

Outdoor adventures 

Another topic that became really interesting for people after being locked in their homes for months is related to outdoor adventures. 

With cinemas, malls, restaurants, and all entertainment venues being closed as a measure to combat the spread of the virus, more people turned to natural beauty to get entertainment. During the last two years, more people started taking hikes, bought a bicycle, and shown interest in spending more time in nature. 

You can take advantage of how the pandemic and lockdown measures have changed people’s relationship with nature and write about outdoor activities. You have plenty of topic ideas related to this topic, from sports to outdoor games, hiking routes, sports gear, you name it. 

Personal Finance 

The pandemic also changed people’s relationships with their personal finances. Now, more than ever before, people pay more attention to their income, spending, and investing. 

The COVID-19 pandemic messed with everybody’s finances, both businesses and individuals, leading to many financial worries. This has made people more interested in developing healthy and smart habits to manage their money. 

You can write about budgeting tips, investing opportunities, saving strategies, personal finance tips, budgeting apps, and even small business finances if you’re good at that. Topics related to finances are very popular these days as people look for ways to ensure that they are never financially unprepared if a global pandemic (or a similar event) takes them by surprise. 

Fitness and nutrition

Exercising is an activity that also got a lot of attention as people were forced to stay inside their homes.

Gyms got closed, people could no longer even take short walks in the park, and soon, all the junk food they ate while binge-watching everything on streaming platforms started to mess with their bodies and overall health. So, many people worldwide turned their attention to exercising tips at home. 

If you’re a gym enthusiast yourself, it simply makes sense to share your journey and advice with people online looking to level up their working out game in 2022. You can review home exercising gear, offer nutrition advice, write about successful transformation stories, rate online gym courses, and so on. If you’re passionate about sport and exercising, you’ll find plenty of topics from this area to write about. 

Food blogs 

The pandemic closed restaurants and took everyone’s pleasure of dining out on weekend nights.

So, naturally, people had to adapt. Although food delivery services saw a surge in popularity and sales, people quickly got tired of that as well, and they rediscovered their kitchens and passion for cooking. 

During the lockdown period, many people have started experimenting in the kitchen. And, they’ve gone online for advice, guidance, new recipes to try, and even plating tips. That is why food blogs are also thriving these days. 

If you are a food enthusiast yourself, starting a food blog is a great idea. You can document your cooking experiments, offer advice on less popular but delicious ingredients, and share your legacy recipes. 


The pandemic took away most of our entertainment activities, locking us up in our homes. So, technology, especially our gadgets, quickly became our best friends

Besides that, people had to shift to working or studying from home, which again made them develop a deeper relationship with technology

Suppose you are a tech-savvy individual or developed your passion for technology forced by the pandemic. In that case, you can dip your toes into topics that are very hot these days, like gadgets, smartphones, computers, software tools for all sorts of tasks, app reviews, and so on. The technology industry is ever-changing and dynamic, so it’s nearly impossible to run out of topics to write about when you start a tech blog.