How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Posts?

Guest posts are one of the most effective ways in the current content world to attract an appreciable amount of readers to websites or blogs. It can also be considered as a better way to promote brand awareness as well. So moving ahead in this regard, I will discuss a few of the ways to perfectly pitch out guest posts. The first and foremost thing that comes into my mind is:

Proving yourself as the right person

To get into the world of content writing, there will be scenarios where you need to prove yourself as the perfect choice with ample amount of experience. This can be maintained by providing the samples of your writings which may be already published post of yours on some other sites. Make sure that those posts are related to the topic that you are currently going to pitch, so that the reader has the instinct developed in them to approach every time you post some content.

Moving towards my next advice which is a very basic one indeed.

Making the headline/topic effective is what really matters

Being able to make headings better will make the real difference.

There should always be an attractive way of tuning the topic with the theme of the blog. Many a time, crafting the headline becomes the most tedious job for the writers and there may arise occasions where the headlines sometimes feel far away from the related post. The writers should always have an idea about the length of the content, whether images are required or not for the content and most importantly whether it suits the sheer interest of the audience who are viewing it.

Making the content short and sweet

short n sweet

In the world full of no time to look at anything patiently, if the writers even produce a masterpiece of their work but in more number of words, trust me, they lose almost half of their readers certainly. We people in the present time expect things to be really short and simple so that it doesn’t take much of our time and even we get the gist out of the content.

Remember Quality always has more preference than Quantity.

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So it can also be considered as a valuable point to get an art of making things as short as possible.

Possess the ability to convey your views

The above mentioned point is not merely a point, it’s a skill, which is expected to be there in the content writers. If a person is writing up some content for the blog or website but is not able to convey what he wants to due to poor communication skills or it may be any reason, then it definitely questions their ability in this field. If this is the aspect you cannot really overcome, I would suggest you to take help from the people who are professionals in guest posting. So one must be straightforward with their thoughts upon the topic.

Correctness and Originality of the Content

In many of the case studies it is observed that most of the times the writers in order to gain some fantasy end up writing the irrelevant content and in some cases even consisting wrong statistics as well. If the readers come across such things they won’t turn up again to read that particular writer’s content. So the writer must be aware of this fact. Along with this they must have a practice of presenting their own contents, which are not at all copied from some other sources. However, taking reference from the web about any topic is completely open to all.

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Self Confidence and Self Motivation

Yes, last but not the least, being confident and passionate about the work you are doing is what really matters at the end of the day. You might not get a good response each and every time you pitch guest posts, but being strong at that point is what matters the most. A writer should always have an attitude of having faith in himself and motivating himself on a regular basis. Irrespective of the response from the audience the writers should always keep their calm, learn from their earlier mistakes and always look forward to excel and their domain. And here I say Self Motivation is the Best Motivation.

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After discussing a few of the facts above we can conclude the entire thing as an art more than merely science. If you are really concerned about being accepted as a writer then yes you have to workout on yourself and make yourself fit for this domain. It may require sometimes to attain the level of perfection but, there is always a hope if you take care of the concerned facts mentioned above. Achieving perfection in pitching guest post can never be one night’s work, it will need your time and patience in order to become perfect in it.

So, always have your own approach and thoughts about anything, if it is referenced content, do try to present it in your own way. Make it Unique and Make it your own.

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Gaurav Tiwari
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