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Boltzmann Constant

First of all, there are constants named after Ludwig Boltzmann, first Boltzmann constant and the second Stefan-Boltzmann constant. We will discuss the first one here.

Both Boltzmann constants play vital roles in Physics and Astronomy.

Role of Boltzmann Constant in Physics

Boltzmann Constant unites the macroscopic and microscopic worlds, and provides the basis for the zeroth law of thermodynamics.

Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

If you could ‘look inside’ an isolated system (in equilibrium), the proportion of constituents in the system with energy E is a function of E, and the Boltzmann constant (k or kB).

  • The proportion of constituents in the system with energy E is proportional to e-E/kT.
  • Here T is the temperature in Kelvin.
  • k is Boltzmann’s constant and k=1.38×10-23 Joules per Kelvin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Ludwig Boltzmann?

Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann was an Austrian physicist and philosopher.

What is the value of Boltzmann Constant?

The value of Boltzmann Constant k is 1.38×10-23 Joules per Kelvin.

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