Easy Ways to Get Started With Your Music Promotion

It may look like a lot of work, but with a good plan, you can promote your music on your terms and share it as you deem fit. Your marketing plan should include strong music promotion. Social media and other digital tools should be a part of it too.

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Marketing on social media is effective because important people could see it. However, marketing over the internet has some mediums that are better than others. Here are some tricks to help you build more exposure for your music using social media. 

Choose Your Top Pick

It is the very first step. Since you’re starting out, focus on one path. It is important because it may impact your strategy. Presently, the social media industry is the heart of the music industry. You need to stay abreast of the industry to know the latest strategies. Checking out blogs like Neatorama and BoingBoing may come in handy. However, don’t rely only on social media. Keep an open option and engage your audience so they will follow you wherever you go.

Pros and Cons Dealing with Labels

Another point is a record label. If you want to start your own record label, then this post is not for you. This article is for people who have not been able to join a label for the longest time. Also, if you join a label, you will need to sign contracts, answer lots of emails, and have a broad understanding of music sales. If you do not fit this bill, this is not for you. If you do, then read on.

Sites like Beatport can be used to solve a part of this problem. However, not every independent artist can join this site. Other sites like Juno and Bandcamp are open to independent artists. A good suggestion would be signing up for any of the sites noted above to see their offerings. There is not much to lose from using these free services.

When your account is active, the next step will be to upload your MP3. Be sure to follow the instructions so your file can be uploaded onto the site's server. When it is uploaded, ensure that you make the file downloadable, open to the public. Also, don't forget to activate the widgets.

Sharing Music will Bring Desirable Success

The process is easy and you can listen to your favorite artists as well. If the music industry relied on original ideas, it would have phased out a long time ago. The best part of music is sharing it with others and inspiration like this is not considered plagiarism. With their music at your disposal, you can study it and admire their techniques. Learn from listening and watching them. In some cases, you can also learn from talking to them. 

For streaming music, Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer may be the best options to consider.

All music is inherited from generation to generation passing cultures in different forms and shapes. During that time in music history, it was considered original. It is not possible to create music that you haven’t been exposed to yet. It must exist somewhere. Consider this as you plan your promotion. 

Many brands today produce beautiful music in their homes and they use the best quality software. Now, more than ever, bedroom recording studios are becoming popular. The skill is growing and more people want to try it out. With this new development and skill, the competition in the market has risen as well. Considering all these, we have answered how a new band can get seen and heard? How can they get to the top of the charts on iTunes to make money?