Best Black Friday Deals on Cheap Bluetooth Speakers in 2021

Music is a part of our everyday life. Even if we don’t include music and rhythm, they ultimately find their way into the secret places of our soul!! So why not enjoy them while living to our fullest, and with the biggest sale of the year knocking on the door, you can get the cheapest medium to listen to them. Yes, you heard it right! The Black Friday deals 2021 are here with the best deals on Bluetooth speakers. This article will provide you with the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on affordable Bluetooth Speakers, preferably under $50.

We will also guide you on how you can get your best pick and all other necessary pieces of information that you can guide your way to the cheapest and a quality product. 

From music freaks to someone who listens to music to take a break from their busy life, if you are on a hunt for purchasing a Bluetooth speaker at a much cheaper rate than ever, then you are at the right stop – The Black Friday Sales 2021! Check out the article to get more information and have your desired best pick right in your hands.

Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

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Loved, suggested and handpicked by many, Anker Soundcore 2 is among the best and cheap Bluetooth speaker available in the market today.

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5, Bassup, IPX7 Waterproof, 24-Hour Playtime, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Speaker for Home, Outdoors, Travel
  • Unbelievable sound: 12W of pure audio power with enhanced bass Thunders from dual neodymium drivers. An advanced digital signal processor ensures pounding bass and zero distortion at any volume.
  • Intense bass: exclusive bass up technology and a patented spiral bass port boost low-end frequencies to make the beats hit even harder.

Well known for their cables and computer accessories, Anker is booming in this accessory too. Anker Soundcore 2 serves you with a 12W of pure audio power and enhanced, intense bass Thunder from dual neodymium drivers. From being an outstanding outdoor partner to providing unbelievable sound quality, they have passed their test in being the overall best Bluetooth speaker accessible.

If you are a traveler and like music on the go, then JBL Clip 2 is the best pick for you.

The JBL Clip 2 has a strong audio performance, packaged with excellent bass, midrange and treble. Its specialty lies in its waterproof exterior, which provides you with the peace of saving your device from any damage. In addition, it is designed with compactness and portability in mind, and the device serves its purpose rightly. 

EDUPLINK has launched an Amazon exclusive bluetooth speaker is quite worth the money if you are on a tight budget.

EDUPLINK Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Switch Between Bluetooth Pairing and Aux-in Mode by Call Button - Blue
  • Beat-Driven Party Light,At 75% volume, the lights synchronize with the music
  • PX7 waterproof;20 + hours of playtime

It serves you with all the key features and a near match of the Soundcore 2. In addition, it comes with a compact design, IPX7 waterproof rating and a 360 degree sound.

In addition to these, here are the best Bluetooth speakers that you should buy this Black Friday:

Points to remember when choosing the best Bluetooth Speakers

The Best Bluetooth Speaker is the one that comes with a balance between sound quality, size, portability features and the most important, its price. Below is the point to keep in your mind before buying a Bluetooth Speaker.

  • The first thing that comes to mind before buying a Bluetooth speaker is its audio quality and power.
  • Some Bluetooth speakers often provide their specifications regarding the audio quality the device will provide, like the total harmonic distortion or below 1%, which is quite a good aim because the lower, the better.
  • The frequency response is crucial too; the 100 Hz point is the low frequency, and 20 kHz is the top frequency, and as most of us cannot hear up to 20 kHz, especially as we get older, so the top frequency is not quite important. Hence the lower it goes, the better because that’s the level of bass we may expect.
  • Regarding the power, be aware that more power is required for larger spaces or outside use to cover the surrounding noise. 

The next key parameter to take into consideration is the battery life.

The louder you play the speaker, the more electricity it will consume, and the battery won’t last as long as you expect it to.

Also, you don’t want to be recharging your speaker every hour. Hence it would be better to choose a speaker whose battery life is long enough for what you need. The larger speakers can be expected to last for 24 hours, and more typical lengths of operation maybe four to eight hours, which is specified as the average battery life. 

With a variety of features, the speakers also come in a variety of sizes. Keeping in mind the portability and packing up into the luggage, the shapes offered are small conical, cylindrical or rectangular. Usually, the larger they are, the better the quality of audio and larger battery for longer use they can provide.

Water and electronics do not mix, so it is more beneficial to have a speaker take to pools or beaches. There are many speakers available today that have water-resistant or even submersible features as their major hallmark.

Suppose your desire to have a stereo sound. In that case, the feature of connecting to multiple speakers is worth investigating because some speakers in the market today can connect to a secondary speaker for stereo sound.

You should also check for the speakerphone capability of the speaker because using a smartphone as a music source, you may need to take calls sometimes. And that’s why using a speaker that has a microphone incorporated along with speakerphone functionality might be a useful one if you wish to use it by a desk but probably quite disturbing if used by the side of a swimming pool as you’ll not want your conversation to be heard.

Depending upon what you want for the features of your speaker, your last stop is going to be the price. But investing one time is better than investing time and time again. So look out for the points before buying your desired speaker.

How should you test the best Bluetooth speaker?

Before purchasing your speaker, you should always check for the vocal clarity, sharpness of treble and the richness of bass, and for that, you can test the speakers using a variety of songs from rock, hip – hop to acoustic.

Check for the battery life, and you can do that by listening to them for several hours and then seeing how much charge was left. You may also measure the volume by using an app that measures decibels.

Where can one find the best Black Friday Bluetooth speakers deals?

You can find the best deals on online retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, Curry’s, Best Buy and Walmart. They will be providing you with sizeable discounts. In addition, the official websites of brands such as Bose, Sonos and Marshall will also provide you with the same.

What to expect from Black Friday Bluetooth Speakers Deals 2021?

Last year’s Black Friday Sales showed a dramatic drop in the prices of Speakers from audio firms such as Marshall, Bose, JBL, Sonos, Ultimate Ears and many more. And therefore, it’s safe to assume that we might see similar smooth moves this year too. So if you see something you desired at such a cheaper rate this sale, get your hands on them before you lose them.

When do the Black Friday Bluetooth Speakers deals start?

This year’s Black Friday Sales event will take place on 26th November, the day after the US celebrates Thanksgiving and which will be followed by Cyber Monday on 29th November(where you can get Cyber Monday Sales on Bluetooth Speakers too). So better hurry and brainstorm on what to get, or you have to wait another year for such massive discounts.

Is battery size important in a Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, because, like all portable electronic devices, Bluetooth Speakers also require power to function correctly. You wouldn’t want your speaker to be recharging every hour and then, so it would be better to get a Bluetooth speaker whose battery life is long enough for what you need. The larger speakers can be expected to last for 24 hours, while the average ones can last up to four to ten hours. 


Bluetooth speakers are excellently convenient and are the ultimate portable powerhouses that can provide you with the sound of a small Hi-Fi. You can get your favorite music playing just by pairing up your phone and opening a music application of your choice without the mess of cables and docks that you usually need to get music playing out of a set of speakers.

You can get the best cheap Bluetooth speaker deals if you are more accurate about the features and other measures of the speaker of your choice. If you want to take your Bluetooth speaker to the beach or swimming pool or even campsite, you should always go for something with a durable and waterproof build. If you want an indoor Bluetooth speaker to include part of your multi-room system, high-end audio brands like Sonos and Bose can provide you with the desired style and balanced sound. However, you can find other cheaper alternatives from Anker, EarFun Uboom, Tribit and Urbanista. 

And for that, the Black Friday deals 2021 is here to satisfy all your demands and get your desired Bluetooth speaker at a much cheaper rate than ever. So you should better hurry and don’t miss the opportunity because the offer won’t last forever!!

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