Best Black Friday Deals on AI Tools

Looking for the best Black Friday Deals on AI Tools? Look no further, as I bring you the best deals on top brands. This year's Black Friday is special with the unique inventions that have happened in 2023. AI tools are now really powerful and have become very intelligent, especially with the advent of ChatGPT, Bard, Glok and others.

Why Invest in AI Tools?

ChatGPT with Grammarly AI Screenshot

AI helps automate routine tasks, analyze big data, optimize marketing strategies, write content, create videos and images, and enhance customer experiences. AI can offer creative solutions for agencies, while entrepreneurs can use these tools to scale their startups efficiently.

Best Black Friday Deals on AI Tools


The Black Friday deals on AI tools listed here are ideal for all segments of businesses, entrepreneurs, and agencies dealing with AI in one way or another.

So, without any further ado, let's hop onto the list.

Code Snippets

Code Snippets is a functionality plugin that allows you to run PHP snippets and add custom content shortcodes from Backend without breaking your website. This means fewer plugin and much better customizations. Now comes with CodeSnippets Cloud and AI code generation.

Code Snippets Black Friday Offer: 50% discount on all Code Snippets Pro plans

Expires on/Validity: November 30, 2023

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Trustable allows you to collect video testimonials and reviews at scale. With this AI based tool, you can set up a dedicated landing page for your business within minutes and easily share the link via email, social media, or SMS. Thus, you can build trust by showcasing your satisfied customers via your website, email campaigns, and social media. Also, Trustable helps you convert your customers into loyal advocates.

Trustable Black Friday Offer: Get Trustable lifetime plan at just $49 on AppSumo

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Notion is my go-to-tool for planning, running and growing my online business and client works. I use Notion to create content plans, generate drafts using AI and much more. I also use it to brainstorm ideas and study for my exams. It's free.

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BeyondMe is the ultimate SEO game-changer! Its full SERP analysis tool turbocharges your website's performance by diagnosing traffic loss and pinpointing crucial keywords. Uncover content weaknesses, optimize pages for higher rankings, and watch traffic soar! Easy to use and quick to start, BeyondMe is the powerful solution your website craves and to transform your SEO strategy.

BeyondMe Black Friday Offer: Get lifetime access to BeyondMe starting at $39-once.

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Linksy is a powerful internal linking plugin for WordPress that allows you to scan the whole site for links and make the most of internal links with Machine Learning and AI. One of the best out there.

Linksy Black Friday Offer: Get lifetime license to Linksy starting at just $49

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Optimize content with keyword research, SERP analysis, and high-ranking content extraction. Use AI for content generation, NLP recommendations, and task management prioritization.

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Screpy is an AI-based SEO and web analysis tool that lets you and your team analyze and monitor all your website metrics in one dashboard. Screpy lets you monitor your website performance easily.

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Labrika is an AI SEO tool that checks over 200 critical ranking factors and provides highly actionable recommendations that can increase the traffic of your websites.

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An AI-writing tool that helps you write compelling blog articles, cold emails and generate voiceovers which would help you acquire high-paying prospects for your business easily.

Writecream Black Friday Offer: Get lifetime access to Writecream at $59 one-time payment.

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Wordhero comes with 50+ writing tools (and new ones are constantly added) which would remove the stress of creating awesome content from your shoulders.

WordHero Black Friday Offer: Get lifetime access to WordHero at $89 onwards.

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SEOPress is an affordable yet very fast and very powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. Does exactly what other SEO tools do but is priced very low.

SEOPress Black Friday Offer: Bundle SEOPress PRO + Insights: $99! Over 33% off / Or get only the plugin at $49.

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Perfection-centric grammar checker and AI writing assistant that works great for all types of needs. Sapling catches 60% more errors than Grammarly and has more business-centric features like autocomplete, snippets, and team collaboration.

Sapling Black Friday Offer: Use Sapling for personal use for free

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ImagickPro is a multipurpose design tool for creators. Instantly create all types of visual, graphic and video projects. Comes with a robust design editor.

ImagickPro Black Friday Offer: Get ImagickPro at just $55 one-time.

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Rank Math

The BEST SEO plugin for WordPress. Rank Math is a comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress that simplifies and enhances on-page and technical search engine optimization. It comes with everything that you need to rank your website higher. Go Premium if you can. Or use it for free.

Rank Math Black Friday Offer: Users can get 2x the benefits when they upgrade to a Rank Math PRO plan of their choice and 1.5x credits for a Content AI plan and claim their treats worth over $15,000.

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World’s #1 drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress. Get exciting discounts on all plans of Elementor Pro.

Elementor Black Friday Offer: Up to 30% off on various plans. Also, Elementor has reduced higher tier prices and Agency Plan is 60% off forever

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Tips for Choosing the Right AI Tool

  • Identify Your Needs: Understand what problems you want to solve with AI.
  • Scalability: Choose tools that can grow with your business.
  • Ease of Use: Ensure the tools are user-friendly, especially if you're not tech-savvy.
  • Support and Training: Look for companies offering good customer support and training resources.


Black Friday presents a unique opportunity for businesses to adopt AI tools at discounted prices. Whether it's for data analysis, marketing automation, content creation, SEO, CRM, or design, there's something for every business. Remember, investing in the right AI tool can be a game-changer for your business's efficiency and growth.