I love comments and feedback. I always wait for a comment to be appeared on my dashboard and the things to pop in my mailbox. Below are some easy guidelines to comment better:

  • Be polite. Write to the topic. You may not use objectionable words, however critics and spicy comments are always welcomed.
  • If you didn’t understand any fact in an article, you may ask me to elaborate that mentioning the paragraph.
  • If you don’t own a gravatar, an image which is shown with your name, then you may visit gravatar.com and sign-up for a Gravatar account. Well, it’s not compulsory — it’s just for fun.
  • You can add an image to your comment by typing the image url. When moderating the comment, I’ll contest that url into an image.
  • To insert a YouTube / Vimeo / TED / VodPod video, just enter

    . For example to insert a video of YouTube, type

  • To insert some source-codes; type[source language=’name’] Your source code[/source].Allowed language names are:
    • php
    • css
    • html
    • xhtml
    • python

    and more.
    For example, typing

    [source language=’css’]
    .body {

    [source language=”css”] .body {

  • You may use LaTeX codes to write mathematical formulae into comments. Use following pattern to write a LaTeX code:
    $ latex [Your LaTeX code without bracket] $ .
    For example, to write
    $ dfrac{1}{pi} = dfrac{sqrt{8}}{9801} displaystyle{sum_{n=0}^{infty}} dfrac{(4n)!}{{(n!)}^4} cdot dfrac{[1103+26390n]}{396^{4n}}$
    just type
    $ latex dfrac{1}{pi} = dfrac{sqrt{8}}{9801} displaystyle{sum_{n=0}^{infty}} dfrac{(4n)!}{{(n!)}^4} cdot dfrac{[1103+26390n]}{396^{4n}}$
  • If you wrote something wrong, then remember that you can neither edit or delete your last comment. So, if you need any improvement in last comment — just Type another comment or tweet me a mention¬†@wpgaurav or mail me at


  • You own your comment’s copyright. You may ask me to delete your comment anytime using the same email you used in your comment.
  • I respect your privacy. Your email would neither be published nor be distributed. Your email can however be used for two reasons:
    1. To show your gravatar
    2. To contact you, for further feedback