Marketing is one of the top choices for anyone with a better career in mind. And why shouldn’t it be? From a local shop to multinational corporate giants – everyone wants to conceptualize new marketing ideas so that they can boost profits for their business. As a marketing graduate you can go just about anywhere. But before you do, you should be clear about the area of marketing you’re interested in and where you want to go with your career.

The demand for marketing has grown exponentially over the years – not just because business is booming but because of the introduction of the internet into the system. Now, newer fields of marketing (all related to internet) are emerging and all even more promising than ever before.

To understand just how big the marketing industry is, especially the ever-expanding field of digital marketing, consider this:

Marketing is one of the few career fields which has more talent demand than supply.

But first, let me answer the big question for you.

Why choose Marketing as a career option?

Marketing isn’t a profession that started yesterday – it has been in ‘business’ since the evolution of world economy and has altered itself accordingly. After all, marketing comes from the word ‘market’ – the place where all businesses happen.

Today’s world is more tech-oriented than it’s ever been. As a result, business strategies are changing so fast that the companies that didn’t evolve or that didn’t get into newer marketing strategies, are falling behind.

This means the opportunities in marketing are growing ridiculously fast, mostly due to current market ecosystem. Plus attractive salaries, a wider career scope and modular growth make this a great career choice.

Big or little, marketing is a part of every business. Various career options are available to choose, of which following are in high demand.

Market Research, as the name suggests – covers research & analysis of the market.

  • Research is the core of any marketing strategy and market research has become of utmost importance in today’s business landscape.
  • A market analyst does thorough research on the market and gathers information about the consumers’ needs and preferences.
  • There are various major elements of market research & analysis that are carried through including Market Segmentation (capturing needs, values, attitudes, behaviors and demographics), Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis, Brand Awareness & Pricing Research.
  • The data collected during the research is analyzed and compared with previous data to understand patterns so that the company could create better marketing plans and strategies.

Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is marketing on the internet and is a must for any business today, especially online businesses. It is a relatively new career path in the greater field of traditional marketing, but it’s rapidly overshadowed all other marketing career options. There are various subsections of internet/digital marketing that are slowly becoming different career options on their own:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Product Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Other trending career options that were once considered separate fields, but are now becoming a blend of marketing and advertising include Public Relations, Communications, Marketing Advisory etc. Research these career options as well.

Career growth in Marketing

According to Prospects, more than 85% of marketing graduates are employed, or undertaking work and further study, six months after graduating, with just over 50% of these working as marketing associate professionals.

What’s more, the demand for digital marketing & other creative marketing graduates is higher than the supply. It means that marketing graduates have a great shot at landing a job right out of school.

According to this infographic by SmartInsights, the demand for Digital Marketing graduates is more than the double to what current supply is. In the coming years, the difference between supply & demand will come down to some extent but with other digital marketing sub-careers emerging – it’s going to be one gem of a career for next couple of decades.

As you can see, traditional marketing careers are being overshadowed by digital and creative marketing alternatives. Despite which area of marketing you decide to venture into, marketing is still a great career option nonetheless. It offers the potential for higher payouts and more growth than many other careers choices.

From where to get a degree in Marketing?

Once you’ve decided that marketing is the career for you, the next challenge is to choose where to obtain an education.

There are plenty of colleges and universities providing marketing degree programs. Luckily, marketing is not a career field where the school you earn a degree from has a tremendous impact. This makes the choice of school and affordability much better for prospective students.

This day and age, that are two way you can get a college degree – offline & online. You can opt for in-class programs or choose to pursue an online degree.

If traditional, classroom learning is your preference, research the best universities near you. You can find the top universities in USA, Europe or Australia and narrow the list down from there.

If you can’t afford a traditional college education (or prefer to forge a different path), consider an online degree program. Just beware that not all online degree programs are equal.

U.S. News reports: “Online colleges have been criticized for putting profits over students; some have even been the subject of lawsuits claiming misrepresentation or fraud. To avoid scams, students need to be savvy consumers and do their research before signing up for an online degree program, experts say.”

They recommend finding an accredited school, analyzing curriculum, credits, supports services, and even statistics like graduation rates.

Another good suggestion is to find a school that offers both online and in-class degree programs, as there seems to be a negative perception with online-only schools. Traditional universities that also provide online offerings like Maryville University’s online bachelor degree in marketing are usually a safe bet.

No matter what college or university you choose, don’t forget internships and continuing education. These can provide valuable, on-the-job experience and training and can help you enhance your skills in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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