There are plenty of information about awards and scholarships in technical fields. Lots of companies are very interested in getting skilled engineers, outstanding scientists and brilliant researchers into their headquarters. In the eyes of the society the literature scholarship awards may look dim on this background. Literature doesn’t make any practical stuff so why will someone fund it if not of sheer generosity?

It is not so. There are lots of awards dedicated solely to the literature. Indeed they are founded mostly by individuals, not corporations – famous writers, journalists and families of the deceased authors are willing to help the young aspiring writers to achieve the same success.

It isn’t easy to choose the award that is the most suitable for your work. But some questions to ask yourself may help you with the choice. Do you want to get a sum of money to live while you are finishing your masterpiece or do you prefer your university to be paid for up to your graduation? Do you want to study literature or write it? Would you prefer a higher chance or a higher amount of money? Are you a student of high school or have a degree? Are you willing to relocate to study somewhere else?

Here are some of the greatest available scholarship awards for you to compare and make your choice. Please pay attention to the application deadlines. It’s better to have more time for preparation and polishing your work than to hurry and show not the best quality you are capable of.

Nick Ivins Memorial Literature Scholarship

This award is established by the family of Nick Ivins (English Literature Bachelor) in his memory and to support young people who like the English Literature as much as he did. The amount of award is approximately USD1000. Moreover, the people who got the award once are excluded from the every next award list. But still, the requirements are moderate, so it’s easy to try. To apply one need to be a full-time student of English Literature already, have good grades and be an Arizona resident. The applicant should write a short essay of maximum 400 words, explaining his love of literature.

Merv Aubespin Scholarship

Founded in memory and honor of Merv Aubespin, the famous American journalist and the former president of the National Association of Black Journalists. The sum of money awarded is fixed and is USD2500 annually. Applicants should be already enrolled in the universities, be devoted to their future writing career, provide CV and recommendations and write three sample news using the predefined topics. This scholarship award is connected to another one – Bill Walsh Scholarship, with the same fund of USD2500. Anyone can apply to both but win only one.

Maria Helena Kopschitz Scholarship at UCD in Ireland

Quite a tricky one to win due to unusual requirements, but the prize – full tuition fee for the annual course plus accommodation (up to 14000 Euros) – is worth it. The award is accessible for the Brazilian students who are willing to study in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, University College Dublin. The applicants should send their CVs, recommendations from two other persons, the proofs that their English level is enough to meet the standards of the university (certificates for non-native speakers etc) and the sample of any English academic writing done by them (up to 3000 words). Also, as they apply to the Master’s degree, they should already have Bachelor diploma with honors.

Masters Scholarship Awards

The most interesting of all, founded by The School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics in the UK. The winner will study his Master program for free, will receive additional costs for accommodation and other expenses and – what is most important – he is allowed to choose between English Literature, Creative Writing, Writing Poetry, Linguistic or Films. So, both research lovers and devoted writers can find something suitable for them. To apply one have to already have a Bachelor diploma with high grades (or compensate the difference in grades with practical experience) and present a clear plan of their study and purposes of it, up to the idea of their PhD diploma. This scholarship award demands a no-nonsense approach but it is definitely worth it.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

The only one in the list available for the high school pupils. The ones who want to apply should be in 7 to 12 grade in the school either in the USA or in Canada. The range of application works is incredibly big: from dramatic script to poetry to sci-fi novels. Actually everything that is literature will do. 16 students will be awarded $10 000 each and some of the chosen works will be additionally awarded USD1000 each. Also the students will be allowed to attend summer camps and test their literature skills under the guidance of the best tutors from all around the country.

I chose only five of the countless scholarship awards available this year. Just keep in mind that if none of them is suitable for you, there are dozens of other scholarships you can participate in. I just give some ideas to try and also encourage you to learn more about Literature scholarships. Literature is definitely not of any less importance than Science or Math or Engineering. Even though it isn’t valued as much in our practical modern society, literature is the thing that makes us grow spiritually and brings us mindfulness. We are sure that it is one of the most important things humanity invented. And you, as a future writer, completely deserve to be awarded for your devotion to humanity growth.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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