20 Best Free Blogging Themes for New Bloggers

Blogging has entered a new generation and is evolving crazily on the head of modern day bloggers. It has grown to a whole new definition in recent years. Bloggers are no longer just typing texts. They are also playing great with graphics, keywords, gaining reader-base and building Search Engine impression. New design trends and SEO changes have completely changed of what blogging was once known for.

Note: This article is being rewritten from scratch.

From experienced campaigners to the new-comers: everyone is required to grow professionalism around their content.  This professionalism costs not just big money but more than that: enough time & risk. As a blogger, you are forced by search engines to have a layout which meets latest SEO guidelines and that is free of any code faults. Webpage loading speed is another thing that comes as an important consideration despite of how creative you were in your blog design. As more than a half of the internet users love to browse webpages through mobile & tablets, your blog also needs to be optimized for those devices. Combining all, you need a properly coded theme that is SEO friendly, clean, fast and highly responsive.

Theme frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, and GeneratePress etc. are the initial-paid choices for pro-bloggers. But they are costly, and not everybody can easily afford those. On the other hand, WordPress.org theme repository does not have a lot some quality themes that can outmatch any premium theme. In this list, we have collected 20 WordPress blogging themes that are feature-packed, (yet) speedy and what's more: free. 

Free Blogging Themes: Key Features

All listed themes are:

Clean & lightweight.

High-quality blogs are focused on reading and ad conversion, so they look streamlined with a whiter interface and simple navigation. They are as fast-loading as possible.

SEO ready & made with clean code.

Organic traffic comes in no easy way. Search engine optimization has always be important for huge reader base. Whilst most bloggers rely on Yoast SEO like SEO plugins for their SEO needs, it’s your blog theme’s responsibility to be ready for these plugins.

Adsense/Revenue friendly.

No questions asked your blog’s theme must be conversion ready so that your content be able to yield as much money as possible. There are some layout/design policies that specific ad serving agencies, like Google Adsense, require to be followed. So, your blog theme must be designed according to these policies.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive

You can’t ignore the half of internet who is relying on mobiles. Mobile viewers are increasing day by day and so are changing the design regulations. With Google’s new mobile search algorithm update, no-one wants to be messed up with a fixed width website template. In this line, a highly responsive and mobile-ready theme is becoming a must for all websites.

The list of 20 premium quality free blogging themes

This is a list of 20 of the best & free WordPress themes for pro-bloggers. All are clean, lightweight, SEO ready, Adsense optimized and mobile ready.



Tiny Forge








Twenty Twelve





























As a scholar, you’ll someday be needed to write an academic paper like a research article, thesis or dissertation writing project once at least.

A great academic paper involves the finest of a scholar’s writing talent. A dissertation or thesis is a lot different than writing notes and this difference is what makes a student a scholar. Paper writing is the most important part of academic writing and has been always a tough nut to crack.

Starting from a single plan, collecting information & data and then merging them together into a document – dissertation is all about doing perfectly by time and any mistake can bring the whole project down. Every scholar wants his academic paper to be a perfection: a symbol of excellence so that she gets her degree with perfection too.

But is it this easy to reach this perfection level?

Offcourse, by following some well-appreciated rules one can write an impactful yet beautiful dissertation to support their research. In this article, we are going to discuss how better academic writing can be done by not wasting a lot of “energy, potential, and time”?

Plan better

crop woman writing down notes in diary dissertation writing
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

The start of a dissertation involves planning. The topic you are going to write about must be well planned and this plan should be well executable. The planning itself involves three essential steps.

  • Choosing a perfect topic
  • Designing a great title
  • Deciding the length of the dissertation.

1. Choosing the perfect topic

While most of the topics are decided by residing institutes & mentors, the scholar should try to pick a topic that is:

  • appropriate & influential
  • trendy
  • scholar’s favorite topic.

Scholar must choose the topic only if enough information is available about it and some former work had been done on the same topic. Else, it will become very tough to get added information and your project will be a boring & long-lasting project in the end.

2. Designing a great title

Great titles always catch great reading attention and also imposes great influence to the readers. If you got your dissertation title right, assume you are done half to your project.

Choose it wisely because a well-executed title executes a great writing work.

3. Deciding the length

Tiny dissertations are not appreciated nor are very long ones. The scholar must decide how long will her project should be, before she starts writing. Even though, the length of the dissertation may be edited later in the revision process – it is important not to write a lot more than the limit of words you set for your dissertation. This may cause trouble in revision.

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Execute better

source: unsplash.com
source: unsplash.com

Now that you have a great plan set for your work, it is the time to execute the best of it. The execution process starts by writing the planned paragraphs one by one. Make sure that your paragraphs are neither too long nor too short. Also, the sentences must be of the relevant length and of readable complexity. Images, lists, and graphs must be used at the places they are required with explained captions if needed.

Academic writing is a whole new level of writing, so if you plan the same way you speak and write other kinds of stuff, you’re going to lose a big.  Here you will always have to be formal, precise and must make sure that there is no added junk.

A dissertation must be proofread more than once and made completely error-free. Try avoiding repetition of words and graphics. Use formal synonyms instead of informal words. Add suitable references and bibliography in the footers or in the end.

A dissertation can be typed into any word processor, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs etc., and there you can use spellcheckers to make the content look spotless. There are also some paper writing services available online.

Revise better

Revision is the last step of dissertation writing. In this process, scholar eliminates all the possibilities of any mistakes that can be made. It is better to ask the mentor for a revision. If that is not possible, you can again hire editors or senior scholars who are professionally excelled in your writing area.

Make it look better

After all that you have written, you dissertation will be of less meaning if that doesn’t look better. You should be concerned about.

Which font and what font size is being used?

For academic writing, a simple and highly readable font must be used. We suggest the use of Arial or Helvetica like sans-serif fonts for headings & titles and at least 12pt Times New Roman, Charter or Georgia like serif fonts for paragraphs.  For captions and codes, monospace fonts would look the best.

Whether your dissertation is one column or two-column?

If you are going to print your thesis/paper on an A4 or larger page format, you must try two-column paragraphs with the introduction, the abstracts and other noticeable content being single-columned. A sample of such an explanation is visible in this image:

example of a dissertation in a4

Whether to use footnotes and page numbers or not?

It’s optional to use footnotes, but page numbers must be included somewhere in the page. This helps readers and fellow researchers cite your work accurately.

Best Exam Stress Relieving Tips for Students

Exam stress is real.

When you’re in a University, even that annoying pop-up quiz that the professor gave once when you were absent could do well to drop your grade by a few points (thanks to hard luck).

books, woman, girl, exam stress

Welcome to the world of zero excuses, zero absences, and no second chances. That’s life. That’s the University!

Thinking about a student’s situation like this, I can well imagine the amount of exam stress and pressure before a university-level exam. The last thing you want to do is fail or drop a course and waste a full-fledged six months or a year of study as well as the parent’s hard-earned money.

To ensure these do not happen while your exam is up & going, you must be well-focused & stress-free. Stress chews not just your grades but your physical & mental health too.

We all know stress can have a severe impact on us such as causing hair loss. In case you are struggling with it, Hair Guard approves the use of microneedling to help your hair grow back.

To avoid such loss during an exam, you should try my 6 tips on how to relieve exam stress:

1. Prepare to automatically relieve exam stress

The best way to naturally reduce the amount of stress experienced before an exam is simply by preparing for it. The formula is simple:

  • You prepare well for an exam and you know you’re ready for it, and you worry less.
  • You procrastinate, don’t prepare well, and do “last minute preps” you know you’re in trouble and have to experience a lot of stress.

Generally, the students who know they have studied both hard and smart seem to be the most relaxed as compared to their peers. The contrary could be said for students who haven’t prepared well at all.

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2. Discuss it with someone

Your fellow students could also improve your stress levels when they share information they know and ask for your own interpretations of the lesson.

A peer and your own mutual feelings of stress could also reduce your anxiety by giving you the “I’m not the only one” feeling.

If you think that talking to a peer might do the opposite, then you can speak to a friend or a family member who doesn't know anything about the exam. They could relieve your stress by offering encouraging words and telling you not to worry too much.

3. Sleep well

relieve stress

One of the biggest mistakes students make is cramming for their exam in the last few hours and cutting back on sleep. This leads to added stress levels because of the “fuzzy-head” effect you get from lack of sleep.

It’s best to study for your exam a day or two before (or more) in advance and make sure you have had adequate sleep before the exam day. Adequate sleep ensures proper brain functioning (which is obviously very important while taking an exam).

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4. Avoid Stimulants

Trying to use stimulants before or on the exam day is a big mistake. Stimulants can contribute to increased stressed levels and anxiety by causing over-stimulation. They are best avoided right before an exam or the exam day (this includes alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine).

Also, junk food and sugary sweets should be avoided to keep energy, blood, and sugar levels steady.

5. Drink (a lot of) Water

Staying hydrated has many wonders. Above all other drinks such as soda, juice, or tea, water is the best. As mentioned earlier, soda, juice, and tea can disrupt energy levels and tea or coffee can cause over-stimulation

It is best to stick will plenty of water before and during the exam.

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6. Be positive

This one should be a no-brainer. Yet, many students, although well-prepared, may experience stress simply because of negative thinking. Fear of failure can also be the cause of failure at times.

It is best to have positive thoughts, feelings, and behavior before the exam to stay motivated. Stress can block proper brain function which can lead to decreased thinking and processing ability during the exam. So, even if you know something, you will forget because the stress is clogging up your brain.

Also, practice breathing techniques, stress management activities or guided imagery before an exam to allow yourself to sink into a perfectly peaceful state before you sit for the exam.

YouTube Video search : Tips and Tricks

When it comes to online video viewing, nothing beats YouTubeIt has world’s largest video collection of all genres possible. Without a doubt, YouTube is so essential to video lovers, as Google is to search and Wikipedia is to research. Started in 2005 by three ex-PayPal employees, YouTube was bought by Google for a whopping $1.65 billion and still runs under Google‘s subsidiary.

Do you know?

YouTube inherits its trademark’s letter styling from PayPal.

According to official YouTube data, it has more than 1 billion users & nearly 13 days of videos are being uploaded every minute. It’s said that an image is more powerful than thousands of texts, so is a video more powerful than hundreds of images. Everything, you upload or watch on YouTube, becomes significantly important to not just you but the complete society around you. That’s why YouTube is seen as world’s more impactful social media. But despite of these impactful impressions, most YouTube users are unaware of its full potential. Here I have listed some handy YouTube tips & tricks which you should consider next time you search a YouTube video.

Filter YouTube videos

You can easily filter your YouTube search according to time, quality, duration & other features. This helps you find an appropriate video in the plethora of videos/playlists. For example searching wordpress will give you around 2.7 million results. You can, however, filter those search results according to your need. This is how a typical video filter looks like:

wordpress youtube

Restrict your results with search-tags

YouTube tries to find your search term from different video metadata, like Title, Tag, Channels & Video Description. If you want to strict your search term to be matched only in titles, you can use "allintitle:" tag in search box. For example, if you are trying to find a video about wordpress, you can easily search with the appropriate term like allintitle: wordpress. But if you want to combine other words with it, you should apply containing single quotes ' '. That is, to search a video having  both WordPress & Tutorial in title, you should type allintitle: 'wordpress tutorial' in search. It will lead your search to videos having only the terms in title.

Again if you want to ‘not-include’ something in search title, you can prefix a dash to that. For example, If you want to search for a WordPress related video but don't want to include tutorials in the titles of videos, you can type allintitle: 'wordpress -tutorial'. in search box & hit enter. Similarly, if you were looking for an age of ultron trailer but wanted to exclude teaser trailers from your search, just type allintitle: 'age of ultron trailer -teaser'. This will return all videos with Age of Ultron trailer in the title but will definitely skip video results having teaser in the title.

If you are looking for a video channel, you should suffix channel next to search term separated by a comma. For example, typing WordPress, channel will show all channel results to WordPress search term. Similarly you can try video, today, this week, this month, this year, movie, show, playlist, short, long, 4k, HD etc., like words that appear in YouTube filters.

The Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

In this article, we will discuss how free web hosting services may hurt you, despite all the free things those offer.

If there’s one thing we’re probably all agreed on, it’s that when it comes to buying and goods and services, value for money is the top priority.

From web hosting to wardrobes, digital downloads to doors and windows, when we set out to make a purchase, most of us look beyond the mere price as it's stated on a website or a shelf in a bricks-and-mortar store.

Rather, we look at what we’re actually getting for that money. We question whether we’ll really be getting what we pay for, and whether or not that’s actually a good thing. We look at the materials involved, the functionality, the warranty, and countless other features besides before finally making our minds up about whether or not to go ahead and buy.

Yet whilst we have no problem doing that when it comes to most things when it comes to getting the best web host for our new website, many of us still scour the net trying to find ourselves a freebie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wouldn’t life be so much easier for all of us if we get more of the things we want and need for free? Sure it would, but is it really worth it if said freebie doesn’t exactly deliver?

It’s a question worth asking, particularly of free website hosting, where the appeal of getting something for nothing can often distract from the fact that what we’re actually getting is something far from fit for purpose.

Low storage and bandwidth

If you’ve ever owned a website in the past, you probably don’t need us to tell you that even the most primitive of paid-for plans come with more storage space than you could possibly need, especially with more and more top companies getting on the act of offering unlimited resources.

Take out a free hosting plan, however, and you’ll be restricted by just how much space you can use to house those all-important files that make up your site. If you only have one or two pages and a couple of images, this may not be an issue, but if you were planning to host lots of files - even relatively small ones - you may soon find you’ve used up your storage space in no time.

Bandwidth allocations are even more important here. If potential visitors are going to be able to access your website 24/7/365, then you need to be prepared with enough data transfer limits to get your website loading quickly and effectively on their browsers.

Again, expectations count for something here. If you’re only expecting to see a handful of visitors drop by on a monthly basis, the small data transfer limits imposed by most free hosts may not be an issue, but if your site begins to grow, you’re going to encounter issues should you use up all that bandwidth, even to the point that your site may be offline for long periods.

Slow file transfers

Though the practice isn’t quite as common as it used to be, a lot of free web hosting firms are still reluctant to offer File Transfer Protocol services to their website owners, instead of leaving them with no alternative but to use a cumbersome, in-house file-uploader in order to move files to their server one-by-one.

Do this a couple of times, and you may not be too bad, but start looking at uploading even a seven-page website with two pictures on each page, and you’ll soon find you grow weary of uploading all twenty-one items in a single file.

On-page advertising

We’re not saying you can’t create a professional image for your business with free web hosting, only that it’s a lot trickier to do when your hosting provider starts slapping their unsightly ads onto every page.

If you’re only running a small little hobby website, you may not care about Hosting Company X promoting their services on your site, but if you’re running a business or have some other need to create a good first impression, having that design you spent ages on now cluttered with ugly ads is the last thing you’ll need.

How to fix your damaged pendrives & memory cards?

Storage devices are certainly the most functional hardware tools. Every time you modify files on a pen drive or memory card, you’re figuratively forcing it to its demise. A storage device has a limit of total actions done on it. A MicroSD card can have around one to tens of thousands of delete actions.

So, every time you delete a file, you are playing your storage device’s substructure. Your device will get weak & less secure over time.

Throughout this, the insecure file transfers may place adware or virus junks in your storage that are not removed even after completely formatting the disk. Once entered, these junks corrupt stored files and, ultimately, the disk.

Need to Format Disks

Formatting the disk is the option you will surely try to remove those insecure items. But this junk exploitation is not an easy thing to recover from. Formatting disk makes no real impact on virus-infected drives.

After formatting, unwanted files may disappear from sight, but they won’t be completely removed. After a day or more of usage, you will see them popping back. They come from the deeply hidden sectors of your disk.

Not just the virus & adware, but sometimes the device itself loses its structure after a certain amount of time. The structure loss will result in an unusable disk. This mainly happens after the disk crosses a certain ( its warranty ) period.

Whatever be the reason, if your storage device is facing trouble even after being formatted or isn’t even able to format. You can either try buying fancy and appealing pen drives or just wipe & fix the older one to start afresh. For the latter, you can use the method described below.

Make sure you have your pen drive or SD card or any other removable disk plugged in Windows PC during this process. 

Now, ask?

My removable disk isn’t working!

  • Click here to download Diskwipe for Windows (free). Diskwipe is just 1 MB in size and works as a portable software. That means you do not need to install it on your PC.
  • Once downloaded, run it as an administrator.
  • Diskwipe will scan for all the hard drives including the drive you inserted. Select the removable drive you want to fix. Diskwipe shows all drive-related information.
wipe disk
  • Use the wipe disk menu to wipe out all the data from the disk. This will make your unusable disk re-usable. If it has hidden files or viruses covering a portion of the disk, make sure to go through the next step.

My removable disk has some hidden files/viruses!

  • Now open the command prompt (cmd) as administrator.
  • Type the drive letter of the removable disk. For example, D:
  • Then type attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.*  
  • Note that the last D is the letter of the removable disk. This may change from user to user.
command prompt
  • Now exit the command prompt.
  • Open your removable disk. You will now find all the hidden files that were causing trouble. Use any antivirus/security app to scan and completely delete them.

This was all from me. I hope that you will be able to fix your damaged/infected disk and get a smoothly running Pendrive with no troubles at all.

Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

Hospitality is a very noble word. It’s been the substance of human civilization for thousands of years. Who knew this eternal human property would someday arise as a great timeless career? It hasn’t just become a good career option but is also the guide of living well.

Hotels and Catering are now one of the largest industries employing millions of people. Hotel management courses are the upfront way to get into this sector.

Hotel Management is considered a career option with the highest possible hiring chances. After graduating these, you will be able to join viable hotels & restaurants at striking salary packages. There are more than 600 hotel management colleges in India.

If you have just passed your 10+2 from a recognized board, you can apply for B. Sc. /BHM courses in different hotel management institutes. Candidates are mainly selected for these courses through entrance exams. The Institute of Hotel Management, the IHMs, are the first admission choice for anyone choosing this career.

If you can't get into IHM or don't want to, you can easily opt for other institutions. “Institute of Hotel Management” (IHM) colleges offer their degrees via Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

Private & other recognized colleges have different university affiliations. Basic course fees for HM courses may vary from 0.1 million to 0.8 million rupees and the course duration may differ from three to four years. At one end is where IHM Kolkata offers Hotel Management at 0.22 million rupees for three years B. Sc., Christ University takes 0.4 million for 4 years of BHM courses.

Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi


IHM, New Delhi is undoubtedly India's top hotel management institute in terms of both quality of education and placement opportunities. This institute offers B. Sc. (3 years) and M. Sc. (2 years) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.

WEBSITE: www.ihmpusa.net

Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata

ihmkolkata One of the best hotel management colleges in India

IHM, Kolkata is one of India's top hospitality colleges. It offers 3-years' B. Sc. degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.

WEBSITE: www.ihmkolkata.org

Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore


Located at fastest growing market in India, IHM Bangalore will be the most beneficial institute to choose. It has the lowest course fees in the country. IHM Bangalore has B. Sc. & M. Sc. courses in Hotel Management and it does also offer a three years diploma in Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition.

WEBSITE: www.ihmbangalore.kar.nic.in

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai

ihm chennai

IHM Chennai offers B. Sc. (3 years) & M. Sc. (2 years) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. It goes at fourth place in our list.

WEBSITE: www.ihmchennai.org

Institute of Hotel Management, Goa


Goa outmatches any tourist place in the hospitality and catering opportunities. IHM Goa is an IHM at possibly the most suitable location. It offers B. Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.

WEBSITE: www.ihmgoa.nic.in

In this list of top five hotel management colleges in India, you'll find no other institute than IHMs. Started together in 1960s, these institutes are symbols of excellence in hospitality and catering. If you are looking for more options than this list, please see our ranking of the best colleges.

10 Best Mass Communication Colleges in India

Are you looking for the best mass communication colleges in India? If you are, look no further as I bring the list of the 10 best colleges you should aim for.

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (Under Graduate), Pune

symbiosis media institute
Address: Survey No. 231, SVC Campus, New Airport Road, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

One of India's most critically acclaimed mass communication colleges, SIMCUG Pune is a part of Symbiosis society and is affiliated with Symbiosis International University, Pune.

Starting in 2008, this college has risen as a symbol of excellence in Indian media education. Symbiosis Institute offers three years long courses in Bachelor of Media Studies.

SIMCUG Pune has a welcoming and competitive learning environment for students. It provides seminars, fieldwork, case studies, and regular academic activities to help them learn more.

In addition, it has a technologically focused research culture and offers comprehensive academic placement programs that help students obtain excellent job placements. The critical faculty members at SIMCUG Pune have extensive industrial, educational, and research experience, and its visiting and guest lecturers work in the media industry.

Christ University, Bangalore


Christ University offers three years of degree-level courses in Journalism under their Arts faculty. It is one of the best in the country in most of the courses and being one of the best mass communication colleges is just another perk of its reputation.

The Department of Media Studies at Christ University boasts a rich legacy spread over three decades and has emerged as one of the trustworthy leaders in the domain of media education. It combines communication and journalism to create a professional and effective approach to communication studies. It provides several opportunities to help students deepen their disciplinary knowledge, hone academic and professional skills, and nurture an attitude of professional and societal service.

Address: Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

Madras Christian College, Chennai


MCC Chennai has several Mass Media and Communications courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Visual Communication, Journalism and Electronic media.

In 2005, the college introduced a programme in journalism that provides specialization in the field of print (newspaper and magazine) and broadcast (television and radio) media, photography and videography (documentary filmmaking), web designing, research, development communication, public relations, and advertising and film journalism. To meet the industry requirements, it is revised at regular intervals with subject experts and journalists from various organizations, creating more employment opportunities for the students.

Address: East Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600059

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai


St. Xavier’s college offers three years B. M. M. (Bachelor of Mass Media) courses for media students.

The course is a full-time, postgraduate diploma programme that provides instruction in the role and function of journalism and mass communication. It effectively combines the creation and dissemination of knowledge to impart the requisite skills and context with practical projects, including in-class assignments. After completing the course, students will have diverse skills and the ability to perform tasks in journalism, mass communication and social interactions.

Address: New Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Institute of Mass Communication and Media Technology, Kurukshetra University

kurukshetra university
Address: Kurukshetra, Haryana – 136119

The Institute of Mass Communication and Media Technology (IMCMT) offers several media courses at Kurukshetra University. Interested students can opt for B. A./M. A./ M. Sc. in Mass Communication, B. Sc. in Multimedia & Graphics and M. Sc. in Electronic Media.

Some of the institute’s courses are remarkably innovative and unique. For example, its courses in animation, graphics and gaming are the only graduate courses available in north India. As of now, it offers ten media courses with an intake of 265 students every year. With over 570 students, more than 30 members, and state-of-art equipment and infrastructure, the IMC&MT is arguably the largest media institute in the country.

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi

Founded in 1965, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication aims to set global standards for media education, research, extension and training using state-of-the-art technology. The IIMC Society is an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act 1867 and is responsible for running the Institute. The Government of India funds it through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India. The institute considers mass communication as an imperative for development and offers carefully tailored training programs meet the specific needs of our country.

Over the past decade, it has expanded its academic activities and started various specialized courses to meet the manpower requirements of the rapidly expanding media and communication industry. The syllabi are reviewed every year to make changes and suitable modifications to make them relevant to the needs of the industry.

AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia

The AJK Mass Communication Research Centre is a premier Indian media institution, founded in 1982 by Anwar Jamal Kidwai (former VC of Jamia Millia Islamia and later, Chairman of the Centre). It offers graduate and post-graduate courses in the art, craft and technology of modern media. The institute has gained a reputation of providing the highest standard of media education and training.

It strives to offer comprehensive and cooperative media education that enables students to advance their individual expertise and talents within a healthy and collaborative working environment. To provide global exposure and expertise to students, the institute has also produced collaborative ties with the University of York, Toronto (Canada), the University of Westminster, London (UK) and Sciences Po, Paris (France).

Department of Media and Communication Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University

The Department of Media and Communication Studies (DMCS) at Savitribai Phule Pune University was established in July 1990. It offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. Media and Communication Studies and M.Sc. Media and Communication Studies as a part of the science faculty. Over the years, the course has also incorporated emerging areas in the fields of mass communication, interpersonal and organizational communication.

The most important and unique aspect of these courses is the way they bring together research, teaching and production. The DMCS has a plethora of facilities, equipment and instruments to train its students for the industry. These include a fully equipped computer lab, digital broadcast cameras, classrooms powered by the latest teaching apparatuses, an independent library, and an industry NLE Console.

Manipal Institute of Communication, MAHE

The MA in Media and Communications (MAMC) offered at Manipal Institute of Communication, MAHE, is a two-year postgraduate degree program that exposes students to aesthetic, critical, theoretical, and technological processes involved in different stages of media production. Its goals are:

  • To help students interested in entering the media industry with mastering the skills needed to become an expert media professional and communication executive
  • To aid students keen on research and doctoral studies in strengthening their conceptual underpinnings in media and communication studies research

By the end of this course, students will become competent communication professionals with specialized knowledge in the areas of print journalism, corporate communications management, TV and radio production, media research, and digital news and entertainment content production.

Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM), Kottayam

Founded in 2002 by K.M. Mathew, the MASCOM aims to inculcate in students an understanding of the crucial role of journalists in Indian society and help them develop a deep appreciation for the significance of meticulous research and careful analysis. It strives to give them hands-on experience in the functioning of large and small media organisations.

As of now, MASCOM offers postgraduate diploma courses across two streams – Print and Digital Journalism and Broadcast and Digital Journalism. The institute has state-of-the-art facilities such as smart classrooms, a modern computer lab, and a well-stocked library. Some of the top recruiting companies that regularly visit the MASCOM campus for placements include DNA, Network18, Press Trust of India, The Hindustan Times, and Indian Express.

Mass Media or Mass communication is a tool for transferring information and ideas to the masses. Indian media is about two centuries old. Starting with print, it has ultimately evolved into many new dimensions. From newspaper journalism to TV anchoring, media were and will always be, very important to a democratic India. This is one reason enough to explain why BMM and MMC courses have seen an evolution in recent years.

In India, there are around 1500 recognized colleges and universities offering graduate courses in Mass Communication. Out of those 1500, these are the best mass communication colleges in India.

Be Smarter and Nicer by Reading Literature

There has recently been speculation that reading has no discernible benefit to the human mind. This challenges the conventional thinking that reading makes us smarter. However, evidence shows that reading does have a positive effect on our brains. Not only does it make us smarter it can also make us nicer people.

Fiction books make us more emphatic

Several studies performed over the years showed that those of us who read fiction have much better-developed abilities. Understanding and empathy are two of the key traits discovered. The research also acknowledged that some people are naturally more empathetic than others. Fiction is a genre that consists of stories; these stories are related to people, their relationships and their mental states. That being said, fiction books could make us more emphatic. A separate study that monitored children attempted to find a link about the genre and their perceptions. It was found that those who read fiction had keener perception skills, particularly when judging other people’s intentions.

Deep reading is fading away

Unfortunately, the art of deep reading is under threat. Deep reading is the immersion of someone into a good book or story, and blocking the rest of the world out while doing it. You become a part of the book and do your bit in the story. Many of us read pages on the Internet or scan the newspapers or magazines and maybe even read a leaflet.

Very few of us will still curl up with a good book. Deep reading teaches our brains not just to read but to interpret what we’ve just read. Like any good skill, it needs regular practice. Should this skill be lost it would be detrimental to our intellect and to our very understanding of many written works of art.

The art of deep reading

There are many scientists performing research in the field of cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience. It has been shown that deep reading is a far more complex type of reading to just decoding the words on a page. This can only be fully achieved by reading a physical book. There are no distractions when reading an actual book. No hyper-links to change your thought process or take you off in a different direction. With just the book, you are free to explore the world being created and to envision building on that world.

Immersion encourages the brain to build a mental picture of the story and allows the events to unfold as though it was part of real life. This is simply because the same part of the brain which handles deeper meaning in daily life is used to handle the rich language and images created by reading a book. A really good book will immerse us to the extent that we feel for the characters and need to deal with the same dilemmas they are facing. This is far more challenging for the brain than the daily scan of web news.

Reading literatures keeps the brain active and alert

Interesting research has suggested that reading is not a natural activity for the brain. Every one of us needs to learn to read. Like many things, our ability to read weakens if we do not practice regularly. The part of our brains which has been trained to read can, over time, revert back to its original use. Books have the great power of keeping the brain in alert. Bestselling books in particular, stir our curiosity and they have a special power of keeping us engaged for extended periods of time.

It is also concerning that many young people now read via electronic devices. I have personally used Amazon’s Kindle to read books and magazines. These electronic books (e-books) are relatively cheaper than physical books and can be deeply formatted according to reader’s needs. Also, those can be delivered to your library instantly.  However, there has been a study into the enjoyment of reading. The results showed that children reading via electronic media are three times less likely to enjoy the experience than those who read physical books. Additionally, the research discovered that children who only read electronically were much less likely to become above average readers than those who read physical books. Digital reading is simply less satisfying and most of us can’t relate to an electronic device. It would appear the physical book needs to make a comeback, but can actual books compete with fancy tablets and e-readers? There are several options to get cheap physical books. For example, I use Amazon.IN as my primary bookstore.  Every time I buy a book ( or even an e-book ) I look for coupons & offers. After applying those, one can get significant discounts on books. Sometimes, book prices are almost halved making even cheaper than their e-book counterparts.

How to Start Internet Marketing with a single website?

Who doesn’t want to earn money? Who won’t especially if the money comes sitting next to your laptop or computer? Online Money making is a sweet addiction that gets hold of every e-user sooner or later. This money-making process is somewhat very challenging in the beginning but once you start to figure out the what-to and what-not-to’s, things get easier. For pro-marketers, it becomes a child’s play. Just type and engage with the valued stuff and see the money flowing into your pockets. In this article, I’ll be guiding you on the basics of Internet marketing.

What is Internet marketing?

The word INTERNET MARKETING simply suggests that it is all about marketing stuffs on internet. The specific meaning of the term is no different from the former. However, some specialists think that e-commerce & some other online services, despite being done on internet, don’t come under internet marketing. In e-commerce you sell physical & virtual goods for money while some online services like web development & design, are hard-earned money for your time and work.

An average person can understand the term Internet marketing by the process of earning money by selling content & links to readers and clients. Following deeds are the most popular Internet marketing things:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated Marketing includes consumer repulsion to external sites (mainly shopping sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Themeforest, Creative Market etc) using several conversion techniques.

Email Marketing

In email marketing, readers are converted into customers using mail lists.

Sponsored Posting

Promoting services and products (but not selling them) using targeted blog posts.

Selling Backlinks

Selling periodic external backlinks from authoritative sites.

Advertising / Pay per Click Programs

Showing text and banner ads using your own or Adsense/infolinks/chitika like ad-serving agencies.

Visitors Referring

Sending visitors to external sites using links from various parts of your site.

Forum Posting

Getting paid for posting to popular forums for someone else.


  • Selling Facebook Likes
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Offering Paid Support
  • E-Seminars

Internet Marketing is being tougher by time. Everyone, who has a blog, a webpage or even a Facebook page is into marketing online. They are making the internet an extremely competitive place day by day. In order to be a successful marketer, you must choose a market you are the best at. Any wrong selection may make you lose your investment and you will have to start from scratch every time.

How to choose a good market?

One of the hardest things you’ll ever do is the choice of a favorable market. You should ask many questions about the market you are going to join. For example:

  • Have I enough time for this?
  • Is it of low competition?
  • Has it many searches?
  • Do I know a lot about it, and, love it?
  • Will I be every bore about this market? How long will my passion continue?
  • Is this market ever going to lose in future?

After you know the answers and are satisfied with your selection, you can start Internet marketing. You choice can be very broad or very specific. For example, if you love shopping clothes at Myntra.com and have some affiliated Myntra coupons, you can start a coupon sharing portal to share Myntra Promo codes. This will profit both you and your readers. You will earn handy affiliated money and your readers will save money on their purchases thanks to you.  But before you really start to do so, you must look on your website or blog on which you’re planning to build your money-empire. You need to prepare your site for better exposure and trust.

How to ready your blog/website for Internet marketing?

There are some rules you must follow to build a perfectly affiliated website.

  1. Get a domain name reflecting your market & marketing skills.
  2. Customize your site for better and conversion ready look.
  3. Do proper keyword research.
  4. Learn SEO. Do SEO.
  5. Win Google’s trust.
  6. Track Google algorithm changes.
  7. Write regularly.
  8. Allow track-backs & comments.
  9. Link to similar websites.
  10. Exchange links with authority websites.
  11. Track readers.
  12. Allow RSS & Email subscriptions.


Internet marketing is only as hard as you make it to be.

With unlimited possibilities, Internet marketing turns easier once you become familiar with it. If you are willing to be an Internet marketer, start as soon as possible. Because the Internet (especially Google) changes every night and the rules are not always the same. The faster you learn the best marketing techniques and tools now, the easier it will be for you once they change and start to become more complicated.

Best Commerce Colleges in India

Recently commerce & economics courses have seen rapid growths in numbers of both the students and colleges. With more than a hundred types of courses and thousands of colleges, B. COM. and M. COM. may show promising careers. But you must be alert and aware about the commerce college and course you’re going to choose after your 10+2 (and graduation). In this post, we will be ranking the 10 best commerce colleges in India out of all those thousands this & that colleges.

Top 10 Commerce Colleges in India

1. Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

srcc is one the best Commerce Colleges in India

SRCC, Delhi is one of the best commerce colleges in India and is a commerce college of Delhi University offering commerce focused education. It was established in 1926 in North Campus of Delhi University. We rated it undoubtedly the best commerce college of India. Shri Ram College offers various Honors courses in commerce & related subjects. This should be your first choice of college if you’re willing to be a commerce graduate with a bright future. SRCC has given top talent to the country.

ADDRESS: North Campus, University of Delhi, Guru Teg Bahadur Marg, Maurice Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

WEBSITE: www.srcc.edu

2. Loyola College, Chennai

Loyola College - Rare Photos (3)

An autonomous college under the University of Madras, Loyola College has always been one of the leading institutions in India for Literature, Economics/Commerce and Science. Founded in 1925 by French Jesuit Rev. Fr. Francis Bertram SJ and others for a specific religion, this institute no longer convergent to just a community. This institute offers various courses for under-graduate and post-graduate students.

While Loyola College topped our ranking of best arts colleges, it stands number two for commerce education. This Madras University college has an ideal environment for all commerce students. With apex reputation,  we believe Loyola is an inevitable choice for a commerce graduate.

LOCATION: Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Near Nungambakkam Railway Station, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034

WEBSITE:  www.loyolacollege.edu

3. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai


With an excellent back-record, alumni and faculty, St. Xavier’s was easily chosen as the third best college in the country. Affiliated to the University of Mumbai, this college is producing fresh commerce talent for 140 years.

LOCATION: New Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

WEBSITE: www.xaviers.edu

4. Christ University, Bengaluru

Christ university deserves to be a top-10 college with its progressive stats and brilliant infrastructure. The newest institution in this list, Christ University has everything a talent student will ask for.

ADDRESS: Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

WEBSITE: www.christuniversity.in

5. Shri Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics – SNMCCE, Mumbai


Often abbreviated as NM college, Shri Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics is an elite institution for the commerce graduates. It is affiliated to Mumbai University and has been in several survey lists of top commerce colleges.

ADDRESS: Juhu Scheme, Ville Parle (West), Mumbai 400056

WEBSITE: www.nmcollege.in

6.  Hansraj College, New Delhi


Second constitute Delhi University college that makes into this list. Hansraj college was the very first college started after India’s independence to boost Indian education scenario. Hansraj College offers studies in Liberal Arts, Science and Commerce and is one of the top commerce colleges of DU and the country.

ADDRESS:  Mahatma Hansraj Marg, Malkaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110007$

WEBSITE: www.hansrajcollege.co.in

7. Symbiosis Society’s College of Arts & Commerce, Pune


Symbiosis is a Pune University college which is known for its international approach to education. With the slogan of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family), Symbiosis attracts talents from different countries and is well-known for its Liberal arts & commerce faculty.

ADDRESS: Senapati Bapat Road, Pune – 411004

WEBSITE: symbiosiscollege.edu.in

8. The Hindu College, New Delhi

hindu college

The Hindu College is an important college of Delhi University, offering honors courses in Commerce and all other subjects.

Location: University Enclave, North Campus, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

Website: www.hinducollege.org

9. St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore


With a legacy of 130 years, St. Joseph’s college is a stably performing academic which has given hundreds of global level talents to India. It offers undergraduate and postgraduates courses in commerce, humanity and science subjects.

ADDRESS: 6, Langford Road, Langford Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027

WEBSITE: www.sjc.ac.in

10. Madras Christian College

MCC Chennai is one of the oldest colleges in Asia. It is autonomously affiliated with University of Madras  and offers all types of courses in Arts, Commerce and Science.

ADDRESS:  East Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600059

WEBSITE: www.mcc.edu.in

11 Fiction books that you must read in your lifetime

Reading is one of the best ways of escaping reality and creating your own imaginary universe, at least for a couple of hours. Out of the numerous literary and non-literary genres available, the category that involves fiction is the most liberating. Why? Well, probably because it’s not real, at least not entirely. Fiction books are incredible because at the root of the main plot, there always has to be some sort of truth, and that’s even more fascinating. Here are the Fiction books that you must read in your lifetime.

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

This is one of the best and most famous works of Jane Austen which tells us about the marriage market and the maneuvers of polite society that prevailed in the 19th century in England. This novel is among the best ones in English Literature. The plot revolves around Elizabeth Bennet and haughty Mr. Darcy and the beauty of human characters and imperfections are captured in a candid manner. The book teaches us how to love and accept someone in spite of differences and because of who they are. This shows us how Elizabeth tames the handsome yet haughty Mr. Darcy and eventually falls in love with him.

The Kite Runner

by Khaled Hosseini

This amazing novel narrates the story of a complicated and unbelievable friendship between the son of a wealthy merchant Amir and the son of his father’s servant Hassan. The story is told against a backdrop of varying political aspects of Afghanistan from 1970 to 9/11. We experience the lives of ordinary people in Afghanistan about how they die, eat, love and pray and you can witness a well-knit story that includes family secrets, friendships, and forgiveness.

Little Women

by Louisa May Alcott

This novel is amazingly written with several memorable characters that take us into a comfortable American home of the 19th Century. There are different character traits shown in every character of the novel like shyness, mischievousness, vanity, and temper. The book narrates a coming of age story of four March sisters during the Civil War times in America. The way they go through all the harsh realities of death, poverty, illness, love, and dreams. You will learn more about the importance of family and a comfortable home with your loved ones.

To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

This is a very popular book that has been told from the point of view of a six-year-old. Scout Finch. The story revolves around a crisis in Scout’s hometown Alabama, where an African American man Thom Robinson is accused of raping a white woman. The novel explores social issues of class, race, ironic injustice of American Legal system and sexual politics in a humorous yet brutally honest way. Jean Louise Finch’s father is a lawyer who is defending a falsely accused black man accused of raping a white woman. Lee received a Pulitzer prize for this book.

Harry Potter Series

by J. K. Rowling

This is a captivating series of books that both children, as well as adults, love to read. The story begins with an orphan boy who is mistreated by his uncle, aunt, and cousin but leaves us spellbound as we are taken into the world of magic, wizards, and spells. You will also experience great friendships, the pain of loss and fierce battles. This series is not to be missed as movies do not have even half the essence of books.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

by Roald Dahl

This is a wonderful book that children and adults both enjoy reading. The book is about Willy Wonka, a chocolate factory owner, who gives children a tour of his weird and phantasmagorical chocolate factory. Charlie Bucket is a kid living in great poverty with his family and he gets a chance to visit this amazing factory. This work of fantasy is amazing to read as it leaves the readers mesmerized.

Stone Mattress: Nine Wicked Tales

by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood’s “Nine Tales” is a beautiful collection of short fictional stories that will leave readers speechless. Full of turbulent relationships and psychological insight, the book is beautifully tied together by the author’s dark humor. From mental disorders to revenge to vampires, the wide range of interesting topics makes “Nine Tales” a must-read book. Vibrant and terrifying, funny and eclectic, the stories featured in the book give characters an opportunity to put their courageous and revenge spirit to the ultimate test; the methods used are both trivial and exceptional.

Big Little Lies

by Liane Moriarty

If you haven’t had a chance to check out “Big Little Lies” in 2014, when it was released, you should do it right now. The novel is centered on the lifestyles of 3 mothers from a peaceful Australian suburb. They all have kids and in appearance, their lives are perfect. But what happens when one of the main characters is murdered? Between abusive husbands, cheating wives and school bullies, “Big Little Lies” tries to emphasize that sometimes the most innocent lies can have the greatest impact on people. Want to know who the killer is? Liane Moriarty’s book is fascinating, fun to read, and a bit disturbing, but in a good way.

Song of the Shank

by Jefferey Renard Allen

Jefferey Renard Allen’s “Song of the Shank” is a contemporary work of art about an unforgettable man living in a fictional America throughout the Civil War era. The beautiful novel is centered on the life of a 19th-century slave known by the name of Thomas Greene Wiggings, who was a piano prodigy but also an autistic, blind slave. Incredibly alluring, and painfully beautiful, “Song of the Shank” explores themes of art and genius, religion and class, race and more. Leaving aside the fictional aspect, the author is also focused on realistic elements throughout the book; the portrayal of the main character and his ability to influence the lives of other people is what makes the book so special and brilliant in historical fiction.

The Silkworm

by Robert Galbraith

If you’re a mystery novel enthusiast with a weakness for characters who are private detectives, then you’ll love “The Silkworm”. Written by J. K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, the book is centered on Cormoran Strike, main-character and private eye who is approached by a woman named Leonora Quine. Leonora wants to hire Strike to find her husband, a notorious writer who’s gone rogue. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to read the book. As you might have guessed, “The Silkworm” is packed with mysterious, puzzling situations, murders and intrigue, so you won’t be sorry for buying it.


by Paulo Coehlo

Paulo Coehlo is one of the world’s most influential international novelists. In “Adultery” the plot is centered on the life of a married woman who apparently has it all- a stable marriage, sweet kids, good job and a loving husband. Sadly, Linda is not happy at all. In fact, she’s tired of faking happiness and she feels that her life doesn’t have meaning anymore. One day, she comes across an ex-boyfriend, Jacob and falls in love with him. What will Linda do next? Will she leave her husband and kids, or will she make a huge mistake?