Are you a local business owner and planning to build your mobile app? Whether you are a start-up or an established company, everyone needs an online presence nowadays. Apps and websites are necessary for today’s marketing strategies and will surely give you more engagement to sell your products—even when you’re asleep. If you do not have expert app development skills, there are actually app builder apps now available on Android and iOS app stores that deliver elegant solutions to help you connect and engage in the mobile world. Now, you may be wondering how to make that leap from local to online business; here are tips and what to consider when building your new app.

Get an idea

In today’s world, there are problems just around every corner, and it’s up to you as a business to solve the problem. Successful entrepreneurs know that problem solving is a sure key to success. Think about the problems that you can resolve and make a list of those that make the most sense for your business to solve. Ultimately, find something that you will love to do.

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Find a potential market

Identify your market with the current audience and go outside of it. Look for people of a certain sex, a certain age, and socioeconomic status and find out their specific needs. Also, as you will be expanding your business, try to look toward a new customer group that you never considered before but may be interested in your new and upgraded products.

Do some keyword planning

When determining how to convey your idea, use the Google Keyword Planner tool to see the number of people searching for the products or services you’re planning to provide. This will help you with identifying terms, phrases, and potential customer searches. Use this tool to build a strong keyword for your mobile app that will cater to your desired market.

Think design and simplicity

Keep the app engaging. Ideally, it will be easy for novice users but still exciting for experienced users. The app should be able to do tasks quickly with as few steps as possible—just think about how to reduce the amount of work the user must do. Remember, user experience and graphics are also essential.

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Consider social integration

Social media integration has become a necessary tool for every mobile application. Use social media platforms to allow your users to like, share posts, and comment about the app.

Explore the app’s analytics

Track down user download, retention, and engagement analytics for your mobile app. Use this data to help with your marketing strategy. It helps you serve your customers better with targeted strategies by analyzing in-app user behavior and data.

Take a look at the app dashboard

Build an overview of your app where you can easily read a one page summary of the analytics and information at a glance. The advantages of an app dashboard are:

  • Customization – Dashboards can be optimized to meet user terms and expectations. Present only the most valuable and useful set of information which allows each user to see every level of detail that they need to meet goals and get the job done.
  • Details – Having an all-in-one dashboard does not mean compromising on more details. Selecting the object or desired variable will give you more in-depth information as required.
  • Intuitive data presentation – Graphic design allows users to have an easy and smooth navigation experience throughout the given information without the need for exhaustive and complicated training.

Make use of communication tools

A considerable benefit of mobile apps is enabling real-time communication and contact. Simplify the process by allowing app users to directly participate while on-the-go directly. Examples of these tools are:

  • Contact us pages
  • Subscription buttons
  • Inquiry form
  • Appointment generators
  • Targeted alerts

Run app tests

Ensure the app works correctly before the first customers use it to prevent unlikely issues. Use A/B tests and release two different versions of the app for two different groups. A/B testing allows you to gauge which version of the app will be the most preferred among users.

These tips and considerations will help you jump start your transformation from local to online business. Keep these tips in mind when building your new business app and may it help you to become a more successful entrepreneur.

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