Online communities are the groups of web savvy individuals who share communal interests. A community can be developed with just a single topic or by a bunch of philosophies. A better community binds its members through substantial debates. Mathematics is a very popular communal interest and there are hundreds of online communities formed in both Q&A and debate styles. Some mathematical communities are so immense that they serve two or three discussions every minute. If you are a math student, reader or research scholar then you must join in such places. Beyond sharpening math skills, these communities also help users to connect with other similar minded people. The following 8 communities are largest on the internet and are always worth joining:

1. Mathematics Stack Exchange


Stack Exchange is world’s largest Q&A network and the Mathematics community of this network is considered to be one of the most reliable resources for mathematics related information. Mathematics Stack Exchange is a website dedicated to all types of mathematical discussions. You can ask questions, provide answers and communicate with other users publicly.



Members: 300k+

Since: 2010

Ideal for: Any math major



2. Mathematics Google+ Community

google plus mathematics community

Like the fasted growing social network Google+, Mathematics Google+ community has gained an amazing crowd of over 128 thousands readers in just two years. It supports serious discussions, informative readings, blog articles and multimedia images about math & related sciences.


Members: 204k

Since: 2012

Ideal for: Any math major.


3. r/math

reddit math

r/math is probably the wisest sub-reddit of Here you can ask questions and discuss on mathematical internet links.



Members: 315k

Since: 2008

Ideal for: Any math major.


4. MathOverflow


‘The’ MathOverflow is similar to Math.StackExchange in theory, but it allows discussions about serious research topics only.

Members: 56k

Since: September 2009

Ideal for: Math graduates, research scholars



5. Math Help Forum

A forum dedicated to elementary & recreational mathematics topics.


Members: 50k

Since: 2005

Ideal for: High Schoolers, Laymen, Teens.

6. Number Theory LinkedIn Group

8 big online communities a math major should join 1

Open discussions about theories and new developments in number theory.

Members: 15K

Since: June 2012

Ideal for: Number Theory majors



7. Mathematicians LinkedIn Group8 big online communities a math major should join 2

The basic idea of this community is to bring all the logical brains together and ignite the thought process of learning and teaching Mathematics with all possible practicalities.


Members: 20k

Since: September 2008

Ideal for: All math majors.



8. PlanetMath

PlanetMath aims to help make mathematical knowledge more accessible. The content is created collaboratively: almost the same way Wikipedia works.

Members: 2k

Since: 2013 (current form)


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