5 Reasons Why Using HR Software is Important During and After COVID-19

Businesses are having to adapt to the new safety rules and regulations that COVID-19 has thrown at them. Most noticeably, record numbers of employees now working from home. Most of these businesses are witnessing a productive remote workforce, with staff proving their ability to work from home.

However, some departments find this transition more arduous than others, especially the human resources department. Multifunctional HR systems, such as Cezanne HR, are proving to be one of the most valuable tools for these employees during the pandemic.

For businesses that already had HR systems in place, many are beginning to realize its true potential and making use of even more functions than before. For those new to these systems, HR teams are breathing a sigh of relief as their daily tasks are being considerably eased with the aid of this software. Not just alleviating stress and anxiety during the working day but also helping to promote better mental health throughout the crisis.

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We explore some of the top benefits of using HR software systems during COVID-19 and how they are helping employees in all departments during this time. Don't forget to be COVID-ready with tests and vaccines.

Now let's skip to the 5 reasons why using HR software is important during COVID-19 and post-COVID times.


Communication is essential for running a successful business, and the effects can be incredibly detrimental when this begins to waiver.

Gone are the days of full-company meetings and the ease of relaying information with a quick passing chat.

It’s become clear to the majority that being present within the workplace leads to numerous essential conversations between colleagues; previously, these were not seen as imperative.

Video calling is the new norm for meetings, but poor connections, faulty software and time delays can often lead to missed information and a reluctance to continue conversations.

Emails are the basis of many workplace conversations nowadays, however, as inboxes become increasingly busier, messages are often being missed, overlooked or ignored.

HR systems provide a platform to relay messages to individuals or large groups of people. Trackers can be added to allow the sender to see who has opened these messages so those who have missed it can be quickly chased.

For crucial information, such as new regulations and compliance laws, features to ask colleagues to state and agree they have read and understood this information, meaning there is a digital paper trail should any issues arise in the future.

Absence Management

Absence management can be a tricky process at the best of times, let alone when staffs are working remotely.

Staff will typically alert a manager if they are unable to work that day due to illness. If it is Covid-related, a manager may request that an employee finds somewhere they can go for rapid testing near me in order to provide proof of absence, as they may find themselves unable to work for a few days, depending on how severe their symptoms are. However, relaying this absence to other colleagues can be missed while everyone is working from home. This can lead to missed work and delays if others are not aware.

HR software systems allow absent employees to manually declare they will not be able to answer emails or continue with projects, which can alert the entire workforce at a click of a button.

If teams are understaffed, HR and management may miss this when not presented with a visual of empty desks. HR systems can quickly provide an overview of bodies who are ‘in the office’ and gauge if any teams are understaffed, they can then provide assistance to ensure targets are still met and staff are not left overworked and stressed.

Staff can also request and have holidays approved on these systems, meaning the risk of clashing holidays is removed and managers can make approval decisions quickly.


HR teams are often inundated with requests from other colleagues, this can be anything from old payslips to updating contact details after a change of address.

These tasks often take up the precious time of the HR team, leading to more important work being delayed or missed.

HR systems can completely self-service, with employees having a secure, personal log in. This means there is no more chasing of the HR team for information or to update details, each employee can do this themselves in a matter of minutes.

Ease of Access

The cloud has proven as one of the most useful inventions of the 21st century and HR software utilizes this asset perfectly. This network is highly secure, so even sensitive confidential data can be stored here.

Employees from all teams can log in from any device, anywhere in the world. This means there is no delay waiting to transfer documents between computers.

There is also the benefit of having this information stored on an external server, so there is no risk of losing vital documentations due to lost, faulty or stolen laptops.


Now that every country is slowly beginning to reopen, onboarding is also beginning to continue. With such large numbers of applications for any advertised job role due to high rates of redundancy, it can be difficult to filter through, keep track and contact these applicants.

HR systems can take care of the entire process, from advertising a role on multiple platforms without having to manually input information each time, to contacting successful and unsuccessful candidates and even the initial days and weeks of a new starter.

Training can be tough when new starters may also be remote. HR systems can be a place to store new starter packs, training information and even colleague profiles so they can get to know their teammates and are aware of who to contact with certain queries. 

Those colleagues’ contact details can also be easily accessed, so there is no delay for a new starter having to search for email addresses and phone numbers.

Above, we have discussed just a few of the top benefits of implementing HR systems with a business. Many vendors are also HR experts, meaning free and impartial advice is just a quick phone call away.

Packages are available to suit all budgets and providers have created new ways to ensure smooth integration with current software and CRM systems.