How to Test a Tablet in a Retail Store before buying?

Do you have any idea how to test the tablets, like iPad in a retail store ? If not, then this article is only for you. Generally we use many things to test a device but the important things like display, performance, battery, camera must be tested to judge the quality of the tablets . After testing these things you can know that either you have to buy that product or not. So here is how to test the tablets in a retail store.

Test the Display

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If you’re out to shop for a tablet in a retail store , finding out the display quality of a tablet or is quite easy. The first test you do is check whether the tablet has an IPS panel or not.

IPS displays are currently the best displays around. To do this test, you need to hold the tablets in your hand and without moving your head, turn the tablet and check the display from all possible angles.

If you see any color shift at less than extreme angles, you can be sure that the tablet doesn’t have the IPS display .

Since tablet displays are meant to be touch responsive, you can check how well the touch responsiveness is by comparing displays of various tablets in the store.

Another point to keep in mind is that protective glass coatings such as Gorilla Glass make the display more durable. So try to buy a tablet which has such protective glass coating.


If you are buying a tablet from the higher end of the market with a metal construction, you’ll be okay. However, most tablets available in the market currently don’t offer a metal construction.

To gage the build quality of such devices, you can move your hand over the entire tablet. This will give you an idea of how the tablets feel from different angles.

You will also know if the manufacturing process has left any rough edges .Touching it is often enough to observe and distinguish between tacky and cheaper plastics and premium plastic used by the different tablet makers.

If the tablet has a removable back, ask the store manager for permission to take it off and do an inspection. You can then know if there are high quality or low quality materials used inside the tablet.

You’ll also know how strong or flimsy the back cover is. Tactility of buttons such as power and volume rockers are also worth checking before making a decision.


In a retail store you can easily get a general idea of how powerful SoC is by opening the camera and shooting a video for five minutes. If you find the tablet is heating up then it isn’t a good sign.

You can also ask the store manager if you can connect the tablet to the Internet available in the store to run browser based benchmarks such as Sunspider.

You can also test how the tablet handles the applications by opening as many applications in the background that come pre installed on the tablet.

Battery and Camera

While most tablets have a larger battery than smartphones. To test the battery of tablets you can ask the store manager for the device that is put up on display, you can use that device to tap into the battery settings and check how much battery the various processes are taking.

In latest Android tablets and iPads, you’ll get a graph as well showing how the battery is being used and by which processes.

To test the camera you just have to open up the camera and have to take pictures from different angles and from different places to get a variation in light intensities, then you are able to get the different quality of images or pictures and if it is good, you can know that you are doing well.

Here's how to test tablets in retail stores. Now you are ready to buy a good tablet for yourself.