PR and SEO: How does Public Relations affect SEO?

PR (Public Relations) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are joining forces to ensure a phenomenal digital marketing campaign.

Generally thought of as separate disciplines, the two partnered together proved incredibly ingenious. The transition to online media consumption pushed companies to look for strategies to reach today’s audiences. PR is, without any doubt, an essential tool when it comes to relationship-building; it helps business owners create strong relationships with Internet users.

A good PR gets the word out to individuals about services and products, updates, or any news concerning your organization. On the other hand, brands use SEO to achieve a high ranking in the search results based on organic growth.

Remarkable results have been seen since the two combined together: social sharing, brand awareness, trust, consistency, social proof, and lead generation are just a few aspects included in a PR and SEO marketing strategy. After all, Public Relations and SEO share similar purposes (relevant coverage, brand visibility, etc.), so it is not a surprise that they are now partners.

The technical side of online advertising teams up with the pitching stories created by a PR team to deliver the best results. Do you wonder how PR and SEO work together? Well, it is simple; SEO benefits from PR to drive relationships that develop high-quality links, while PR takes advantage of SEO analytics.

If you are thinking about developing a marketing strategy that involves both SEO and PR but do not know much about how these two can be combined, do not worry; you have come to the right place.

This article explores valuable insights on PR and SEO, from how they complement each other to the various benefits of implementing these strategies.

PR affects SEO and analytics
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PR and SEO work hand in hand to deliver the best results

With the marketing world fast-lighting changing, it is crucial to find ways to remain in the game. You may know that you either win or lose in marketing, so there is no middle ground. That is why entrepreneurs are now focusing on methods to create great content and successfully deliver it to ever-evolving audiences.

Fortunately, there are solutions, and combining PR with SEO is one of the most effective. The camaraderie between PR and SEO is not new under the sun, but now it has a real moment. Since Google’s algorithm changes with each day passing, it has become necessary to adopt a strategy that can keep up with its rapid rhythm. It is now giving weight to content relevance, quality, and the authority of the pages linking to your website. SEO alone is beneficial in this regard but combined with PR, it can take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Brand optimization is a crucial factor when it comes to efficient digital marketing, but it is all in vain if it does not get the highest number of eyes possible. That is why it is essential to work with an SEO agency that would take care of promoting your web assets on external pages.

Also, consider collaborating with a PR company to establish the right connections and make your brand known to audiences. You can work with a PR firm near you that can help you align with Google’s ideal link-building process, especially if you have little experience in the field. There is no way to lose by benefitting from the help of PR experts.

Even if you encounter problems on the road, specialists can analyze your actual marketing plan and make changes if the case. Besides, PR agencies can determine which method would better work for your business’s needs and give solutions accordingly. Loaded Media, for example, offers services such as magazine articles, press releases, website design or social media management, and advertising. It helps you fight against the confusing information on the Internet and the many issues the digital arena can be filled with.

It is practically all you need to keep up with today’s competitive market, so make sure you take advantage of these services.

Link building

Building strong, relevant backlinks is one of the most significant advantages of working with Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization. PR focuses on earned coverage such as non-paid stories and press releases to generate high-quality backlinks, but without good SEO, this would not be possible. That is why the two complement each other so harmoniously. In other words, SEO is about purchasing links, while PR focuses on earning links to gain as much brand visibility as possible. And with today’s need for relationship-driven links, the latter is no longer an advantage but a necessity.

Before digging deeper into the topic, we want to clarify what PR links are compared with SEO links, as they are often in the same boat, although they should not.

PR links

These links generally involve any media where individuals discuss brands, businesses, industry matters, products, and services. It is, without any doubt, a chance to gain visibility. Such links highlight the importance of the link’s potential exposure (views or clicks) and are usually aligned with the campaign or brand in both the context and website content.

SEO links

Keyword ranking is the main focus when it comes to SEO. The most important factors contributing to high ranking include the context of the content where the link is situated, the anchor text, the location, and, of course, the authority of the pages linking to the link.

As you can see, it is all about the intentions behind the energies to obtain that particular link. This is an undeniable difference, but learn there are similarities between them, too. The content’s quality is what brings them together, being often referred to as the glue that binds SEO and PR together.

Securing guest posts and interviews

One of the most effective ways to ramp up brand recognition is by guest posting. PR professionals leverage guest blogging to build valuable backlinks, which is not surprising. Guest posts can significantly impact the way people perceive your products or services. In other words, if you choose credible and high-authority websites for your guest posts, there are great chances to win the attention of many consumers. You may be wondering how PR and SEO have to do with guest posting, so let us clarify all this – SEO is there to steer the tactical portion, while PR is preoccupied with steering the strategy.

Are you dreaming of appearing in high-profile publications like Forbes, CNBC, or New York Times? If you work with the right PR professionals, it is easier than you think. These specialists can help you find a compelling pitch that content creators would want on their platforms. A unique pitch is your entrance ticket to a successful interview, so make sure you take the time to think about a suitable one.

Telling people how you turned $200 into $2000 or something similar will always be impressive, but this depends on your industry. Thus, you must find unique stories to share to assure brand recognition; otherwise, your content will likely pass unseen in this ocean of information on the Internet.

Creating quality content

Developing valuable content is a real challenge, especially when you have to consider the different needs of audiences. SEO or PR teams alone may find it hard to comply with consumers’ preferences, which is one of the reasons some pieces of content sometimes fail to reach the right individuals. Anyway, the times have changed, and so has marketing. Now, you can use various strategies to stay on top of the game, and one of the most efficient is combining SEO and PR. The two disciplines join forces to earn links organically through top-notch content. SEO, on the one hand, creates the actual content while PR distributes it.

Moreover, Public Relations is concerned with repurposing the content. For instance, if SEO marketing agents develop an infographic for a third-party influencer or brand, the latter can allow the content to be repurposed as long as it links back to their pages. A PR team can facilitate this process by pitching that infographic, further building more links to the SEO team.

Furthermore, PR added to SEO leads to better result tracking. Search Engine companies and Public Relations firms team up to influence as many KPIs (key performance indicators) as possible so that it will be clearer how different marketing strategies influence each segment of your business and what changes need to be made to achieve the best results.

Educating each other

It is not common for companies of different specialties to collaborate, but they can work wonders when they do it. After all, both PR and SEO share the same objectives, so why would they not combine to benefit your business? Both teams have heard about “media outreach”, but while it is an expertise for PR specialists, it is only a small part of the job for SEO agents. Thus, it would be helpful to get the two to work together, as it is an excellent opportunity for them to learn from each other and use this information to your business’s benefit.