Garmin Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, Ads and Sales

Looking to find all the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for Garmin products?

If you are tirelessly scrolling through site after site in search of the best deal for your Garmin Nuvi navigation system then fret no more!

We have compiled the best discounts for this and Garmin’s wrist bound gadgets such as the Garmin Fenix, Forerunner, Vivoactive and Vivofit. You can thank me later!

Garmin GPS deals

Garmin are well known for producing top quality industry leading GPS navigation systems. Their Nuvi model range is perfect for finding your way around your local city with its built-in directions voiceover and lifetime guarantee of map updates. These devices even come with Foursquare enabling you to find all your favourite stores and discover new ones.

Fingers crossed we’re treated to a Garmin Cyber Monday bonanza this year.

Garmin Forerunner deals

If you consider yourself an avid runner you need to research the Garmin Forerunner series. These smartwatches are a great investment in your health as they allow you to track your performance data, heart rate and other essential figures. The Forerunner connects to your smartphone allowing you to track your figures and gives you instant notifications from your phone.

Garmin Fenix deals

This beauty is the crown duels of Garmin’s smartwatch range. The Fenix series combine a durable and beautiful design with all the latest tech.

If you are a big sportsman you are spoilt for choice in analysing your performance as these watches have built-in apps for almost any sport under the sun.

Fenix lovers will be excited to hear that the latest edition, the Fenix 5X, boasts improved screen quality – no more squinting down at your watch!

Garmin Vivoactive deals

The Vivoactive range is the perfect purchase for those of you interested in tracking your fitness but without spending a fortune. These devices connect to your smartphone providing you with up to date fitness figures and also allowing you to receive your notifications via your phone.

The Vivoactive range have the added benefit of excellent battery life – Garmin say it can run for three weeks in the basic mode of step counting.

Garmin Vivofit deals

When it comes to the Vivofit there really is no need for me to waffle. These wrist bound devices keep it simple offering step counting, sleep tracking and even motivate the user with step goals. On the practical side the Vivofit offers a year long battery life and is water resistant.