Gaming PC Black Friday Deals (2023): Best Desktops to Buy

Are you an enthusiastic gamer trying to ensure that you don’t miss out on the best gaming PC Black Friday deals?

If yes, then you are in just the right place!

Regular desktops and laptops aren't robust enough to play the latest games smoothly, and that is why we gamers look for dedicated gaming PCs.

With their faster multicore processors and dedicated graphics cards – gaming PCs will not only offer you the best gaming experience but also prevent games from lagging. This allows you to fully enjoy the high-quality graphics that the games have to offer.

Also, a gaming PC is required to power VR games if you wish to get an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset. However, entering the world of gaming PCs can be quite intimidating; if you don’t know how to build a gaming PC, then pre-built machines are going to be a huge relief.

Naturally, these devices tend to be quite expensive; thus, gaming PC Black Friday deals present the best opportunity for you to begin your venture into the enthralling world of enhanced PC gaming.

low light photography of computer gaming rig set for Gaming PC Black Friday
A Gaming PC Setup

In this article, I’ve listed everything you need to know about the gaming PC Black Friday deals I expect to see this year.

Best Gaming PC Black Friday Deals

Gaming PC Black Friday deals: 2021 vs. 2022

This year, Black Friday falls on the November 29 and Cyber Monday follows soon after on the December 2. As we all know, Black Friday is no longer just another “day” and many retailers will be putting up their gaming PC deals during the beginning of that week itself. Some of them may even list them from the first of November onward.

In recent times, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been famous for being loaded with superb gaming deals, including deals on gaming computers. Unfortunately, last year saw continued stock issues surrounding gaming PCs and hardware in the wake of the pandemic; thus, deals were limited only to a few retailers. However, now that stock levels have started to normalize, I expect a huge jump in available deals for Black Friday 2024.

When it comes to prebuilt gaming PCs, the prime issue I noticed over the last few years is the overall cost, with prices steadily increasing across the board. Consequently, the market was flooded with overpriced hardware. Luckily, 2024 doesn’t seem to suffer from the same issues and many of this year’s best-selling products will be available to buy during Black Friday.

Like always, both prebuilt manufacturing companies and retailers will actively participate in the Black Friday festivities and offer delicious discounts on selected budget and premium systems, giving dedicated gamers alluring gaming PC Black Friday deals to relish.

What gaming PC Black Friday deals do I expect to see this year?

Dell generally offers some of the choicest gaming PC Black Friday deals I have seen recently, especially with its excellent line of Alienware Aurora computers.

Last year, they offered substantial discounts on numerous configurations of the Alienware Aurora R11, with one model selling for $1,808.99 (down from $2,010) for sizeable savings of $202.

Similarly, another Alienware R10 Ryzen model had an incredible discount of $496 off its retail price ($1,763, down from $2,259). 

Pre-built gaming PCs from Amazon witnessed similar deals as well. I saw an ABS Master prebuilt (featuring an RTX 2060) selling for $949 (down from $1,100) and a Skytech Archangel GTX 1660 on sale for $749.99 (down from $1,100) for remarkable savings of $350.

Here are the products mentioned above in a nutshell:

Thus, it's quite reasonable to hope that you are going to see similar deals this year as well, whether you opt for a modest PC or one featuring the latest state-of-the-art GPUs like the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080.

Tips for gaming PC Black Friday shopping

Mainstream gaming PCs usually range in price from under $600 to well over $3,000. When shopping for prebuilt gaming PCs, customers are often tricked by sellers unless they know exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, you must assess your personal requirements well before the shopping season behind.

Ask yourself: what games do you plan to play on your new PC, and what additional tasks would you like to perform with it?

Do you need a mighty machine to play, let’s say, 4K games with the highest graphic settings?

Or even 1080p will suffice?

By answering these questions, you will be able to make an apt purchase according to your needs.

Do proper research; learn about graphics cards and don’t forget to take note of the upgradability of the machine. Even a lower-cost PC can work wonders for you if it has a newer motherboard that allows you to swap out for newer components later. Also, read online reviews to avoid buying a PC that is overpriced or doesn't fit your requirements.

I usually classify gaming PCs priced over $1500 as high-end; they feature the latest powerful components, such as RTX 30-series graphics cards and 11th-gen Intel or Ryzen 5000-series CPUs.

Although these CPUs and GPUs can vary in terms of power, they are costlier and more robust compared to older-generation parts. Ideally, a high-end gaming PC should have at least 16GB of fast RAM along with a minimum of 1TB of SSD storage.

Also, going for a prebuilt gaming PC is better than building one yourself because it saves you the hassle of learning that new skill, finding all the compatible components, and worrying about preventing damage to them while building it. Also, you can easily send a prebuilt PC back to the manufacturer if anything happens to go wrong. Also, the suppliers will often do upgrades for you when needed.

Is it worth waiting for gaming PC Black Friday deals?

In short, yes: considering the trends I have observed in recent years, prebuilt gaming PCs tend to see their most consistent and steepest discounts around Black Friday. Thus, I do believe that it's very much worth waiting for the gaming PC Black Friday deals. Since these machines are so expensive, it is wise to save a few bucks where possible, especially if you're looking for a highly coveted machine such as an RTX PC.

Where to find gaming PC Black Friday deals

Most electronics stores will start hosting various gaming PC Black Friday deals in November. Make sure you keep an eye out on Amazon, Best Buy, Dell and Newegg in particular.

As a gamer, you won’t find an opportunity more promising and rewarding than gaming PC Black Friday deals throughout the year. With the new 40 series GPUs finally arriving this year, I expect to see the price of other graphics cards and, consequentially, gaming PCs drop in price during Black Friday. I hope this article helps you snag a great new gaming PC for yourself in November.

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