Best Black Friday Student Laptop Deals

Black Friday provides an ideal opportunity for students to upgrade their laptops just in time for the new academic term. The event is particularly beneficial not only for college students looking to save some money but also for parents who plan to give laptops as holiday gifts.

It's crucial to point out that Black Friday student laptop deals designed specifically for students are already appearing on various platforms. If you're aiming to secure a new device before classes resume, it's advisable to capitalize on these offers before they expire. Among various retailers, Amazon's Black Friday sale is highly recommended for its diverse range of laptops suitable for different academic needs—from high-performing devices for design and coding to budget-friendly options for note-taking and research.

Why Are Black Friday Student Laptop Deals Important?

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Black Friday laptop deals are significant for several reasons:

  1. Cost Savings: These deals often come with substantial discounts, sometimes saving you hundreds of dollars on premium devices. It's a relief for students who usually operate on tight budgets.
  2. Latest Models: Black Friday is also the time when newer models are offered at discounted rates, allowing you to get up-to-date tech at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Bundled Offers: Many deals come bundled with software or accessories like laptop bags, external hard drives, or even a year's subscription to essential software, adding extra value to your purchase.
  4. Convenience: Online shopping events mean you can grab these deals from the comfort of your home, avoiding the in-store rush entirely.

Timing is Everything

Most people associate Black Friday with the day after Thanksgiving, but deals can start appearing as early as the beginning of November. Keep an eye on deal-tracking websites and set alerts for products you are interested in. Many offers extend to Cyber Monday, but the best deals are usually snapped up quickly.

Amazon stands out for its extensive selection, customer reviews, and prompt delivery services. They also offer easy returns in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations. When buying, make sure to check if the laptop is sold directly by Amazon or a verified third-party seller to ensure product authenticity.

Should I grab the Black Friday student laptop deals right now?

If you are in genuine need of a laptop, then you should try availing of early Black Friday laptop deals as soon as possible. The reason for this suggestion is the fact that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a great shortage of microchips all across the world. It has negatively affected the production of all consumer technological items, including laptops.

As a result, retailers are beginning to put up their Black Friday sales quite early because their stocks might run out by Thanksgiving. If that happens, they might not have anything to sell during the holidays.

Even if the student laptop deals you’re eyeing remain available when Black Friday arrives, you’ll have to deal with dreadfully long shipping times. In 2020, many of the items purchased during the Black Friday sale reportedly reached customers a few months into the new year. It even happened with major companies like Amazon that possess their own shipping services.

Since you need a laptop promptly to meet your requirements, I advise you to make the best of these offers early on.

Best Black Friday Student Laptops

How to select a student laptop?

You need to be familiar with your needs before you set out to buy a new student laptop. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial factors you need to consider for this purpose.


The first thing that most of us think of – our budget – is also the most important factor in this regard. Although all of us would ideally like to have the fastest and best possible product, it is usually out of our budget’s range. Thus, it is better to lower your expectations in order to avoid ending up disappointed.


Since laptops aren’t usually meant to be gaming devices, most student laptops tend to come with a modest graphics card. Rather, you need to look for a system that has a reliable processor, decent speed, and enough storage space for the operating system. Although the need for an expansive hard drive has gone down with the advent of cloud storage systems, it helps to have a little additional flexibility.

Screen size

You needn’t fret too much about screen size; although a 13-inch screen sounds small, it will save you money and provide you with excellent visual quality. Being less bulky, it will be easier to carry to class and around the campus. Also, if you happen to desire a monitor in the future, you can easily plug your laptop into a separate screen.

Operating system

While choosing a laptop that focuses on productivity, think well about the operating system you want. Today, you can choose from Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or ChromeOS. Although most people are used to Windows, it isn’t necessarily the best or the fastest option out there. Nevertheless, it’s still a good choice if you’re not enthusiastic about dealing with a new and unfamiliar system.


In conclusion, Black Friday is an opportune time for students to invest in new laptops. The key is to act quickly, compare deals, and understand what you truly need in a device. Be savvy, do your research, and you'll find the perfect laptop that serves both your academic and personal needs effectively.

I’ve covered all the important things you need to know regarding the best Black Friday student laptop deals for 2024 in this article. I hope it helps you buy a quality product that greatly helps you with your academic work.

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