10 Best Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween dates way back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It is said to believe that on October 31st night, ghosts of the dead return to the Earth. Though this spooky festival holds a significant meaning originally, over time, it became joyous and playful. In modern times this festival is loved by everyone, especially children. So, if you are looking for the best Halloween books for kids and even your younger siblings, look no further. You have come to the right place.

Best Halloween Books for Kids

We’ve chosen the 10 best Halloween books for kids and young boys and girls.

Peek-a Who?

This is our top pick. It is the perfect little and sturdy book for babies and toddlers. It contains colorful images and rhythmic texts, which pricks children's curiosity and keeps them invested in it. The die-cut windows in the book keep the anticipation of the children regarding what is on the next page. Bright and attractive illustrations keep the toddlers guessing and chuckling till the end of the book.

The Haunted Mansion Disney Classic) (Little Golden Book)

It is easy to get inside the haunted mansion but not so much easy to get out? The maze and puzzle-filled plot of the story is best to keep the interest of your kids invested! Let your children join the adventure along with the book characters as they crack through and find a way out of the mansion. The book is great for Disney and little golden book admirers. Also, a cute little book for bedtime stories. 

The Monster at the End of This Book

This book is another popular children's Halloween book. The hardcovered book is excellent and sturdy as children handle it. The main character of the story, Grover, is sweet and furry. He is upset as he knows that there is a monster at the end of the book. So, he warns and asks the readers not to turn the pages. Curious children find this amusing and flip through the book to discover who the monster is!


Newbery Medal-winning author Neil Gaiman's modern book Coraline is a classic. It is another desirable book for readers of age 8 to 12 and adults who appreciate a spooky little story. The story unfolds as Coraline discovers a door to another identical house to that of hers. Another identical family awaits her there and urgers her to stay there. Will she be able to return to her ordinary life after saving herself?

Little Blue Truck's Halloween

It is a cute small book that your children would love to listen to. Suitable for babies to 3 years of age, this 16-page book makes a great bedtime story. The little blue truck celebrates Halloween as he picks up all his animal friends for a costume party. This sturdy book introduces characters which interest the children as they go through it and discover who chooses which costume for the party.  

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

This story is a little long and is mostly suitable for 9 to 12 years of children. The story is interesting as well as educational. It is a nice gift for your child. Uncover the journey of the main character of the story, 16-year-old Kit Tyler as she has to go through a series of events to choose between her duty and her heart. Alone and desperate, she has to find her way on the unfamiliar shores of colonial Connecticut. 

Room on the Broom

This is another popular book when it comes to Halloween book for toddlers. This is for children of 3 to 7 years, and the book consists of 32 pages. The story follows a witch and her cat and three other animals on a journey to find her hat, bow, and wand. The reader uncovers will thrill whether the witch will retrieve her belonging while fighting the dragon or not!

The Gruffalo: A Push, Pull and Slide Book

This is the perfect spooky introductory book for pre-schoolers. This 10-page push, pull, and slide book allows your children to meet and know all their favorite characters in a fun manner. Read the book and know how a perceptive mouse confronts a fox, an owl, a snake, and finally Gruffalo. Move the mystical push, pull and slide mechanisms on each page to take part in the fun. 

I Spy Spooky Night: A Book of Picture Riddles

The New York Times bestseller, I Spy Spooky Night is enjoyable for kids of all ages. This 40-page long book follows a trickster skeleton exploring every room to search for mice, spiders, candles, bats, jack-o'-lanterns., bones, and much more. From its shaky gate to its cobwebbed attic, the ghostly house has 13 creepy and marvelous photos. Each of these 13 pages has exciting puzzles and mysterious objects which the reader needs to find.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney Classic) (Little Golden Book)

This 24-page long book has a new approach to festivals and Halloween themes. King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, is bored after being spooky and scaring others for so many years. He accidentally comes across Christmas Town and plans to take it over. Will he be successful in his plan? The story will take the readers to a dream world. It’s a perfect book for autumn bedtime snuggle reads!

These are our top picks of Halloween books for toddlers. This will keep your little ones busy and take them on a journey in dreamland. Some of these books are also great for bead-time stories. We hope you have found the type of Halloween book you are looking for! Spooky, funny, adventurous, or all in one – this list contains every spooky kind of book. We hope the little one will truly enjoy the book of your choice.