Amazon regularly offers discounted prices on Kindle range of e-readers and I have covered most of those already. But Black Friday is possibly the best time to buy a Kindle. With heaviest discounts on Kindle devices and ebooks you can jumpstart your reading experience at a lower cost. Kindles come in various flavors (discussed below) and all flavors have their own perks. Some are extremely cheap

Halloween dates way back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It is said to believe that on October 31st night, ghosts of the dead return to the Earth. Though this spooky festival holds a significant meaning originally, over time, it became joyous and playful. In modern times this festival is loved by everyone, especially children. So, if you are looking for the best Halloween books

Released in 2007, Amazon Kindle remains to be the leading E-reader across all platforms. But what are the other alternatives to Kindle? In this article, we will see the best Kindle alternatives that you can buy and take your studies further. E-readers can be very convenient as they allow you to have your favorite books with you anywhere, at the touch of a button. Hours’ worth

Chess is fun as well as a competitive board game. Being good at chess not only requires a talent for it but all a lot o practice and dedication. To know the rules and get proper guidance on playing it all on your own, you would need the proper book. A complete amateur or an experienced player – we provide you a list of 10 best

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