Claim for a Prime Number Formula

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prime nuber formula

Dr. SMRH Moosavi has claimed that he had derived a general formula for finding the $ n$ -th prime number. More details can be found here at and a brief discussion here at Math.SE titled  “Formula for the nth prime number: discovered?


prime number formula

General Formula

prime number formula kth prime

Prime Numbers Formula For $ k$ -th prime numberGeneral Formula

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  1. You may like this :
    C. P. Willan, “On Formulae for the Nth Prime Number”, Mathematical Gazette Volume 48, p413-415, 1964.
    🙂 LOL

    • Thanks for this reference. I have found this article on your egloos.

      PS: Zariski’s Egloos is here: (In Chinese, I think.)
      English Translation:

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