From the discovery of wheel to web and everything in between — human evolution has been a story of exceptional grit. In around 10,000 years of human civilization that has been recorded — humanity has seen everything… from good to worse, best and worst – all. With each day that passes we discover new innovations and with those come the urge to innovate even more. But nature has her own ideas about human life. With every innovation we are yielding more disturbance to natural order. Natural disasters are still over human control and due to unnatural activities and high industrial approach those are gaining momentum by the time. It is not that we are not trying. Welfare institutions and humanitarian companies are doing their best to minimize the impact of such incidents by proper planning, disaster management and new tech inventions. The Call for Code 2019 is one such attempt to curb the impact of natural disasters on human life. Organized by IBM in their attempt to invent solutions for natural disasters is organizing this community competition. It is a global challenge which calls for developers to prepare for tech solutions to tackle natural disasters’ impact over human life.

What is IBM’s Call for Code?

Call for Code is a community competition for the developers and engineers around the world in which they collaborate with IBM’s own cloud technologies to create gadgets, apps & tech solutions to reduce the impact of natural disasters. It is a global campaign started by David Clark Cause — an initiative founded by David Clark – the global leader in creating brands and initiatives and is supported by IBM as founding partner since 2018.

IBM has been trying to reach developers all across the globe and to motivate them to develop solutions to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.

Call for Code is supported by the IBM Code and Response™ initiative, a multi-year program dedicated to creating and deploying open source technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

In this competition, you can participate with your team or can find teammates with similar interests to build teams. You are challenged to create products that are not only practical and helpful but worth helping millions at once.

If you want to compete/join in the challenge you can do that by signing up at IBM’s Call for Code page. A detailed procedure to join the cause is available on the website itself. To enter the competition, team leaders have to submit brief details about their product/solution:

  • The name of the solution/team in <5 words
  • Short description <10 words
  • Long description <500 words
  • Age of the product
  • Product roadmap
  • Demo Video on YouTube/Vimeo
  • Email Address etc.

The team can have up to 5 members and can submit only one application. Submitted products will be licensed under Apache® 2 License (Free Software License).

Why should you join IBM’s call for code?

While the key motive of this competition is to generate ideas and products around disaster management. It is not just the humanitarian approach that will attract you to this global challenge but also the prize that is attached to it. Award money for the winning team of Call for Code 2019 challenge is 200,000 US dollars plus they get support from the Linux Foundation, implementation through Code and Response™ initiative and last but not the least, meetings with mentors and potential investors. The next two teams will get 2,500 USD while number 4 & 5 will get 1,000 USD each plus invitation to the global event and support from Linux Foundation.

To summarize, there are 7 main benefits to joining the challenge.

  1. Reward(s)
  2. Brands association
  3. Level of competition
  4. Social in nature
  5. Global impact of the event.
  6. To find people with similar interest & experience level
  7. To learn and grow.

Technologies in focus for Call for Code 2019

Key technologies that are in focus for IBM’s Call for Code initiative in 2019 are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Data Science
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Weather data
  7. Traffic Data
  8. Mapping & Geoscanning

These will be used to lessen the effects of notorious disasters like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes/Typhoons, Wildfires, Volcanoes, Floods and extreme weather.

The focus for the Call for Code event is on health & well-being. Team registration and submissions are on and the competition ends on 29th July 2019. So, if you are a developer with a great idea in mind and wish to earn both investments and pride at once, call for code maybe your best bet right now.

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