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The environment is contaminated in numerous ways. Plastic on the land, sewage in the water, carbon in the air. But not every substance is radioactive and not every pollution is radioactive pollution. There is a category of atoms that try to become a stable isotope from its unstable state. This

Karl Scheele Died while testing his discoveries Scheele was a brilliant pharmaceutical chemist who discovered many chemical elements-Oxygen, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Manganese and Chlorine. He also discovered a process very similar to pasteurization. Scheele had the habit of taste testing his discoveries and, fortunately, managed to survive his taste-test of hydrogen

Real analysis is the branch of Mathematics in which we study the development on the set of real numbers. We reach on real numbers through a series of successive extensions and generalizations starting from the natural numbers. In fact, starting from the set of natural numbers we pass on successively

In science, we look for patterns to discover nature’s laws. What is the pattern common to all spontaneous changes? To find a pattern, it is often best to start with very simple examples, because then the pattern is likely to be more obvious. So let’s think about two simple spontaneous

Affirmations are statements that reinforce the reality we wish to bring into existence.  Conscious repetition strengthens the neurological pathways in our mind which focuses our inner energy towards a specific manifested desire.  Daily affirmations are used in the purification of our intentions.  We must make a constant effort to focus

The road to success is not a miraculous one. Success does not just happen. Most people, who have not yet unlocked the key to being successful, look at those who have, and wonder where their “luck” comes from. What these people do not realize is that success has nothing to

Is the current global financial crisis real? Does this mean the decline of services and income opportunities, massive unemployment and shutdowns, and the impossibility of achieving success in every field of dreams? Would the bailout really save the failures and bankruptcies? The answers depend on each and every person’s pattern