BionicWP Review: A Truly Managed WordPress Hosting?

Looking for a truly managed WordPress hosting? There are several great options in the market now and BionicWP makes the latest addition to this list. In this BionicWP review, I will walk you through with the features, pros and cons of Bionic WordPress hosting, so that you can decide on whether or not to opt for BionicWP.

When choosing a hosting solution for your business, the biggest worry is what service to choose?! Especially if you are a beginner, you will be clueless about how to go about choosing the right hosting solution. I was in your shoes once! That’s why I am writing this BionicWP review so that you can easily distinguish the best from the worst and easily choose the best host.

I came across BionicWP while searching for a cloud-managed hosting solution for my WordPress based store. Due to all the management hassles, half of my time was going into site management and my store sales were suffering. Hiring a system admin, especially when the store was not generating enough revenue, was out of the question. So, I had to dabble between the two.

Fortunately, I came across BionicWP and the team was great at helping me migrate the website. In fact, they did everything and I just gave them access to my previous host. That was how I was able to turn a struggling ecommerce store into a complete success. 

This review is about BionicWP and in this review I will discuss why BionicWP is a truly managed WordPress hosting.

Let’s get started.

What is BionicWP Managed Hosting?

Consider a combination of a virtual assistant, a system admin, and a hosting solution. That’s how we can define a BionicWP managed hosting solution. It is a truly managed WordPress managed hosting that will take care of your website hassles and your site edits so that you can focus on what you do best… business management!

The folks behind BionicWP aim to enable store owners, affiliate marketers, and all other digital businesses to off-load their site worries to the BionicWP support team and focus on improving their business.

BionicWP offers some features that no other hosting is offering at this time. This includes unlimited WordPress site edits, performance guarantee, hacking-proof promise, weekly speed monitoring, daily malware monitoring, and white label hosting. 

All these have made BionicWP a great managed hosting solution for both beginners and experts alike.

Overview of BionicWP Platform

BionicWP offers a custom website management platform for its users where they can easily manage server, application, and cache settings. The platform is available to paid users of the BionicWP hosting solution. 

BionicWP Review Dashboard

The platform is very easy to use even for beginners. You get everything on the dashboard including the number of sites you host, plugin or site updates, and security issues.

BionicWP Pricing

BionicWP has three plans at the moment, starting from $11.90 per month to way up to $25.90 per month excluding add-ons that you may buy additionally. All the hosting services run on Containers. In a container - each site is siloed in its own 'parking' spot and each site gets its own dedicated resources and does not share any with any 'neighbors'.

The hosting plans are called Lite, Secure and Speed & Secure. Here is an overview of the three hosting plans:

FeaturesLite ($11.90/month)Speed & Secure ($25.90/month)Secure ($18.90/month)
Hosting TypeContainerContainerContainer
# of Sites111
PHP Memory Limit512MB512MB512MB
Backups30 Days30 Days30 Days
Uptime MonitoringEvery 5 minEvery 5 minEvery 5 min

Launching Your First Store on BionicWP

To launch your first store on BionicWP, simply click on the BionicWP login button and you will be redirected to the signup page. Sign up with your credentials and you will unlock the 7-day FREE trial.

You will have the option to either create a new website or to migrate your existing website to BionicWP. If you want to migrate your existing website to BionicWP, the support team will do it for FREE. 

You can also test your website performance during your hosting trial to ensure that BionicWP matches your expectations. The support team will create a staging area where you can test your site performance. They will show you the results from GTMetrix and Google page speed score tests. Both results will have a 90+ score this means that the site is super-fast!

If the BionicWP support team is not able to improve your website speed beyond the 90+ page score mark, then they will return your money. This is a guarantee that BionicWP offers. 

BionicWP Application Dashboard

Once your server is ready, you can launch the application dashboard. The application dashboard has the same UI as that of the server platform. However, you will be closely managing your site performance, updates, add-ons, and domain settings.

BionicWP also offers access to SSH and FTP so that you can make changes to the server if and when needed. Only a few managed hosting solutions offer root-level access to the server and BionicWP is one of them. You get complete access using the server IP address. Simply download Putty and you will be able to access and make changes to your high compute Google Cloud server.

BionicWP also allows you to make changes to WordPress core, themes, and plugins. When you need to update your WordPress core version, it will automatically show up in the application dashboard. Simply click on update and your website will be automatically updated. If you want the BionicWP support team to do it for you, they will do it for a small fee of $25 only, since this is an add-on with their hosting package.

BionicWP also offers daily backups of your website. You can download them to third-party cloud storage or to your computer. You get 30-days of backup for each website hosted on BionicWP.

BionicWP comes with Nginx cache by default. You can clear its cache if you think your website is running slow. 

You also get the latest version of PHP by default for each website hosted on the BionicWP platform.

Finally, BionicWP allows you to choose either from Nitropack hyper optimized cache or BionicWP CDN. Both let you improve your site performance. However, you can only enable one at a time.

My recommendation is that you try both for a week and then see which one of them is offering the best performance. 

BionicWP Affiliate Program

Each user of BionicWP automatically becomes an affiliate. If you want to promote BionicWP or want to earn a commission for a sale that was generated through your link, then you can use the affiliate ID provided to you. To get your affiliate ID on the BionicWP managed hosting platform, simply click on your profile. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Affiliate. 

Start with free credit of $50

Why Choose BionicWP Managed Host? Who Should Use It?

BionicWP is for anyone and everyone! All digital businesses who want to launch a website on WordPress can use BionicWP to get super-fast performance, unlimited site edits, and iron-clad security.

In short, here is a list of users who would be a great fit for BionicWP.

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Developers
  • Development and marketing agencies
  • Small business owners
  • Ecommerce/dropshipping store owners
  • Hobbyists
  • Students
  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • NGOs
  • Government agencies and departments

So, anyone who is looking to own a website can easily launch one on BionicWP WordPress managed hosting.

How BionicWP Differs from Other Managed Hosts?

BionicWP is a one-of-its-kind hosting solution that aims to empower its users. That's why it is offering features that no other hosting solution offers such as hack-promise, Core and theme updates, performance guarantee, and a lot more. All these features make the BionicWP hosting solution stand out among the rest of the WordPress hosts available in the market. 

Let’s discuss all these features one by one in detail.

Performance Guarantee 

Have you ever come across any hosting solution that guarantees performance? That's what BionicWP hosting solution offers. If your website doesn't get a 90+ score on the Google Pagespeed tool or GTMetrix, BionicWP will return you your money!

That’s a guarantee that BionicWP stands by and it is firm in its dealing. You can even try the ‘Try before you buy’ service and see if BionicWP hosting is able to double your site performance.

Unlimited Site Edits

BionicWP is the only managed hosting solution that can make changes to your website upon your request. You can ask the support team to change an image, add some text to a page, or modify a heading. The support team can make 30-minutes of website edits as many times as you want with the unlimited site edits feature. The feature is available as an add-on of $25 only. You just have to buy the addon and the BionicWP support team will become your virtual assistant. 


BionicWP makes a backup of all your data daily. The data is stored on BionicWP servers for 30 days. So, if any hacker gets access to your website and defaces it, the BionicWP support team will restore it within minutes. The best part about all this is that you won't have to do anything as the support team will take care of everything. You will get your website as you had left it last time you visited.

White Label Hosting

BionicWP has made it easier for all digital agencies to easily manage their users. With the 'White label hosting' service, BionicWP users can resell the hosting to their own customers. The white label add-on is available for $150 only. And at this price, the resellers can delegate all the support related queries to the BionicWP support team. In short, they will only sell the hosting at a price of their choice while the servers and applications on those resold hosting packages will be handled by the BionicWP support team. Not a bad deal, right?

Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates

BionicWP users can easily manage core, WordPress themes, and site plugins directly from the BionicWP dashboard all at once. Or, they can assign these tasks to the support team if they don’t have time to manage it themself. This is a lot easier than manually updating each plugin, theme, and WordPress core. 

High-Performance CDN

BionicWP offers its own CDN called the BionicWP CDN service. Hosting users can enable it directly from the dashboard. The CDN distributes the site’s cache to multiple servers across the globe. The result is faster access, reduced load time, and increased retention. BionicWP CDN is a free service offered by the managed hosting solution.

Staging Area

BionicWP also offers a staging area for users who want to try a new functionality of their website before taking it live. It allows them to see the errors that may occur and also get input from the internal team. The staging area is enabled by default for each user on the hosting platform. It is great for developers who would want to create new features and test them in a live environment before taking them live.

Free Trial: Try Before You Buy

Try before you buy is the trial version offered by the BionicWP team. Since launching a cloud server is not free on most managed cloud hosting solutions, BionicWP has changed that. It lets you try the service and see how fast the website becomes. You don’t have to pay anything when trying your website on BionicWP and you can use support as many times as you want.

Weekly Speed Monitoring

BionicWP team will constantly monitor your website speed to ensure that you are getting optimum speed. If your website starts to get a low score on the Google page speed tool, the BionicWP support team will get to work and fix the issues that were causing the slow performance.

Daily Malware Scan

Malware can ruin servers. To ensure that you get the maximum performance out of all Google cloud instances, the BionicWP platform autoruns Malware scan on each server on a daily basis. This scan doesn't interfere with site operations and the servers remain operational.

Daily Site Backups

To ensure that all your data remains safe and secure, the BionicWP support team takes website backups on a regular basis. These backups are stored on an off-site server. Moreover, you can also download them directly to your local server or to a third-party cloud server.

Testing BionicWP Site Performance

It is time to test BionicWP and see how it performs on various speed tests. I will take the website that I created on the BionicWP platform. The website has the basic theme installed and runs the latest WordPress version.

Google Pagespeed Score Test

As you can see the website offers optimum performance on the Google page speed tool. This tool is also used in determining SERP performance. Since site speed has become a ranking factor, Google uses web core vitals (a set of performance metrics) to measure site performance. 

The website we tested scores 100 percent on these metrics.

GTMetrix Page Speed Test

Now we will test the same website on GTMetrix to see how it performs. 

As you can see, the website performed its best. The site structure is optimum and the LCP score is the lowest. On GTMetrix, if everything is in green this means that the site works great. You can use these performance measures to ensure that your site will eventually pass the speed ranking factor for search listings.

Is BionicWP the Fastest? What Do Other Users Say?

The best way to find out if a WordPress hosting solution is worth it is to read its reviews. 

Here is what BionicWP hosting users have said about it.

"BionicWP hosting solution provides an amazing speed" - Samuel

"I am surprised why my website is so fast instantly!" - Sean Dennin

"They tripled my site performance and didn’t charge anything for it!” - Rose

BionicWP also keeps a record of all the testimonies of its customers.

All customers of BionicWP get a page speed score of 90+ on the Google speed tool and GTMetrix. The above image is of various websites that are hosted on BionicWP.

You can see the complete list of websites that have gained quality performance improvements here.

In short, BionicWP customers are completely satisfied with the service the managed hosting solution is offering them.

This is a screengrab of a video testimonial. You can access this testimonial on the BionicWP video testimonial reviews page.

BionicWP Affiliate Program: How Much Can You Earn?

If you are looking to become an affiliate of BionicWP, you are making the right decision. 

  • BionicWP gives $75 straight for each qualified sale that comes through your reference. Moreover, you get 12.5% of the total sale cost for the next two years. 
  • BionicWP has a 60-day conversion window. So if a potential user visits through your link in December and converts in February, you still get the commission because it was within the 60-day conversion window. Most affiliate programs only offer a 30-day conversion window. With a bigger conversion window, you can easily earn more commission on each sale that you generate.
  • The payment cycle is also 60 days. This is to ensure that the sale you brought to BionicWP stays with it for a period of 60 days. 
  • There is no minimum payment payout restriction. Even if you earn $0.01, you can get your earnings once the 60-day payment window period has passed.
  • Anyone who wants to earn more revenue and is in the cloud hosting industry can join the BionicWP affiliate program. Most BionicWP affiliates include YouTubers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, hobbyists, developers, and content creators, Instagrammers, and CPA marketers.

Should You Switch to BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting?

The BionicWP support team will take care of all the migration worries. In the end, you will get a website migrated to the premium DNS offered by the BionicWP platform. Your website will remain live throughout the process and your visitors will experience minimum server downtime.

BionicWP Review 2024