6 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

Investing in Cryptocurrency or thinking of doing so? Cryptocurrency exchanges can be the best place to start. In this article, I have picked some of the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India that I think are very trustworthy for users like you.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are services that allow you to trade INR to Cryptocurrencies and vice-versa. This eliminates the need to buy one cryptocurrency to exchange that with another. Cryptocurrency exchanges also help you buy directly from the sellers by bidding on their prices.

Before you go ahead, understand that Cryptocurrency is a hot subject and you must invest only if you are willing to take risks. Its market has gone very down lately (and that's why today is the best time to invest in), causing many lose millions of dollars.

These Cryptocurrency Exchanges help you even with India's strict cryptocurrency rules and regulations.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured with the help of cryptography. It is impossible to fake or double-spend as it is tightly secured. Cryptocurrency is legit but comes with its own risks. Investing in and trading them can benefit you in leaps if statistically applied in the market.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

After reviewing many cryptocurrency exchanges all across which are available in India, keeping in mind the strict regulations regarding it, we have sorted the best exchanges and a few benefits of using each for you.


wazirx Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With 10 million users, WazirX is India's fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange, with its headquarters in Mumbai. WazirX is owned by Binance and is one of the largest crypto exchanges in India. It has a domestic cryptocurrency utility token (WRX).

WazirX also provides a peer-to-peer trading option that, on its own, matches users to trade amongst themselves. It has an intuitive user interface on desktop and mobile devices to facilitate users with an easy-to-use platform, and funds can be deposited in it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also declare that they have the fastest and the smoothest signup and verification process.

Users can safely invest with an Indian-based exchange without any worry. Peer-to-peer trade is available, along with the availability of fast and smooth transactions from anywhere at any time.

Users can enjoy top-quality Indian customer service with INR deposits, account setup, and other services. Investors now can purchase any coin amongst 140 coins, including the local WRX token.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One of the leading global cryptocurrencies is Binance. This popular crypto exchange put forwards a good option for Indian cryptocurrency investors. With the help of Binance, you can invest and trade more than 350 altcoins along with the native BNB (Binance Coin). Investors and traders can also make money in many ways using this currency. They can stake it or earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. It also allows the user to trade peer to peer, take part in margin trading and carry out advanced trading methods like futures contracts.

So, in conclusion, Binance users can safely trade and store cryptocurrency with competitive fees. They can also get interested in cryptos with savings to account from Binance. Users can also participate in advanced actions like trading pairs, futures, trading on margin, etc.

When needed, users can also take out loans in crypto and spend their virtual money with ease from accessible Binance credit cards. Get safe and secure access to the platform and wallets on one of the most popular and biggest exchanges.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coinbase is a United States-based international money exchange platform. It is known for its intuitive interface and satisfying user experience. It is the second-largest crypto platform in the world after Binance.

Constant upgradation of the platform by adding features has made it very handy. It has an up-to-date customer support and top-notch security to protect its users from any duplicity and theft of funds. Investors from India can safely open a Coinbase account to take part in advanced trading options. But the only downside is that Coinbase only offers 50-ish altcoins to choose from.

Thus, to sum it up, Indian Coinbase users can carefully buy and trade virtual assets after depositing INR. They can also take part in staking coins and keep coins in cold storage along with a Coinbase vault.

Users can also watch educational videos and earn cryptocurrency. It is also safe and users and relax easily with various security features and authentication. It also comes with a user-friendly platform and mobile application.

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Kraken India

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Kraken India is a Unites States-based cryptocurrency exchange that has powered the invertors and traders to invest in cryptocurrency since 2011. Kraken holds the 3rd position in the world regarding the trading volume and has a huge international influence.

Kraken provides excellent customer service and has a 24/7 help for users' policy. But sadly, they have a very small coin selection with only around 50 coins to choose from. Kraken, like most Cryptocurrency exchanges, provides all the basic facilities. Still, the plus point of Kraken is that it takes security very seriously and has a high-security level along with good infrastructure and support.

Kraken offers lots of features for investors to make use of. User has access to trade policies by depositing INR into secure accounts. You can use handy charting tools as well. Kraken also has a low trading fee which benefits the users and allows them to trade freely on the platform without worrying too much about the money.

The best feature of Kraken is that its customer support is always open. Users may feel free to clear any doubt regarding any process or contact the service if faced with any difficulty.

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OKEx India

OKEx is based in Seychelles and provides derivatives and spot trading options to investors and traders. This cryptocurrency exchange platform offers 400 trading pairs and has a prominent international presence with over 20 million traders on the platform.

OKEx allows the user to customize their experience and preference on the platform. Users can buy and hold or partake in trading futures, options and margins. OKEx also provides crypto-based loans to earn crypto and finance projects.

Overall, OKEx users in India can invest and make money through crypto in multiple ways. Users can also finance their projects with the help of crypto-based loans. This makes carrying out the projects much easier.

Traders can also use OKEx Academy to improve their trading skills and set goals for themselves. This way, they can learn and apply the new skills they acquired in the current cryptocurrency exchange market. They can also participate in crypto mining pools.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Bitstamp is one of the best international leading cryptocurrency exchanges that has been available for traders and investors in India since 2011. They provide users an interactive and instinctive trading interface with many advanced features to choose from. These features are helpful to traders while executing complex trades.

Bitstamp's holding in the market had given them time to create benefits for users. Some of those benefits include offline storage, enhanced data encryption, and around-the-clock investor support. It also houses institutional investors who want to put Bitcoin and other virtual assets on their balance sheets.

Bitstamp users in India have access to many useful features for trading and investing in the digital currency market. It can store users' funds firmly, even offline.

Bitstamp also allows users to make swift transactions on the exchange platform with minimal downtime. Traders also get the advantage of low flat-rate trading fees if the trade is under 20,000 USD. It also contains well-planned and designed applications for on-the-go trading.

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These are our top picks for a cryptocurrency exchange in India. These influence the international market as well as the local market. One must statistically apply strategies to make the most out of cryptocurrencies. One must look out for features such as security, transaction fee, the credibility of the currency exchange, and such others before conducting any transactions.

A high-risk factor is involved, so analyzing the situation is of utmost importance to avoid losing money. Keeping the negatives aside, it is best to learn and improve yourself beforehand and then get into the platform. We hope that the seven cryptocurrency exchanges we suggested will cater to your need and will be helpful for you.