Being a Freelance Makeup Artist

Freelance makeup artists do not work for any particular beauty salon on a permanent basis. Rather, they are self-employed.

Well, there is no better feeling than being a stylist and being a part of someone’s special moments.

It has become very common nowadays where individuals choose to be an independent freelance makeup artist where they can choose their own protocols, own working hours, own products and of course their own price.

Fields like Film industry, Theatre, Wedding industry require Freelance makeup artists.

Now, if you are someone who is really into being A freelance makeup artist then there are certain things that you can’t rule out if you wanna get the best out of your career!

Skills Required

Zeal and Dedication

Passion is the most crucial prerequisite when we are talking about a career. When we are passionate

Our vision towards the world changes. Passion is what makes you unique and holds you in a good position when compared to others. Your dedication is the key that will unlock the door to your success.

When you are filled with energy a positive vibe runs through your veins that will help you step ahead towards a successful career.

Social Graces

Good communication skills help the person to build strong and healthy contacts with the clients and will ultimately add on to your personality so that you can feel confident enough while dealing with customers.

Communication skills are required in every aspect of the profession especially when you are taking an individual stand.

When you will be compared with the other artists in your vicinity your social grace is what will make you different and better than them.

Self - Esteem

Remember not every trial is guaranteed 100% success! There will be times when you will face failures, dejection but that of time you must believe in yourself and continue to strive hard until you reach your destination.

You must believe in your capabilities and start over fresh. No one would be able to knock you down if you have a strong positive outlook.

Stepwise Guide To Head Towards Your Goal

We hope you would be acquiring all the skills listed above that are a must in your freelancing business.

Now listed below are certain points that you must focus on if you are a to be freelance makeup artist-

The right training

The beginning of every destination counts!

You can’t rule out the fact that there are budding makeup artists popping out every day with this. You can imagine the competition that will be coming your way while setting your career in this field.

When you are thinking of building your career in this stream the most important requirement that needs to be fulfilled is that you must secure a degree in ICI Diploma in Beauty Therapy & Makeup.

Don’t forget Certification counts! And if your trainer is a dominating personality that your pricing and popularity increase naturally.

A Captivating Portfolio

This step cant be missed, you might remember that “ A Picture speaks a thousand words”

Yeah! Of course, it is a fact. Never stop practicing, keep trying your hands on your family members, relatives, and friends this will enhance your skills and you are able to cover up every detail of your work.

Capture beautiful samples of your talent and upload them to your portfolio. This will not only help your talent to reach out to people but will also cheer you up!

This step requires a lot of perseverance as you need to capture every fine detail of your work either while styling a model or a bride.

You can even hire a professional photographer for this work.

Quality of Products

One of the finest details to focus on when you are up to your career building in makeup.

Remember quality matters, this step will not only require your monetary investment but also your time so that you can pick up the best for your clients.

Starting from your beauty blender to setting spray everything will count in binding your customer to you so that they can never think of another name except you.


When it comes to the setting of the price it's an arduous job!

Every neophyte stays in a dilemma about which prices to set if you keep the price too low you will sound “Unprofessional” and if you keep the prices too high then you might risk your clients out of your service.

Thus, after doing enough digging about the price levels of the competitors you can decide the optimum charge.

Website or Blogging

With the outline of your fabulous work and a series of handpicked pictures of customers, you can build a website or you can even start by writing blogs that show how you are different from others in the competition.

Your website should be catchy enough to catch the sight of visitors with the key points highlighting your talent.

Reach our local professionals

As a noob, you might find it difficult to establish in that case you can start by visiting a local professional for a styled shoot.

Maybe you won’t be paid for your work but the best part is you will make enough contacts in the industry and with professionals that your establishment will become easy as pie!

Attend makeup artist workshops or trade shows

It is very important to update yourself with the latest trends in makeup so that you are never left behind.

You can watch the latest videos of the makeup artists that will help you remain up to date.

You can even purchase a professional makeup kit at discount.

Moreover, when you will attend the workshops you will get to know many makeup hacks that will ultimately enhance your skills!

Confidence and Support

Last but not least believe in yourself and be confident in what you do.

A freelancer means you are a solo bird trying to fly high while competing with every other thing in the sky.

Life is full of ups and downs and it's never completely a bed of roses. At times, you will feel low and disheartened whatever the reason may be, Consider your every downfall a push factor towards your goal.

Make the best out of every opportunity on your plate and you will find success waiting for you at the doorstep!

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