Do you multiply this way!


Before my college days I used to multiply this way.
Do you multiply this way! 1

But as time passed, I learned new things. In a Hindi magazine named “Bhaskar Lakshya”, I read an article in which a columnist ( I can’t remember his name) suggested how to multiply in single line (row). That was a magic to me.  I found doing multiplications this way, very faster – easier and smarter. There may be many who already know this method, but many others will be seeing it for the first time.

The ‘only’ requirements for using this method is the quick summation. You should be good in your calculations. Smarter your calculations, faster you’re.
I’ll try to illustrate this method below. If you had any problems regarding language (it’s poor off-course) and understandings, please feel free to put that into comments.

Let we try to multiply 498 with 753.
$ 4 9 8 \ \times 7 5 3$

Step I

Multiply 8 and 3 and write the unit digit of result carrying other digits for next step. The same is to be done with each step.
Do you multiply this way! 2

Step 2

Do you multiply this way! 3

Step 3

Do you multiply this way! 4

Step 4

Do you multiply this way! 5

Step 5

Do you multiply this way! 6

The overall work looks like:
Do you multiply this way! 7

I don’t know if there is any algorithm behind it. The pattern of calculation is very simple, which is making crosses and adding numbers.


You can use this method, multiplying larger numbers too. Try this one at your own. Steps are marked for convenience. 🙂
Do you multiply this way! 8

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Gaurav Tiwari

A designer by profession, a mathematician by education but a Blogger by hobby. Loves reading and writing. Just that. Folllow me at @wpgaurav on twitter for more.


  1. Hi Gaurav, I use this method as my primary method for multiplication, it really easy and works well. I never thought about the algorithm, but now as you noted there must be one, I just wrote it down. Here is it: Note that AB actually means 10a+b.×8+9
    This is for multiplication of 2-digit number by 2-digit numbers; this can be proved for any number for that matter. This is precisely what we do!
    X Y
    x A B
    AX (AY+BX) BY
    I don’t know who to do mathematical formatting in blogs, but I guess you will get it!

  2. I got it. You could use your latex code too.

    1. Great work!! 🙂
      Now, I should reopen my mathematics books. 😀

  3. superb… this method multiplication is very easy…..

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