WP Engine Coupon (Live) – 4 Months Free Hosting

Looking for a WP Engine Coupon to save on your next hosting purchase? If you are, you are at the best place possible.

Choosing a reliable and fast web hosting service is essential for everyone running an e-commerce website. If your website is slow to load, then you could potentially lose a lot of customers and sales. It has been observed that almost 90% of all customers tend to abandon a website that doesn’t load reasonably fast and prefer to buy from another retailer instead. You can clearly see how important it is to avoid having slow-loading pages.

In this regard, WP Engine has earned a well-deserved reputation of being one of the fastest and most reliable managed WordPress hosts in the contemporary market. Today, almost 1.2 million websites – including some renowned brands such as Instacart, Petco, and Etsy – are using WP Engine for their hosting requirements.

If you’re looking forward to start using WP Engine, then there’s some good news on that front – you can get 3 months free on any annual managed WordPress hosting plans with our exclusive coupon.

Keep reading to find out more about the same.

4 months free WP Engine coupon

WP Engine Coupon

Get 4 months free on any WP Engine hosting plans with coupon code WOOYEAR22. Valid for July 2024

Using the exclusive coupon offered here, you will receive 4 months of free hosting by availing of this discount!

Even if the promotion ends, you will be eligible for 20% off on annual Startup, Growth, and Scale plans on WP Engine.

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Why WP Engine?

If you are still undecided regarding WP Engine, I will show you what exactly you stand to gain by subscribing to this hosting service. Before that, let’s take a look at a brief history and the prime features of WP Engine.

What is WP Engine?

Founded in 2010, WP Engine was the first hosting company in the world to offer managed WordPress hosting at its time. It acknowledged the fact that maintaining a WordPress website comes with a lot of admin time and hassle. By doing away with the same using managed hosting, it proved to be very convenient for WordPress site owners.

WP Engine boasts unparalleled speed and uptime among its peers. It comes with a dedicated, talented, and experienced team that efficiently handles security, backups, updates, and various other technical details. Thus, you will have more time to devote to the growth of your business. Also, WP Engine offers excellent support from technicians who’ve been trained in WordPress. Thus, you can always receive quick help if you ever find yourself facing any issues.

Users who have dealt with their WordPress website going down unexpectedly, getting hacked, or any other problem that couldn’t be resolved at once, can attest to how useful WP Engine is. You can reliably count on a team of dedicated experts to sort out the issue for you, instead of fruitlessly spending hours trying to fix it yourself.

By partnering with platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, WP Engine offers highly scalable enterprise-level hosting services. As a result, you can count on your hosting setup smoothly scaling up to meet your requirements as your business and website grow with time.

Hosting Features

Migrating to WP Engine’s eCommerce hosting platform can increase website speed up to 40% and sales by up to 18%.

You will be delighted to know that all of WP Engine’s hosting plans come with the Genesis Framework and over 30 free StudioPress themes. In case you don’t know, the Genesis Framework is a premium WordPress framework that allows you to easily build your own customized WordPress website even if you don’t know anything about coding.

Moreover, StudioPress themes are professionally designed by graphic experts. They load fast and are visually dazzling on all kinds of devices. They will certainly help you provide a superior user experience to your website visitors.

If purchased individually, the Genesis Framework generally costs $59.95 and each StudioPress theme package is priced at $129.95. On the other hand, subscribing to any WP Engine hosting plan will give you complete access to the Genesis Framework and more than 30 themes for free!

Other notable features of WP Engine hosting include the following:

  • 24/7 chat support
  • Automated backups
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • Development and staging environments
  • Geo-targeting for website personalization
  • Global CDN
  • Proprietary caching technology
  • Website auto-migration
  • Website ownership transfer
  • WordPress core updates

What can WP Engine be used for?

Technically, any WordPress website has a lot to gain from the high-quality tools offered by WP Engine. However, the hosting service is most beneficial in the following instances:

  • If you want to create a completely unique web experience with the help of advanced features such as gamification.
  • When you’re interested in building a multisite network, creating sites for individual company networks or even allowing users to come up with their own websites.
  • If your business needs a complex website with dozens or even hundreds of pages.

WP Engine hosting plans

As of now, WP Engine offers three different hosting plans that are intended for small to medium-sized businesses. It also provides custom hosting for mission-critical websites and enterprises. Hosting prices begin from $25 per month, which comes down to $20 when you use the coupon featured here.

Using the table given below, you can compare the various features that come with the hosting plans of WP Engine.

Plans →StartupGrowthScale
Price (after using our coupon)$20 per month$76.67 per month$193.33 per month
Traffic25,000 visits per month100,000 visits per month400,000 visits per month
Bandwidth50GB per month200GB per month500GB per month

How to use the WP Engine coupon?

You can get 3 months free on any of the above shared managed WP Engine hosting plans by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Visit the official WP Engine website.
  2. Click on the orange “Get Started” button or scroll down the page to view the hosting plans.
  3. Select your plan of choice and click the “Get Started” button to be taken to the checkout page.
  4. Enter the code WPE22 before the checkout process and click “Apply” to obtain the discount.
  5. If you want, you may choose any optional extras you want. These include additional websites, advanced security, the smart plugin manager, and Genesis Pro.
  6. Scroll down and enter your account and billing information.
  7. Click the orange “Purchase” button to successfully complete your account setup.

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WP Engine hosting FAQs

What are the locations of WP Engine’s data centers?

As of now, WP Engine has several data centers across the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe. After you sign up, you will automatically be allotted the data center closest to your present physical location. However, you can request to be migrated to a different region at no additional costs whatsoever.

What is the cost of using WP Engine?

WP Engine hosting plans start from $20 per month, which offers enough features for one website receiving up to 25,000 visits per month, with 10GB of storage space and 50GB of bandwidth per month.

Is it necessary for me to get managed WordPress hosting?

WP Engine managed WordPress hosting plans are priced much higher than relatively cheap shared web hosting services. Thus, a lot of people tend to wonder whether managed WordPress hosting is actually essential for them.

To be honest, managed hosting isn’t probably that necessary if you are just setting up your first website or a personal blog. If you want, then you can safely wait until your site gets a little larger. However, as your website and traffic grows, you may subsequently find it difficult and time-consuming to manage its security, updates, and backups. You will also have to constantly ensure that it is running fast enough for your visitors. Thus, a lot of businesses and large website prefer to get WordPress hosting instead of shared hosting. It really does make things a whole lot easier for them in the long term.

Does WP Engine use cPanel?

Since WP Engine is not a standard shared hosting service, it does not use cPanel. Rather, it comes with its own unique control panel to manage your website and hosting.


WP Engine is a truly amazing choice for managed WordPress hosting. If you truly want to maximize returns on your online business, then it is an excellent host to go with. Its account dashboard is user-friendly and loaded with handy custom tools to help you optimize your website. It also comes with a custom firewall and a team specially dedicated to improving it. Moreover, it features plenty of developer tools for advanced customization and testing.

The only issue that tends to hold back some business owners from WP Engine is its relatively high pricing. Therefore, the 2022 WP engine coupon presents an excellent opportunity for you to avail of its service at a much lower cost.

You will receive a handsome discount of 22% off and get 3 months free on any of the shared hosting plans listed above. I hope you are able to make the best of this offer and subscribe to WP Engine to make your business and website grow better than ever.