HostGator Black Friday Sale: Save 70% on Hosting

Looking for HostGator Black Friday deals? HostGator just announced their Black Friday sale and they are offering web hosting at 70% discount with a free domain. This is one of the biggest hosting sale of the year, so make sure to get the full of it.

Read on to know what other Black Friday offers are available for the HostGator Black Friday Sale in 2024.

Hostgator India Black Friday Offers

Web Hosting at ₹99 per month

7275 424246

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Optimized WordPress Hosting

7275 424201

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20% Off on VPS hosting

7275 424205

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Hostgator Black Friday Deals

HostGator Shared Hosting PlanActive OfferPurchase Link
Hatchling Plan70% off on charges + Free DomainGet Offer
Baby Plan70% off on charges + Free DomainGet Offer
Business Plan70% off on charges + Free DomainGet Offer

HostGator Optimized WordPress

Supercharged Speed, Seamless Scalability, Advanced Security, and much more! Packages start as low as $12.95/month!


Rated: 4.8/5

About: HostGator is a USA based web hosting company founded in 2002. It is one of the forerunners in providing hosting services to people all over the world. HostGator comes under the Endurance International Group. EIG, the parent company, has already made a brand name in the international market and is a symbol of trust.

HostGator Hosting Black Friday Sale 2024

Hostgator is a prominent and popular web hosting company that offers Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and managed WordPress hosting plans.

PlansStartingMiddleTop PlanOffer Details
Shared$2.75$3.95$5.95Learn here →
Cloud$4.95$6.57$9.95Learn here →
WordPress$5.95$7.95$9.95Learn here →
Reseller$19.95$24.95$24.95Learn here →
VPS$29.95$39.95$49.95Learn here →
Dedicated$118.99$138.99$148.98Learn here →

HostGator Web Hosting Shared Plans — The best to begin with

Hostgator offers the best pricing in the industry with monthly based web hosting shared plans that are available in 4 types namely Starter, Hatchling, Baby and Business plans.

I recommend you skip the starter plan. Hatchling Plan is suitable for beginners. It will meet all your needs and also be an affordable one. Next, Baby Plan is an ideal plan if you are running an online business or are an all-time blogger. The Business Plan is meant for web designers and other related professionals to help their clients. 

Shared Hosting Plans are the most widely purchased plans during HostGator Black Friday sales. This is because the different Shared Plans cater to almost all your needs. 

The HostGator Shared Hosting Plans have deals that cannot be missed and bring the maximum bonus during Black Friday Deals 2024.

HostGator's Black Friday Bonuses

Apart from these specs, each plan will some free goodies as well. 

  1. To keep your website and blogs safe, with each plan, you get free Let’s Encrypt.
  2. A free domain name is available to the users of the above plans for a year.
  3. Customer service and support is at your pleasure for 365 days. You can contact them anytime and even arrange calls to explain your problems and seek solutions.
  4. The uptime offered by HostGator is pretty decent, and your websites will load fast even without CDN.
  5. You can migrate your existing site from other service providers to HostGator servers for free and with ease.
  6. The HostGator hosting servers are around the world. Thus, you can host your website and blogs in many areas and countries.

The plans are available at justifiable prices in return for the service offered. You can get these plans from a monthly package or a package for 5-years. Get a subscription according to your necessities.

Why choose HostGator?

With Hostgator, you will get a wide range of products that cover all the main hosting essentials. Presently, Hostgator is hosting over 9 million websites that make it so popular. This budget hosting service provider is known for reliable and secure web hosting services.

It tops the choice of the best web hosting companies listed as it specializes in the field. Cloud-hosting packages are some of the most affordable packages of their kind and with this, you will get faster performance and amplified scalability. 

It offers easy to use dashboard and the WordPress users get Built-for-speed plans that have advanced security and free migration.

With Hostgator, you will get streamlined hosting and the customer support team will assist you 24/7. The company guarantees 99.9% uptime and your existing website can be seamlessly transferred to HostGator location.

Millions of satisfied users have formed a community and if you opt for Hostgator, you can exchange ideas and opinions with website owners.

The company also offers a 45-days money-back guarantee if you buy in HostGator Black Friday Sale 2024. 

Why is HostGator unique?

  • Best services in website hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated services
  • There are power backups, consistent monitoring, and fire detection that keep the 12,000 servers safe.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and RSS feed to give service status upgrades
  • There are ten different types of fiber providers, along with hardware from Time Warner and AT&T
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Numerous partners like AT&T, Dell, and Cisco

About HostGator Black Friday Sale 2024

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Rated: 4.8/5

HostGator offers many web hosting plans on its platform. Each of these plans will soon be available at heavily discounted rates due to Black Friday Deals 2024. The HostGator Black Friday sale 2024 will begin on November 29. It lasts for a week, includes cyber Monday and cyber Tuesday sales and will end on the 1st of December, 2024.

During the Black Friday sale, all of the HostGator Plans will have bargainous prices. Apart from the economical prices of the HostGator Plans, the company will also provide offers of free domain. The deals will not last long and happen on a yearly basis only, so grab the opportunity immediately.

HostGator Plans and Pricing Policy

The HostGator site will have several plans for you to choose from, do not get perplexed. I am here to assist you.

Before I reveal about them, keep in mind, select the plan that meets your requirements and not the one with many benefits.

HostGator provides the following plans:

  1. Shared Hosting Plans
  2. Cloud Hosting Plan
  3. WordPress Hosting Plan
  4. Reseller Hosting Plans
  5. VPS Hosting Plan
  6. Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

The Black Friday sale brings offers on all these plans. Each one of them will have nearly 70% off on its cost.

HostGator Black Friday Deals 2024

HostGator Black Friday sale will be humongous. There will be a lot for you to gain. 

The Black Friday sale happens once a year and is very rushed. You should be well aware and make the most of it.

Here are the deals that you will get in the HostGator Black Friday Deals 2024 and also the other essential elements that you should keep in mind.

Black Friday Deals on HostGator Shared Hosting Plans 2024

The HostGator Black Friday Deals 2024 will have three different offers. The HostGator Black Friday sale will have a combination of two offers and then many other flash deals throughout the sale period. 

  1. 70% off on all the HostGator Plans and also a free domain.
  2. Multiple flash sale deals on all the HostGator Plans.

As notified earlier, all HostGator Plans will have approximately 70% off. The main focus will be on the Shared Hosting Plans.

HostGator Shared Hosting PlanBlack Friday 2024 OfferPurchase Link
Hatchling Plan70% off on charges + Free DomainGet Black Friday Offer
Baby Plan75% off on charges + Free DomainGet Black Friday Offer
Business Plan70% off on charges + Free DomainGet Black Friday Offer

Points to Remember During HostGator Black Friday Deals 2024

  1. The HostGator Black Friday Deals 2024 will begin on the 26th of November, so set your clocks. The sale will last only for two days in India. So do not let those two days slip by, grab the deals as soon as they begin.
  2. Flash deals will be available on the site within two days of the Black Friday sale, keeping a tab on the HostGator site to make the most of them. 
  3. All the HostGator Plans will have 70% off and the provision of a free domain. I recommend you choose the Shared Plans or the Dedicated Plans.
  4. The Black Friday Deals 2024 only apply to new plans. You do not get these offers at renewal prices. So to get these deals, you will have to create a new account.
  5. Get plans for the maximum duration to avoid paying high renewal rates later on. Black Friday Deals 2024 last only a few hours. Stick to your screens and do not regret it later.

The HostGator Black Friday Deals 2024 surprise you for sure; with dirt-cheap prices, you get the best facilities in town.

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