Black Friday GPU Deals (2023): Best Graphics Cards to Get Your Hands On

If you’ve been looking for Graphics Cards or GPUs, Black Friday is a great opportunity to grab one. However, considering what I saw last year, I’m not expecting to see discounts on any of the best gaming graphics cards. But some of the older yet better GPU models can get some discount.

In this article, I have listed some of the best Black Friday GPU deals that you can benefit from.

Let's check those out.

Black Friday GPU Deals

Amazon like shopping sites offer good discounts on top graphic cards every Black Friday. As you know, the graphics cards are in series of 10, 20, 30, and 40-hundreds and the top graphics card brands are Nvidia, Radeon, ASUS, EVGA and so on.

GTX 1080Ti - Black Friday GPU Deals will be applicable on this Graphics Card as well.
GTX 1080Ti was the best-selling 10-series GPU of all-time

Lower series, like GeForce 10 series, graphics cards are older but reliable options for beginners in PC gaming and medium-level graphic designers. These have been superseded by 30 series graphics cards in GeForce products now.

There has been a lot of talk about these GPU deals on Reddit, Quora and other sites. Now that Nvidia is launching the GeForce 40 series, I expect some good discounts on 30-series this year.

You can buy and assemble these inside your gaming PC. But if you want pre-assembled and pre-built gaming PCs, don't forget to read this Black Friday Gaming PC deals page. I expect to see discounts on pre-built machines this year because there is lesser demand for them.

Here are the best Black Friday GPU deals I expect to see in 2024.

30 Series

20 Series

10 Series

GPU/Graphics Card Buying Guide

What features should you consider when looking for Black Friday GPU deals?

With so many models available on the market, it can be rather tricky to ascertain which graphic cards suit your needs the best. For your benefit, I will now discuss some of the essential features you must consider before choosing a product for yourself.


First of all, you need to allocate your budget for a graphics card based on what you want it to do. For example, a card on the cheaper end of the spectrum would serve you reasonably well if you are a beginner. On the other hand, if you are a more seasoned pro, then you can go for an affordable higher-end model.


I have noticed that higher-end graphic cards usually receive the best discounts on Black Friday. In fact, flagship models may even see hundreds of dollars slashed off their sticker price. Thus, you should try to evaluate how powerful a graphics card is by checking its numerical rating.


Finally, you need to consider the graphic card’s physical size. Larger GPUs, such as the RTX 3090 Ti, being three-slot cards, take up a lot of space within your rig.

Thus, if you own a more miniature gaming PC, you should consider going for a two-slot video card. In this case, mid-range options could be your best middle ground.

How to find Black Friday deals on Graphics Cards?

If you want to grab some of the Black Friday GPU deals, you must visit different shopping sites and look around closely. Many retailers I mentioned below always compete to offer the choicest discounts. For example, you can search for a particular model on Amazon and then visit Best Buy and Newegg to see who sells it cheaper.

The best way to avail of the best deals is to compare prices and specific models. After all, nobody ever regrets missing out on a special saving because they pulled the trigger too early. Also, Amazon itself tends to offer special “lightning deals” that can highlight some of the most incredible discounts for a minimal time.

If you want a more accurate price comparison, you can use extension tools such as CamelCamelCamel and Honey to get up-to-date market analysis. These plugins are beneficial because the prices tend to fluctuate around the two-day period. By using them, you can be reassured that you are indeed getting the best deal available at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Black Friday GPU deals begin?

In 2024, Black Friday will fall on the November 29. However, over the past few years, I have seen that the GPU/graphic cards Black Friday deals tend to begin a little earlier. This is because many prominent retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg try to get in early with spotlight deals.

When will Black Friday GPU deals end?

These deals last until Cyber Monday, which falls on December 2 this year. So I advise you to keep the date in your calendar to ensure that you don’t miss out, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Who will be offering the best Black Friday deals on graphics cards?

Amazon will have some of the best deals this season as they are fully stocked for sale.

Where to get Black Friday deals in the USA?

In the USA and Canada, Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and Walmart are the best options to shop for Black Friday deals.

Where to get Black Friday deals in the UK?

In the UK, Amazon, CCL Computers, Currys and Laptops Direct will be having great discounts on GPUs.

Will graphic cards see significant discounts on Black Friday?

I wish I could give you a resounding "yes!" for an answer to this question, but the reality is rather complicated. To put it shortly, Black Friday 2022 will probably not include significant price reductions on graphic cards, at least not on the latest models that everyone covets. However, there’s a silver lining here – persistent shoppers could still find savings out there in the form of bundles.

Retailers often bundle popular items, such as Black Friday graphic card deals, with other loosely related items, such as RAM or SSDs. There are two reasons for this: first, it helps them deal with scalpers to a certain extent because the extra item cuts into their profit margins and adds more logistical overhead. Second, it enables retailers to sell more stock that might otherwise sit around, along with the items rapidly disappearing from the shelves.

Fortunately, you will often find a good discount on these bundled-in items. Moreover, if you actually need the additional item on top of the GPU, then you will manage to save more money overall. Even if you don't need it, the discount gives you a good chance to sell it second-hand and make the difference back up later.

Final Notes

You might wonder if it is worth waiting until Black Friday to buy a new graphics card. I won’t be surprised if you’ve been disappointed by the last two years of deals we’ve seen. In 2024, however, there are many discounts on the latest GPUs. Both cheap and expensive models have undergone price reductions, and rates across the board are at an all-time low.

If you've not had any luck getting your hands on a new video card until now, you can certainly wait for Black Friday and see if RTX-30 series restocks or AMD Radeon RX 6000 cards become available. I hope this article helps you snag a great new card that gives you countless hours of smooth gaming for years to come.

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