5 Best Food Processors to Buy Right Now

Food processors can always lend helping hands in your kitchen and food-making needs, no matter what age or workgroup you belong to. A good food processor can take care of tedious and tiring work and help you create new recipes faster.

People use food processors to dice, slice, mince, grind, shred, knead and so on. The food processors make these processes very easy and help you jumpstart your cooking process.

Best Food Processors

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While there are hundreds of good food processors available, it is very difficult to pick the best ones for your need.

I have decent experience using food processors, as I keep one at my home as well. So, based on my those experiences, I have come up with a list of the best food processors that you can buy in 2024.

Also, note that the Black Friday deals are around the corner. You can save a little extra if you buy a brand-new food processor during the Black Friday sale.

So, without further ado, let’s see the 5 best food processors in the world right now.

A comparison:

Food ProcessorVolumePurchase Link
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNYCapacity - 14 cups
Power - 720 watts
Size - 11 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches
Weight - 17 pounds
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Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 ProCapacity - 16 cups
Power - 1200 watts
Size - 11 x 8 x 18 inches
Weight - 26 pounds
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KitchenAid KFCB519Capacity - 5 cups
Power - 60 watts
Size - 6.61 x 5.51 x 10.39 inches
Weight - 2.79 pounds
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Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food ProcessorCapacity - 8 cups
Power - 450 watts
Size - 16 x 10.5 x 14.5 inches
Weight - 5.5 pounds
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Cuisinart Stainless Steel 13-Cup Food ProcessorCapacity - 13 cups
Power - 550 watts
Size - 20.5 x 18 x 11.75 Inches
Weight - 19.3 pounds
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Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

The Cuisinart “Custom 14” food processor performs almost every imaginable task with speed and excellence – from slicing tomatoes and chopping onions to working with a razor-sharp chef's knife and kneading pizza dough into a smooth elastic ball. The only task that I wasn’t able to perform well with it was shredding mozzarella. Although it did manage to shred without stalling, it did not produce shreds evenly – just like every other model I have worked with so far.

Using the processor is relatively straightforward – it has two large levers for you to press: one for the pulse and another to run the processor continuously and then turn it off. Apart from the basic chopping, mixing, and dough blade, it is also equipped with shredding and slicing discs. You can use the discs by attaching them to a stem that sits in the bowl. However, I should warn you that clicking them into place can be a bit tricky.

The food-feeding chute locks into place at the rear of the bowl, which can be somewhat inconvenient when adding food material. However, it does make it easier for you to see what is going on in the bowl during processing. Since the tube is big enough, you don’t have to cut a beefsteak tomato or a block of mozzarella in half before processing them. The processor runs so quietly that it won’t even interrupt a normal conversation in your kitchen.

The processor is also easy to clean. In fact, Cuisinart is the only manufacturer that actually goes beyond simply "dishwasher safe" and encourages users to wash the parts in the dishwasher. The device is available in white and black colors with stainless accents or all-brushed stainless steel. If needed, you can purchase whisk attachments, a flat lid, a disc storage unit, and other size shredding and slicing discs separately.


  • Performs almost every task exceptionally well
  • Easily fits under a cabinet
  • Works quietly


  • Has a somewhat inconvenient chute lock
  • Does not shred mozzarella evenly

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro

The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro is an expensive but genuinely beautiful product. It offers top-notch performance and a wide range of valuable features.

If you choose to buy the Breville, you need to keep a dedicated space in your kitchen aside. The processor is too tall to fit under a kitchen cabinet and too heavy to lift in and out of a cabinet or closet regularly. Nevertheless, it has many excellent features as well.

The Breville comes with classy parts that glide into place. It has a 2½-cup bowl that turns it into a mini chopper and a storage box that holds five discs, two blades, a cleaning brush, and a spatula. It also has three lighted control buttons (on/off, pulse, and run) and an LCD timer that counts up or down. The latter is particularly useful for recipes that require you to knead for two minutes or so.

The processor’s food chute is large enough for you to slice a small pepper without cutting it in half. You can use the reversible shredding disc for adjustable slicing – from very thin to about a third-of-an-inch thick. It also comes with julienne and French fry blades, so you don’t need to slice potatoes twice to get strips.

The machine runs pretty silently, and when it’s not in use, you can store the cord (which you can easily pull out of a socket) in a compartment in the back. However, if you’re one of those who like to put everything in the dishwasher, I should mention that the manufacturers recommend you wash its parts manually.

This 16-cup processor is a great choice for people who often cook in large quantities and can afford it.


  • Generous 16-cup capacity
  • Equipped with five discs and three blades
  • Has a wide chute that cuts French fries


  • Takes up too much space
  • Difficult to be stored away

KitchenAid KFCB519

The KitchenAid 5-Cup Cordless Food Chopper is equipped with a multipurpose blade and whipping attachments, unlike most standard-sized food processors that generally also possess shredding and slicing discs. Nevertheless, this mini processor can quickly chop, grind, puree, and whip ingredients; however, you can’t use it to shred cheese or knead the dough.

You can fully charge it within about two hours and use it to turn around onions into evenly chopped bits, ready for adding to salads or sauteing. It can finely grind up firm ingredients like hard cheese and toasted almonds as well.

This KitchenAid processor requires no assembly and has safety measures to effectively prevent young children from accidentally turning on the device. Its 5-cup capacity allows for one tomato or one medium-sized onion at a time, which is quite enough for most kitchen tasks. However, you might have to do your work in batches.

Despite being convenient to use, the device has its flaws as well. It lacks certain features of other food processors, such as kneading dough and processing ingredients in large quantities. Also, there’s no chute on the lid that lets you add ingredients while in use. As a result, you will have to load everything before initiating a processing cycle.


  • Battery-powered device
  • Easy to use
  • Chops and slices efficiently.


  • Has a limited capacity
  • Doesn’t have enough accessories

Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food Processor

Although the Hamilton Beach Food Processor is efficient at chopping, mincing, slicing, and shredding evenly, it doesn’t cut as cleanly as some higher-tier models. When I worked with it, the parsley came out a bit wet and mashed, while the edges of the pepperoni were slightly ragged. The machine kneads dough just fine but tends to rock quite as it works.

However, the most significant disadvantage of this device is just how hard it is to use. The lid is difficult to put in place, and before using the processor, you need to bring a huge locking arm up over the lid and snap it on. Also, the lever controls could be more convenient to use.

The processor has a reversible shredding disc and a slicing disc you can adjust to six different thicknesses and a dough blade. It is also equipped with a bowl scraper attachment, but since it does not reach down into the edge (where food is most likely to accumulate), it isn’t really helpful.

The device also comes with a storage box to hold the dough blade and discs, which can sit under the food processor when not in use. You can safely clean all of the parts in your dishwasher.


  • Fairly good at all tasks
  • Comes with a storage box


  • Is rather difficult to use

Cuisinart Stainless Steel 13-Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart Stainless Steel 13-Cup Food Processor is an excellent choice for people who want a large chopper to perform a wide range of cooking prep chores.

The processor delivers excellent results whether you use it to mince herbs, knead pizza dough, or slice potatoes for an au gratin. Before operating this machine, you must align all the parts correctly. However, since they turn and lock into place smoothly, it’s quite easy to get the hang of it quickly.

The processor’s feed tube is big enough to accommodate a block of mozzarella, but you can adjust it to be thin enough to hold a pepperoni. Also, adding food becomes much easier since it is located in the front.

The machine is equipped with a 13-cup bowl and a smaller 4½-cup one, chopping and kneading blades, a shredding disc that reverses for thin or thick shreds, a plastic spatula, and a slicing disc that adjusts for seven different thicknesses. It also comes with a handy case to store all the accessories; however, you need to find storage space to keep it.

You can separately get dicing and spiralizer accessories that work well enough. However, they come with many small parts you will have to assemble and store when you are not using them.

The device is dishwasher safe as long as you manage to find space in the top rack.


  • Performs every task well
  • The feed tube adjusts to three widths
  • Comes with storage space for accessories


  • Takes up a lot of space