Best Delta Faucets for Kitchen and Bathrooms: A Buying Guide

Faucets have an important role to play in modern kitchens and bathrooms. They help us wash our hands and quickly rinse vegetables and fruits (in the kitchen) while keeping the surrounding area quite clean. Moreover, a beautifully designed faucet greatly enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom. When it comes to faucets, a brand that everybody is familiar with is Delta – one of the largest manufacturers of faucets in the world.

Founded in the early 1950’s by Alex Manoogian, Delta boasts of the world’s very first successful ball joint valve faucet. It was also the pioneer that helped in bringing the faucet industry into the spotlight. Over half a century, the Delta Faucet Company has won several prestigious awards for its dedication to innovation and improvement.

If you’ve been looking forward to purchasing a Delta faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, then look no further. In this article, I have included all the important details you need to keep in mind to identify and purchase a Delta faucet best suited to your needs.

Why choose a Delta faucet for your kitchen or bathroom?

Delta faucet

Before we proceed further, let’s see what you stand to gain by choosing a Delta faucet for your kitchen or bathroom. We’ve already taken a look at Delta’s fascinating history; they are truly an industry leader and manufacture a wide range of splendidly designed products. Kitchen faucets designed by Delta are modern, stylish, and equipped with various useful functions.

For example, Delta’s smart kitchen faucets come with measurable water distribution, touchless control functions, increased flow rate, and gorgeous designs for modern homes. They also feature state-of-the-art utility technologies as shown below:

1. Touch2

Delta faucets’ award-winning Touch2O®technology sets them apart from their peers. It is Delta’s signature touch-sensor tech that makes your usually messy kitchen routine a whole lot less stressful. It gives you control over the kitchen faucet even when your hands are immersed in food or holding a pile of utensils.

Touch2O®utilizes your inner body capacitance and uses sensors to detect when the faucet is in contact with your body and subsequently turn the water on or off. Moreover, it knows how to differentiate between a hasty grab and legitimate contact by measuring the duration of contact. Thus, you can adjust the spout without accidentally turning on the faucet.

2. SpotShield®

We all know that the kitchen usually gets messy with food material (especially the area around the countertop and the sink). Thus, the coating on a kitchen tool is of utmost importance. Although regular stainless finish usually does the job, the tools need to be cleaned regularly to retain the spotless look.

Delta faucets excel in this regard with their unique spot-resist technology – the SpotShield® Finish. Not only does it protect them from unwanted marks, but also hinders the growth of bacteria and fungi. Thus, it keeps your space free from foul odors and unhygienic microbial growths.

3. ShieldSpray®

Washing dishes after eating can be a tiring task, especially when normal water pressure is insufficient to properly rinse off food remnants. Delta’s ShieldSpray®technology produces a single concentrated stream of water with dramatically increased pressure.

It allows you to wash even the most tenacious food particles off the dishes while using the same amount of water. Also, the targeted cleaning zone is surrounded by a water shield to protect it from splattering and keep it clean.

4. MagnaTite Docking

If your faucet’s wand or head can’t dock properly, then it will remain both aesthetically and functionally unsatisfactory. Fortunately, Delta faucets come with MagnaTite Docking technology to address this issue. It utilizes a robust integrated magnet to ensure that the faucet operates just as promised in the advertisements.

How to choose a Delta faucet for your kitchen or bathroom?

Now that you’ve seen why Delta faucets are among the best, let us take a look at the factors you need to consider when buying one for your home. For the sake of convenience, I have shown how to choose a Delta faucet for your kitchen and bathroom in two separate sections below.

How to choose a Delta faucet for your kitchen?

When choosing a Delta faucet for your kitchen, you must find a good balance between style and function. Consider the following tips:

  1. Type of spout – The vintage straight spout faucet with a side sprayer is always a relatively safe choice. Apart from that, you will also find pull-out and pull-down sprayers with robust spray shields and docking magnets. I recommend going for a sprayer that is more flexible and saves space.
  2. Single-handle vs. two-handle – People usually go for the vintage two-handle design. However, the stylish single-handle model has been gaining popularity in recent times. It is a hands-free device equipped with the aforementioned Touch2O® technology that will be a great addition to your kitchen.
  3. Choice of finish – You will come across Delta faucets with various finishes including stainless steel, matte black, champagne bronze, and chrome. Select one that adds vitality to your kitchen. Also, I recommend going for the aforementioned SpotShield® finish that protects the faucet from water stains and fingerprints.

How to choose a Delta faucet for your bathroom?

Whether you’re building a new master suite or revamping your powder room, you need to choose an appropriate faucet for the same. Let’s see how to do so:

  1. Analyze whether your bathroom sees heavy traffic or not. Give priority to functionality if it’s a morning gridlock zone.
  2. If children or elderly family members use the bathroom regularly, then choose a faucet that is easy to turn on and off. You can go for a single-handle faucet or hands-free model in that case.
  3. Assess the depth of your sink. Smaller bathroom sinks require smaller fixtures, whereas vessel-type sinks need a faucet tall enough to reach out over the bowl.
  4. If you’re purchasing a new countertop as well, note that some counters are custom-drilled to match your faucet holes. In that case, you must buy the faucet first.
  5. Properly measure the thickness of the deck (the countertop or sink), the number of holes in the deck, and spacing between each hole (in inches) measured from the approximate center.
  6. Match the faucet’s finish to that of your bath or shower fixtures (or the cabinet hardware, if your sink is in a powder room).
  7. If you’re retaining your countertop, ensure that the faucet’s stream hits near the center of the basin or just behind it.
  8. Finally, before making your purchase, enquire about the longevity of the brand and find out whether a lifetime warranty covers the faucet.


Although Delta faucets are among the best models available in the market, it is important for you to know exactly what you’re looking for. Not only must you be well acquainted with your needs, but you should know how to strike an effective balance between aesthetics and functionality as well. I hope this article helps you understand all the important concepts involved and buy a quality Delta faucet that serves you efficiently for several years to come.

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