With advances in computing technology, it is inevitable that there will also become more sophisticated ways for people to hack into them. Despite anti-virus software, also getting more advanced and able to deal with most threats, there can still be incidences of hacking. So, what should you do if you think that your computer has been hacked?

How Can You Tell?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between getting a virus and being hacked. In some respects, the same things can happen, but there are a few ways that you can tell it’s been hacked. Firstly, have you noticed any new software on your computer? There can be additional software installed when you install a new program, so be aware of this, but if your virus software starts to find trojans or malware, then this can be a sign that someone has gained access. If an online account has been hacked, then you may find that your password has been changed. Try to use the ‘forgot password’ option, but if it doesn’t recognize your email address, then you need to contact the site owners.

Disconnect from the Internet

If you think that your computer may have been hacked, it is important to try and protect your data from other people. For that reason, you should disconnect your computer from the internet so that no more data can be transferred. It will also prevent any further attacks from other viruses or hackers while you try to recover all your lost data.

Reset Your Passwords

You won’t be able to tell if any of your online accounts have been compromised, so it is vital that you contact those companies and tell them what has happened. You should also change your passwords on all of your online accounts as soon as possible. If you find that you cannot change the password, then mention this to the company that owns the site, and they can reset it for you. You should also look to change the passwords for any programs you use, such as Microsoft. You will need good Office 365 security, so everything that you do cannot be easily placed in the hand of those who are malicious.

Check Your Computer

It is likely that the hacker has left some spyware or malware on the computer, so you need to ensure that it is checked. You should conduct a full system scan of your computer with your anti-virus so that it can check the drives. It may even suggest a boot scan that searches the programs loaded when the computer is first turned on. Your anti-virus should spot all the offending software and remove or quarantine it; then you should be okay to use the computer again. It is important to try and discover how they managed to hack into your computer, so you should also check your router and make sure your firewall is working correctly.

By regularly updating your security software and keeping your passwords up to date, you can try to prevent future attacks and keep your data safe.


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