India has been regarded as one of the fastest growing economies in the last few decades. With the burgeoning market and improved education sector, India’s growth is on a stairway to success. Currently, India holds an eminent position in the global education industry with more than 1.4 million schools and over 36,000 higher education institutes. Like this India has achieved a status of the largest higher educational hub in the world. However, there is still more scope of improvement in the field of quality education. Predominantly, the key role is being played by private institutions in the Indian education sector as majority of students are enrolled in there. This further encourages the government to take futuristic steps in order to strengthen higher education system for the career-oriented youth.

Corporate Demands & Importance of a good degree

The higher education system has led to a massive demand of qualified and skilled employees in renowned corporate companies as well as start-ups. One of the most sought after and valued post graduate degree of all time is MBA – Masters in Business Administration. The popularity of this course has amplified due to its demand in myriad sectors that India entails these days. An MBA course outstands other courses because of the job prospects, successful career and financial stability it offers. Coveted business schools insist on CAT scores primarily to take in a candidate. One has to work hard to make through CAT 70 percentile colleges like IILM, as its one of the most renowned one in India.

CAT & Careers


To be precise, CAT scores affects your career significantly, as a good rank helps you get into a good college and later advances you to get a good job down the line. There is a great amount of hard-work, practice and persistence involved in order to make through a renowned B-school like IILM. If you are in a good business school, you will definitely come across a powerful alumni base that would further help you in future. Moreover, the financial stability that an MBA degree promises – is absolutely exceptional when compared to other postgraduate courses. IILM that has a potent 9000+ alumni base will help you in learning essential aspects of this course, profitable in the business world.

Another important aspect of MBA is that it’s not confined to students of a certain age. Those who are already working can add another star in their resume by doing this course. It’s a fact that in most of the companies the promotions are decided on the basis of not only the performance of the employee but also on the basis of their qualifications. No matter how good your experience is, sometimes you don’t get promoted in the corporate hierarchy due to lack of a strong degree like MBA. Also, a company pays more to those who hold better resumes and immense experience at the same time.


iilmmba Students

The level of education and opportunities offered to students at IILM is perfect in order to polish the skill of the students and make them successful in future. The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the advent of the digital realm and the influence that it has on the lives of the youth. We must realize that standards of education have become more holistic and comprehensive and we must choose our career accordingly. Therefore, IILM has emerged as a perfect example of being a great education center. With the brilliant business simulations, published cases, and reading and learning materials it helps the students in preparing for the professional world and face competition. Such integrated curriculum helps training a student in the best way possible and strengthens his/her entrepreneur and managerial skills.

The basic idea is to take up the opportunities, learn as much as you can and grab the best prospects. You will have multiple experiences and exposure, as MBA has many dimensions. It’s like stepping blocks where one success story in the corporate world will lead to another success story. You have to simply pick up from wherever you are and keep moving towards your goal with complete dedication.

  1. MBA from a good college and before going for MBA a little bit of experience should be added top a priority. Nowadays experience is much required. Degree plays a good role but nothing can beat experience working in a real life environment.
    thanks for gathering such a good content and helping the needy

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