How many weeks are left before your final exams? Are you ready to score memorable grades? Because if not, you may just have to wait another 12 months to re-take exams and no student wants that to happen. GCSE students who fail won’t be able to pursue A-levels, and A-level students who fail (or get low grades) won’t get into their dream college. Did we get your attention now? Exams are serious regardless of their nature. You can’t afford to play with your academic future, so it’s time to take them seriously. Here are 10 tips that will help you dominate your finals.


1. Go to class

Skipping class is not recommended if you want to dominate your exams. Taking notes is not the same thing with studying from a book. Notes are a lot more elaborate, and often times teachers say things you can’t get from any book. Teachers are always willing to help out students who are struggling to understand certain matters. Don’t be shy and ask they’ll be glad you’re showing interest.


2. Start a revision in advance

Nobody says you have to revise for exams with 6 months in advance. However, in the last 30 days before exams, you should get things started. Organize your study material, make a timetable, and start slow. Begin with 1 hour every morning and don’t stall. Think about the importance of those exams, and how proud you’ll feel with an A up your sleeve.

3. Revision notes are important

You may not realize it now but revision notes are vital during your study session. Providing that they’re structured properly they will help you top your exams without struggling too much. Whether you’re a fan of flash cards or you’d rather switch to mind maps, the key is to read them over and over again until the information sticks to your brain.


4. Do past papers

The best way to understand a future exam is to do past papers. Ask a teacher to give you some papers or you can easily perform a Google search. Nowadays, most exam boards are focused on exam techniques so it’s definitely a good idea to get familiar with the layout before the final test.

5. Summary notes

Summary notes are an ideal way to memorize information. Quit lying to yourself; reading a book won’t help you retain essential information. Making notes on the other hand will keep important data organized. It’s definitely a challenging process but it will be worth it.

6. Take regular breaks

Taking a break from your 2-hour exam revision will keep the brain functioning properly. Try not to allot those 10 minutes to playing a video game, and do something rejuvenating. Have a healthy snack, go out for a couple of minutes to buy something, or just stretch your body. Do 20 push-ups and you’ll feel ready for another hour of fruitful studying?

7. Study with your colleagues

Studying with colleagues is a two way deal. They can be very influential, in a bad way. However, if their priorities coincide with yours, then you’re good to go. Group learning is good for the brain when done the right way as the techniques are endless. As role-playing, swapping flashcards, audio & visual learning all are strategies that you can use to make your exam revision fun and beneficial.


8. The importance of a study guide

Students are used to making study guides for exams. However, they must be done properly. Start with organizing lectures and print out textbook notes, class courses, books, and more. Separate them on topics and label them accordingly. Paper-clip the papers and make a pile for each subject. It will be so much easier for you study when everything is organized.

9. Nap time

You can’t cram all subjects in 2 days, sleep for 4-5 hours and expect to pass exams with flying colors. If only it were that easy. The brain can’t work non-stop. It needs proper rest, so make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a night.

10. Emotions are useless

It’s never a good idea to be nervous the day of the exam. Students have the tendency to freak out for no reason. Emotions are not good so you have to learn how to block them. Breathe!!! You studied really hard, you know the information, the only thing left to do is to relax and just let your mind do the magic.


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