Marketing Plugins

FluentCRM is a WordPress plugin for email marketing, managing leads, automated sequences, and user activities, all from your dashboard. Highly recommended if you are planning to self-host your marketing.

AzonPress is an intuitive WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates that enables you to create and showcase high-yield amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site and start earning easily.

BetterLinks excels as a smart link management tool, offering intuitive tracking and optimization. Its geo-targeting and device targeting ensure precise redirection, tailoring content for specific audiences. Also comes with a robust analytics dashboard.

PublishPress is a powerful plugin for bloggers and marketers to manage and schedule WordPress content. Ideal for content-heavy sites, it offers a calendar for visualizing and organizing posts. Users can create content directly on the calendar, adjust dates with drag-and-drop functionality, and notify team members about updates. This comprehensive plugin streamlines content planning and ensures consistent, high-quality publishing.

Linksy is a powerful internal linking plugin for WordPress that allows you to scan the whole site for links and make the most of internal links with Machine Learning and AI. One of the best out there.

KingSumo is possibly the easiest tool to run a giveaway. Use it to get a lot of sales and leads for your business by conducting viral giveaways and connecting those leads to your favorite marketing tools.

The most popular WordPress donation plugin. Use it to take donations for your favorite causes or to raise money for your crowdfunded project.

Icegram is a set of WordPress plugins for lead capture, call to action and email marketing. Use forms, email subscriptions and onsite campaigns to grow your audience and boost sales.

Mailpoet is a WordPress-powered email marketing tool that you can host on your site and send emails via Mailpoet’s premium sending servers. Free to begin. Upgrade as you grow.

The best and one of the most loved form plugins for WordPress. Drag and drop builder, modern design, spam protection, responsive layout and developer friendly. Hundreds of addons tailored for different needs, powered by a great development team and an active community. Use it for Contact Forms, Newsletter Forms or anything else.