Movies that can inspire Indian Students during exams

It is said that all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Entertainment is a very important factor in life. If there is no entertainment, life would become monotonous and the person won’t be able to concentrate on studies as he would be bored of doing the same things. Some relaxation time is very important when the student is all piled up with notes and projects. Assessments like the JEE to national scholarship test made easy by watching inspiring films.

Taking some time out and watching a movie won’t harm if you have worked hard throughout the year. It is also better than watching a series which is much more time consuming and is hard to stop once you have started watching.

Watching a movie is safer because it is bound to end after a certain time and you will remember that you need to head right back to your books. Below are given a few movies that are a must watch and would not only bring relaxation to you but would also motivate and inspire you in various ways.

Nil Battey Sannata (2015)

nill battey sannata

This is basically a story about a single mother who works very hard to make the ends meet and give her daughter the life she deserves. She is shown doing four small jobs and is occupied throughout the day. The daughter on the other hand is a weak student who is unable to perform well in class. The mother of the child brings out time from her busy schedule and takes admission in her daughter’s class so that she can help her daughter score better. The daughter, seeing her mother perform well, gets motivated and starts working hard. The story might be simple but the thought process behind this is a bigger one. It throws light on every individual’s right to be educated and have a better life irrespective of their social status and also the importance and relevance of hard work.

I Am Kalam (2010)

i am kalam

Again, this is a story of a small child named Chotu who belongs to a poor family background. Unlike the previous story where the child is motivated to study, here the child is forced to start working at a roadside Dhaba for some extra income. Inspired by the life story of former president Abdul Kalam, the child takes a stubborn decision of studying hard and leaving a mark on society. Here, the main objective of the movie is to discourage child labour and show the importance of child education.

3 Idiots (2009)

3 idiots 770x433 1

Inspired and based on the very famous Chetan Bhagat novel, “Five Point Someone”. The story correctly hits the peer pressure, parental pressure, taboo about marks and the standardised education system. The story is about three friends who aspire totally different things from life but fortunately or unfortunately are stuck doing engineering for different reasons which may be parental pressure or so on. The movie is a must watch for engineers as well as students who aspire to take up engineering because just everyone is doing so. The story hits the right spots of the Indian education system.

Taare Zameen Par (2009)

taare zameen par

The movie is about an eight year old boy who struggles with not only studies but different aspects in school. He is avoided by teachers and thought to be dumb by teachers and parents as well. This all changes when a new teacher joins the school and finds out the real problem of the child which is dyslexia. This term was introduced by the movie and parents became much more conscious with their kids here after. The story rightly pinpoints the over expectations that parents usually have from their kids and how it wrongly affects the kids in many ways.

The Social Network (2010)

the social network

The story is about the one and only Mark Zuckerberg, who is none other than the founder of Facebook. The movie is based on his life and how his way of thinking and hard work changed his life. The story is very motivating and must be watched by each and every student. The movie throws light on key areas such as the importance of risk in life and why they should be taken to achieve something great. The movie is sure to inspire you and work hard to achieve your dreams.

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