Coming across an error message when visiting a website is a frustrating experience, especially when that website is your own. However, you needn’t panic as soon as this happens. First of all, you should try to ascertain whether the website is down for everyone or down only for you. In the latter case, there could be configuration issues that need to be addressed. On the other

You must have come across several WordPress plugins for integrating Adsense into your WordPress powered blogs be it in the sidebar, between posts, in between the content and other areas like footers and headers. Using a plugin is really simple, isn’t it? Install an Adsense plugin with a click of a button and then link your Adsense account to it, specify the dimensions of the banners

By default Genesis Themes ship with [Read More] as hyperlink in blog archives. You can change it to one of your choice by using out this snippet. Steps: Login to Dashboard and go to Appearance -> Theme Editor. Make sure a Genesis child theme (see popular genesis themes) is active and you are not editing core Genesis framework. Look for functions.php file and open it. At

Description Automate your SEO Add today’s date by , current year by , previous year by , next year by , current month (like January) by and current month shortname (like Jan) by shortcodes anywhere, including content and title. Use this plugin to boost your site’s SEO by using the variables anywhere. Works with popular SEO Plugins Supports RankMath, Yoast and SEOPress plugins and can be

Comments are no longer good for SEO but if you can’t still get rid of it, manage it right. Some bloggers, link-building muddleheads may spam your comment area with multiple URLs. You can get rid of those by putting this code in your child theme’s functions.php file.

Want to tell your readers how long it will take an article to read completely? Insert the following code into the right file (e.g., single.php or page.php) in the right place (above post meta and below post title) in your theme. It counts total words in an article and calculates time by estimating that on average a reader can read 200 words in a minute.