How to Value & Sell a Website with No Revenue with Flippa?

Looking to value and sell a website with no revenue? If you are, this is the perfect place to be. In this guide, I will tell you how you can value and sell websites using Flippa whether they make any earnings or not.

Why Flippa?

When it comes to website valuations and selling, Flippa is the first choice of most digital entrepreneurs. Flippa's valuation tool creates an estimate of your website's total worth and lets you sell your site at the best rates possible.

If you are earning with your website, the valuation can be 30-40 times or even higher than your monthly revenue. Once your site is valued with Flippa, you can optionally choose to sell your site directly on Flippa or use any other escrow services.

But what if your website doesn't make any money?

Can Flippa do a valuation of that too?

And if it does, what will be the value of such a website?

Can you sell that on Flippa?

Well, the short answer is that you can use Flippa's Valuation Tool to estimate the value of your website even if that doesn't have any revenue. And yes, you can sell that on Flippa.

In this article, I will walk you through how you can value a website without any revenue with Flippa. I will proceed further to tell how you can sell such a site for a good amount.

How to Find Value of Your Website?

Irrespective of the revenue, you can use Flippa's Valuation Tool to estimate the value of your website. The process is really simple and done using a chatbot experience.

Here are the processes involved:

Open Flippa's Free Online Business Valuation Tool. You will be welcome by a chat-based window like this.

free online business valuation

Click on Yes to begin.

The first question will be "Great, let's do it. Let's start with your name?" and the answers will be followed by "Thanks {Your Name}. Now, what's your domain name or URL?"

Enter your website domain, like This website domain is the one that you want to sell.

The next the chatbot asks is when your domain/online business went online. The older a domain name – the more is the valuation.

"What is your main business model...?" is the next question that follows. Business models differ and as per your business model, Flippa asks for the types of websites that you own.

You will have to continue answering these questions and others to tell Flippa how you earn and how much you earn. If your website doesn't have revenues, you can enter $0 as revenue.

Flippa creates an estimate and tells you how much your website is worth. You will have to enter your email address to get the estimate details and further follow-ups if you are considering selling.

Please note that if the asset is less than a year old i.e., if it started in 2024 it is hard to value and so the valuations are very wide with such skewed data. And so, those young assets are not possible to go through the valuations engine.

free online business valuation step 2

Please note that these estimates are indicative and if you want to sell your website on Flippa, you can quote your own price while listing your website at Flippa Marketplace.

Sell your Website on Flippa

Flippa Marketplace is the world's largest marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, websites, domains and more.

It allows you to list all types of websites, in all niches and with all sorts of revenues.

There is a fee of $49 (or higher) attached if you want to list your website in the marketplace. If you used the site valuation tool above, Flippa will create an automated brochure and selling page based on your answers.

free online business valuation step 3

You can activate your listing and wait for the buyers to bid. You can even set a higher asking price that interested sellers can directly pay to buy the website.

How much should I ask for a website with no revenues?

This is a question that will haunt you. If your website was making some money, you could easily ask for 30-40 times of your monthly revenue. But if the site is making no money, 30-40 times of a Zero will always be zero, right? Even you'd be uncomfortable with sites that make <$10 per month.

Let's see what Flippa's valuation tool says.

  1. I am taking one of my websites that isn't making any actual money as an example. The website's domain is 6 years old (a factor that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites) and is in the Internet sector. 
  2. Flippa asks for a minimum of $50 per year as revenue. I'll go ahead with this and make the spendings to $50 as well. This way the profit stands at Zero.
  3. Here are the next factors that will obviously come into consideration, which may or may not be used by Flippa's Valuation tool:
    1. Site Traffic
    2. Organic Traffic
    3. Domain Age
    4. Domain Authority (Not used by Flippa)
    5. Number of Quality Backlinks (Not used by Flippa)
    6. Content Volume and Quality (Not used by Flippa)

Flippa valued that example site at $1000.

Is the rate fine for a site like this?

In most cases, yes. You can sell the website for $1000 and start focusing on other projects.

But, there are some things that Flippa doesn't take into account but buyers will definitely do.

Domain Authority is a key SEO factor and this can turn any non-profit-making website into a money-making machine. I have already written some of the ways you can start making money with blogs.

For a website that is not making money but is still good in terms of traffic and domain authority, you can ask way more than just $1000. Maybe 5-times of this. So, Flippa's valuation is a great way to start but if you are considering selling, you should take other factors into consideration and ask for something that your heart feels right.

How to Sell a Website on Flippa?

Once you have done the valuation, Flippa Chatbot creates a listing for you as shown here.

free online business valuation step 4

All you need to do is to activate your listing at a nominal fee. Just click on Continue to Payment Breakdown button and Flippa will tell how much you exactly need to pay to list your website.

You can also open Flippa's Sell page and enter your website URL to get started. Flippa

flippa sell page is a legend in this field and is highly trusted. They take money from buyers and pay you through your preferred payment accounts after finalizing formalities.

On Flippa, you can also sell

If you are looking for alternatives other than Flippa, there are some more marketplaces like GoDaddy Marketplace,, Empire Flippers and others where you can sell your website.

Until next time.

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