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4 Practical Methods to Combine Multiple Videos into One

If you have recorded some stunning video clips, how to merge multiple videos into one file quickly and easily? You’ve come to the right place because you will find the answer here. This post will show you how to use MiniTool MovieMaker (the free video editor for Windows users), a Mac app, and an online tool to combine videos into one, follow the detailed steps and begin to create professional-quality videos in minutes.

PC users could use Windows Movie Maker in the past decades. However, after it got officially discontinued, users began to meet unexpected errors, occasionally the software freezes for no reason, cannot save the edited video,  or no audio comes out from the final video file. It’s advisable to opt for other alternative programs to merge video files with minimal effort and do other video editing tasks.

Part 1. Combine Videos into One Using the free MiniTool Movie Maker Program

If you haven’t installed Windows Movie Maker on the computer but need to join video clips together to make one video, MiniTool Movie Maker can do you a favor. 

This is a free, fast video editing software that supports the UHD video, HD and common video files in many different formats, including .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .avi, .flv, .3gp, .wmv. etc. It allows you to optimize the videos by adding transition effects, filters, animated text, titles, animations, background music and more.  If you need a quick result, use the free music library and video templates in the software and you could use edit video in a much shorter time. You do not need to have the expertise or much knowledge in video editing to merge several videos and give videos a professional look. The instructions are listed as follows.

1.1. Launch MiniTool Movie Maker on a Windows PC or Laptop. 

You will see some templates on the main UI, which are useful for novice users. Select one video template, import some video files from your computer, then you can begin to create a great video.

Methods to combine multiple videos into one

1.2. Now you should import files to the MiniTool software.

Click the “Import Media Files” button in order to add some of your video files and pictures that are stored on your PC, phone, drones or other digital devices.

1.3. Drag some multimedia files to the software timeline.

You will notice that all the files are listed in the Media library after you import them to the software. Now you are free to choose certain files and drag them to the timeline.

Optional step: You can re-arrange the order for each selected video file on the timeline as you wish.

1.4. Apply the video transitions to make your video look fabulous.

Image 3

To make your video looks impressive after you use MiniTool MovieMaker to combine many video clips into one, you are supposed to add different transitions at the right places and last them for a few seconds. In addition, you can preview the content when editing to ensure that everything looks good and natural. There are 2 simple steps to take:Select the video transition and preview it, and then drag every video transition to the right place.

1.5. Some other steps for editing the video. (They are not mandatory.)

You can use your imagination and creativity and do other jobs with MiniTool MovieMaker, for example, add background music, add customized text to the video, apply cool video filters. 

1.6. Trim or split video clips to fit a certain length. 

MiniTool Movie Maker can assist you in splitting a long video into small files effortlessly and get many parts of the footage with lossless quality. Furthermore, it can remove unwanted footage either from the beginning or from the end. 

1.7. Now you are free to store the final video.

Image 9

Click the “Export” option, choose one video format and resolution that cater to your need, change the file name so you can recognize the file later, at last, wait for a few seconds for the final video to be stored on your Windows PC.

Part 2. Other Video Combiners and Editors You Might Also Want to Try

If you only need to perform very simple video editing tasks, like combining videos on Mac, iMovie can meet your need. Do as below and you could combine several separate clips into one single file.

  • Run iMovie, go to the “File” option→ choose the “Import” button, and later hit on “Movies”, after that, please find and choose some videos that you need from your Mac computer, and click “Import” to drag those files from the media section to the iMovie timeline.
  • Check everything looks fine, now you can save the combined videos. Navigate to “File”, hit “Share”, at last select the “File” option.
Image 4

How Can I Join / Merge Videos with the Help of VLC?

Not only can the all-in-one VLC media player play nearly any type of multimedia files, but it can also join multiple separate videos into one file. 

After running the VLC media player, please click the “Media” menu, afterward, hit on the “Open Multiple Files” option from the drop-down. (Or take a look at the following image to see the tutorial.)

Image 5

Navigate to the “File” tab → click the “Add” button to add the video files which you need to merge. After that, click the “Play” button → click on the “Convert” button from the drop-down.

Image 6

Everything is done. Check if everything looks fine, set the location to save the new video.

How Shall I Merge Multiple Video Files with Online Tools?

YouTube video editor used to be a free-to-use online tool that offers basic editing features to online users. However, it stopped service on September 20, 2017.

If you do not want to install any programs and tend to combine multiple videos into one online, you can try Click the big blue “Choose Files” button in the middle of the page, select some video files that you want to combine, and then hit the “Open” button, choose one video format for the final output video, and finally click “Merge” for the online tool to get started to merge the videos into one file.

Image 10

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