Imginn Review and 5 Alternatives to Anonymously Browse Instagram Stories

People regularly upload their photographs and videos on Instagram and use the platform to connect with authorities, brands, celebrities, and friends to grow their influence.

Although you can access the photographs and videos of the individuals you like to follow by creating an Instagram profile, you cannot download them.

Luckily, many solutions are available to solve this problem, one of the best being Imginn, a free online tool that allows you to save and share out Instagram stories, videos and photos.

In this guide, I will help you learn everything you need to know about Imginn, how to use it, and how safe it is to use.


In this article, I will discuss a website called Imginn that allows you to anonymously view Instagram profiles, stories and reels on Instagram.

First, we will start with a brief overview of Imginn's features and interface, highlighting its user-friendly design and its similarity and usability to Instagram stories.

The article will also discuss some of the benefits of using Imginn over native Instagram apps, including better privacy and security features.

Then we will also see some great Imaginn alternatives, such as Dumpor, Storistalker, SmiHub and Qoob.

Role of Instagram Downloaders and Viewers

Why does one need a viewer and downloader for Instagram stories?

People commonly want to save photos and videos to share with friends or upload to other websites. However, Instagram does not let you save posts made by influencers – you can only view them. It does give you the option to keep the post, but there isn’t one to safeguard the stories. Also, you cannot download Instagram photographs and videos straight to a phone.

Most users capture and share screenshots of Instagram posts but still require links to download videos. Thus, your only option is to retrieve the data using a photo-sharing application.

Also, anyone who views Instagram stories will leave traces, which is inconvenient if you want to hide your presence. Whether you want to perform a background check or competitor research, you must conceal your traces when viewing other people's accounts. That is impossible within the app because Instagram will show everyone's footprint in the viewer list of stories. However, if you use Imginn, the best part is that no one knows when you save their images or videos from Instagram.

What is Imginn?

Imginn is an online Instagram story viewer and downloader that helps you save your Instagram stories and browse public profiles anonymously. With this tool, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Download Instagram videos and photos – You can use Imginn to zoom a user's Instagram profile picture to full size and download it in full HD quality. Also, you can simply download all the photos and reels in high quality using their links.
  • Download Instagram stories – Do you want to save those fantastic Instagram stories before they vanish? Imginn also allows you to do so easily with just a click. Also, you can save private or featured stories for offline access.
  • View Instagram without an account – Imginn allows you to view Instagram posts, profile pictures, highlights, reels, stories, and videos outside the Instagram app. You can easily search for anyone's profile on Instagram and view all their profile pictures, post counts, and followers.

People sometimes mistake Imginn for an app they can download from Google Play or the Play Store. Fortunately, Imginn operates anonymously and is a website rather than an app. Therefore, installing it on a laptop or mobile device is not a problem. All you need to do to access Imginn is to visit its website.

Now that you know what Imginn is, let’s learn how to use it.

Understanding the Imginn interface

Imaginn home

ImgInn features a neat, clear, and graphic interface on its website. It is more or less a one-scroll web page experience. The only troublesome part is the online ads – the entire website is loaded with advertisement banners.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web

Application Category: Multimedia, Photos, Social Media

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use
  • Works effectively


  • Loaded with Advertisements
imginn homepage

When you visit the official ImgInn website, you will notice the following:

  • The Imginn logo at the top.
  • A search bar with the highlighting context ‘Enter username.’
  • Some ads
  • At the bottom, a footer link containing “About us” and “Remove account.”
  • And some more ads.

How to use Imginn

You can quickly start using Imginn by following the given steps:

  • Search for “Imginn” on Google or any preferable search browser and open from the search results.
  • Enter the concerned profile username in the "Instagram Profile Viewer."
  • When you click the “Search” button, the interface will display a list of relevant profiles pulled from Instagram. Click on the correctly matched profile account.
  • Under the profile avatar, you will find “Post,” “Stories,” and “Tagged.” Their functions are as follows:
    • Post - By clicking on the post menu, you can see the user’s posts, including single and multiple images and videos.
    • Stories - Clicking this will show you the highlights, not reels. 
    • Tagged – “Tagged” people are the ones a user mentions on their post for outreach purposes. The interface displays posts and videos from tagged accounts.
  • Find the Instagram posts you want to save and click the "Download" button.

That’s all there is to it. As you can see, the entire process is straightforward, and anyone can use it with no hassles whatsoever.

How to download Instagram posts from Imginn anonymously

You can initiate anonymous downloading from Imginn by following the given steps:

  • Use the search bar and choose the relevant type of resources (Stories, Photo, Video, and avatars) from the menu.
  • Remember that Stories and Avatar work on search term bases. Enter the required Instagram username and click or tap the search icon.

Usually, you need a link to download a photo or video from Instagram. However, you can download Instagram photos and videos without a link using the search bar menu. When you enter the username, the interface will show all public content from that account. You can then click the “Download” button to save the data.

Advantages of ImgInn

  • Imginn allows you to view Instagram without an account.
  • It lets you download all kinds of posts, including videos and photos.
  • You can use it to view your own as well as other user account profiles and download from them as well.
  • It lets you browse anonymously without anyone knowing what you have downloaded.
  • It has a separate menu to help you download various files from Instagram.
  • The service is fast, and ads will not interrupt the downloading process.

Apart from these, if you wish to delete or remove an account, you can request Imginn to do so by following the given steps:

  • Go to the bottom section and click on “Remove Account.”
  • Enter the URL of your Instagram profile, followed by your email address.
  • Click or tap the “Submit” button.

Keep in mind that it will take some days to finish the process.

Disadvantages of using Imginn

  • ImgInn cannot see or monitor a private account; therefore, it cannot process such an account’s posts and videos.
  • The Imginn interface does not allow users to see the view count or likes in posts.
  • Because the website doesn’t have any copyright issues or privacy notes, there are concerns regarding privacy and hacking.

Best Imginn alternatives to try out

You might be wondering if Imginn is capable of data hacking. Unfortunately, the answer is yes; it is possible, depending on how you use the website. Some people have used third-party tools to discover that the platform has a low-security score. Also, Imginn frequently has glitches running and can be down at least three times a day, according to

Therefore, you can check out the following alternatives that offer more features and options.

1. Dumpor


Dumpor is a website similar to Imginn that lets you browse and download Instagram story views, videos, and photos anonymously. It has a simple interface that prompts users to search for any Instagram account with a profile, location, and tag. It lets you browse anonymously, view likes and comments, and search using hashtags.

2. Storistalker


Storistalker is another efficient anonymous Instagram photo and video viewer. The website is relatively slow and takes 30 seconds to process and display the results. However, the downloading itself is instant and requires no signup process. The free platform lets you anonymously watch Instagram stories and even deleted posts and videos.

3. SmiHub

Google Chrome 2023 01 04 001734

Offered by StoriesIG, SmiHub lets users anonymously view and download Instagram stories and other content. The website has two menus – “Viewer” and “Downloader,” along with an intelligent search bar that works on both criteria – username and link. It is entirely free to use, downloads HD images and videos, and lets you browse without logging in.

4. Qoob

Google Chrome 2023 01 04 001736

Qoob allows users to save TikTok and Instagram media with various benefits, such as:

- Browsing without knowing

- Group or individual downloads

- Receiving a notification on new posts

- Setting automatic downloads

It gives limited access to free users and offers affordable plans to continue enjoying its services. Also, it lets you download multiple files in batches, anonymously view Instagram stories, and back up your Instagram & TikTok accounts.

5. Inflact

Google Chrome 2023 01 04 001738

Inflact is arguably the best Instagram anonymous story viewer out there. It lets you anonymously watch Instagram stories and save videos and images without creating an account. You can automatically save Instagram stories from any public profile free of cost and work using any device without any third-party app installation.


Downloading images and stories from Instagram was difficult before the arrival of Imginn. It is a handy tool that lets you download stories and photos from Instagram to your hard drive. However, considering the risks associated with the same, you should ensure that your data and information are safe during the process. I advise using a reliable VPN service when working with Imginn.