The growth of YouTube is apparent to anyone who uses the internet on any regular basis, and the number of hits that the most popular videos on this mega-site get can number in the millions. So how can you capitalize on the most used online video platform? While the answer to this question is virtually limitless, if it is a website or blog that you are looking to increase traffic for, then YouTube can be another great tool that you can use to maximize your SEO strategy and get those ever valuable backlinks.

Using YouTube: The basics

If you run a blog or website then using YouTube to market your product, service, or even yourself is as simple as creating an account and uploading videos. The trick to making this effort a success, however, is ensuring that your videos are interesting, relevant to your business or blog, and are quality. No one will want to watch a video with poor sound or picture quality.

It is also important that if you are going to appear in your video as an expert, then looking the part is important. While is should seem obvious, wearing professional clothing and appearing well groomed will make people more likely to recognize you as what you are portraying yourself to be.

There are also many options for video uploads that don’t involve you dispensing advice. Including videos of relevant events, interviews, and general interest topics can also be very successful. Make sure that they are relevant to your website or blog, and that they are free of any copyright, or that you own the copyright for them.

Moreover, try to record more longer video as it is one of the principal ranking algorithm of YouTube.

The way that your YouTube video campaign will be a success, regarding your SEO strategy, is in the marketing. Firstly, make sure you include your blog’s or website’s URL in all the videos, as well as a link to your site. Use some keywords, suggested words in file name, title and description.

Also, embedding your videos, or other videos that are relevant, to your website, blog, guest posts will get you those sought after backlinks. YouTube includes links to pages that embed their videos, so this will get you not only backlinks but ones from a very popular source; thereby making them even more valuable.

While this is a great first step, making sure that you market your videos will get the number of people viewing them up, and will, therefore, be more likely to increase your web traffic. Posting links to your videos on relevant forums, send the announcement through your email list, or even producing press releases can get your videos out there.

Also making sure that you correctly tag your videos will ensure that people can find them through a YouTube search. While this is just another way you can get your website or blog to produce the type of revenue or results you are looking for, it can also be one that allows you to get a little creative, and have a bit of fun.


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