I have been writing & experimenting about major tech tools like smartphones for some time now. Last few years have been really intrusive for the smartphone manufacturers. With increasing mobile phone usage, I see a lot of new problems emerging for families and businesses. Cyberbullying, ePredating, catfishing, scamming, identity theft, patents-theft are just a few examples. The oblivious nature of this era calls for monitoring, for our kids and businesses. But survival can get difficult for entrepreneurs and parents if costs are not controlled in a subtle way.

Traditional monitoring techniques like surveillance cameras are not only expensive but they are also not the most effective way to deal with the contemporary problems aforementioned. A mobile spy app, like XNSPY can do better monitoring for your business or family.


How Can XNSPY Help Your Kids?

I have been using this app for now a month in my cousin’s phone. It gives me a remote access to almost everything on the target device like; conversations over Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Videos and photos, and audio from the gallery. Tracking your kids’ mobile phone activity is a good way to understand their personal life. I was able to know the psychological state of my cousin through reading his conversations with friends. It was a bit shocking to learn about his classroom fears. To my relief, I have now been able to provide him with some expert counselling due to XNSPY’s cell phone spy app. The GPS tracking service that this app offers allows me to locate the real-time location of my cousin so that I am always up to date with his location.

How Can XNSPY Help Your Business?

XNSPY can be used as a monitoring tool for your employees’ phone. Email monitoring is a norm in countries like U.S. these days. But this app can give you access to more than just your employees’ emails. You can have a record of all the calls made or received and even the phonebook. Another tracking feature that this smartphone spying app has to offer is Geo-fencing that can set a geographical boundary around your employees’ movement. In this way, they will not end up in a pub or disco during their lunch breaks. It’s a great multi-purpose app, I use it to keep back-up of my own phone. if you are looking for a mobile spy app, get XNSPY.

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