How To Write Perfect Biology Notes For Quick Revision?

In this article, I have discussed the essential tips involved in writing perfect biology notes for NEET exams as well as class 11, class 12 and NCERT biology for UPSC and other examinations. On how to make perfect chemistry notes, please see the article on chemistry notemaking.

Exam preparation is a 3-step process: Learning, Retaining, and Recalling in the exam.

We all know the importance of revision in retaining the concepts in mind and we all know how handy perfect notes can be in excelling any exam.

Biology is a very important subject when it comes to seeing its weightage in medical exams be it NEET or AIIMS or JIPMER or any other entrance exams. And not only these professional exams but biology is a very crucial subject in class 11 & 12 CBSE exams as well.

The problem? You all read the chapters over and over again and at last, at the time of examination you mess up badly when you forget, which were the key concepts to cover? And what all you have learned so far comes rushing to your mind confusing you.

So to escape from these conditions it is advisable to make notes especially for theoretical subjects like biology that not only includes theory but also diagrams.

Here is my short guide to help you write perfect notes on biology so that you can revise quickly:

Cover Key Points of Syllabus

Remember it’s not how much you write that matters but it is what you write that counts or rather we can say,

It’s not the quantity but the quality that matters. It is the basic advice that you must keep in mind while taking notes.

  1. You must write your notes keeping in mind the most important concepts of the syllabus that could be asked in the exam.
  2. Don’t keep on writing whatever you are learning, just write short notes that make sense.
  3. Divide the syllabus into parts so that you can cover the syllabus in a much easier way.
  4. Go through the index page of your book and group the topics that are linked and then write them together for better understanding.
  5. Try to use bullet points and diagrams as much as possible.

Don’t forget to include examples in notes

Examples are something that will always help you remember the topics you have learned.

In the examination also when you write your answers it’s the examples only that can help you fetch extra marks as they will make your answer look attractive because whenever you give examples you provide evidence that makes your answers look appealing.

Examples always help in understanding the complicated concepts and give you the idea of what the topic is trying to say.

Sometimes even if you write less but manage to quote a relevant example you manage to get full marks, that is why you must not forget this important step when you make notes.

Use your own custom language to keep the notes as simple as possible

It is super important. Don’t just write the bookish language of the concept or definition of whatever you have learned.

Always use your own language. This will help your mind to process the topic and will save the topic for a longer time.

This is the same when you write notes when a teacher is giving a lecture you must not write each and every word uttered by teachers as it is. Rather you should convert it into your own words so that you can remember what they taught when you revise later. Writing a complicated language or in somebody else’s flow can later confuse yourselves.

Create a strategy that you will be following while writing answers

You have a strategy when you start preparing for any examination, in the same way, there is a strategy of writing answers in the exam.

Sometimes you lose marks when you don’t write a definition for a  long answer even if you write 10 pages on it. So, to escape such situations where you can lose marks for not writing the basic things that were mandatory, you must write in your notes the tips that you should not forget at the time of the exam.

Whenever you practice giving any test or practice paper you must write down the weak points to be covered next time. 

Visualize difficult concepts

It is like a bonus for your learning process. Whenever you are learning any concept try to visualize a picture of that topic in your mind, it will not allow you to forget the concept in the long run. It will rather allow you to grasp the concepts quickly as compared to other concepts that you forgot to imagine a picture of!

Visuals have a tendency to stay for a longer time in our minds. 

This tip will make your learning process super easy and will build a clearer picture of the concept.

Revise over and over again and make your memory precise

Once you are done taking down notes you must revise them over and over again so that you don’t miss out on anything important and it will also help the topic to get saved in your mind.

Though taking notes is quite a cumbersome process it really requires a lot of effort and time but as soon as you finish making them you will have a big sigh of relief.

The only thing you are left with after finishing writing them is going through them again and again.

Just keep reading them and try to turn them as short as possible. The more times you revise them you will be able to pinpoint the crucial information and then note them too.

In this way, you will end up building a stronger base. And you will be able to add perfection to your preparation.

Sample Biology Notes to inspire you

Free Biology Study Notes to download

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5Handwritten Notes on Biology
Download hereOriginal Link
* Copyright reserved to PMFIAS. This file is a part of their extensive UPSC program.
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