WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS for any niche you want to use it for; even the reports claims that 22.3% of websites are powered by WordPress on the wide web of internet. Since WordPress is an open platform, you will find many themes & plugins that you can use for free, among many others Premium Plugins For WordPress, one is WooCommerce which is by far the most favorite plugin for e-commerce stores. So, let check out few of the WordPress Templates that you can use if you intend to launch an e-store shortly.

1. WooShop

WooShop, as the name intends, is powered by WooCommerce & is designed to sell almost anything ranging from physical products to digital products. The theme includes a spacious layout which you can use to add unlimited categories of products while adding products to attract the buyers.


Details | Demo

2. eCommerce

This theme ticks off all the boxes of the wish-list when it comes to opting an e-commerce theme for your e-store. It is packed robust set of features to help you set up an exclusive store to highlight your products & generate more revenues while selling more! Also, the theme is optimized for AdSense & speed to help you make more money while your site improves in the search engine.


Details | Demo

3. FireUp

FireUp will fire up within minutes and help you sell more with its design that has been meticulously woven to handle any project, including the eCommerce stores. The cherry on top is the theme’s easily re-arrangeable modules with the large animated LayerSlider that allows you to showcase your content and products elegantly.


Details | Demo

4. Scandinavian

Working with this theme is fun, and with all its spiffy features it is bound to make your customers experience joyful too. The theme, in addition, is fully compatible with WooCommerce which essentially makes selling products online that much easier.


Details | Demo

5. WooCart

This theme is designed to sell more & earn more while considering the behavioral research of the customers. The theme has an animated effect throughout the site to smoothen the navigation for the buyers while they look out for their desired products. Additionally, the theme has a beautiful cart page, wish list option & step wise checkout process to assist buyers with their shopping experience.


Details | Demo

6. Modelo

Coming with all the necessary features you will require to sell fashion products online, Modelo is a niche theme designed precisely for the mentioned purpose. Among other features, its SEO friendly features boost the rankings of your site bringing more traffic.


Details | Demo

7. Digitalis

A clean and colorful design with a lot of contrast are only some of the things that help this theme put focus right where it should be, that is, the products and services you wish to provide. The custom icons, shortcodes and a bunch of other great features make this theme a must-have for online store and did we mention that the theme is fully WooCommerce compatible?


Details | Demo

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